Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer "Skirting" the Issue...

The issue: I don't have the ability to wear clothing more than once because I buy so much clothing that there is NO way I can re-use clothing.

The solution: Umm, my summer skirt post (below) will help prove that I do indeed wear clothing more than fact, I readily admit to loving it! (It helps me be more creative with my choices, and in some cases, the second or third time--or more--I look better because the outfit looks better mixed up.)

LOL. Enjoy. I did! :)

Oh, and please do read the last paragraph. It may explain why I may not be up for posting a whole lot over the next few weeks to months.

Yay! I love this combo far more than when I wore this skirt last year. The v-neck tee is very simple, but with the addition of some interesting sandals and a pretty mushroom and a lovely magnolia necklace, the crazy pattern of this Target Merona "Coppelle Paisley" skirt is both highlighted AND subdued. Bravo!

I loved this skirt last year (but can't find the photo in my blog archives, grr, and double grr), and I do remember pulling it out to wear just around the house to play with the kids. This year I still pull it out to play with the kids, but I do like to dress it up, like I did here for my day out in Palm Springs back in June. The grey tank along with the Lola Raffia hat and the very simple flip-flops help the skirt (literally) shine--don't know if you can tell but there are metallic threads woven into the fabric.

Oh, yes, my, the world's shortest skirt. :) LOL. I wore this in NYC in May, and I still find myself drawn to it, regardless of length. Admittedly I don't wear this to play tag with the kids, but I do like it for a night out (wore it one of the nights I was in Palm Springs). I paired it with the sequin stripe henley (in grey) and the gorgeous en plein air scarf in the fleurette pattern to not only try to mix patterns but give the whole outfit an interesting vibe.

I don't believe any of you have seen any of these pieces on me before but that is because the skirt and headband are new and I don't think I have ever taken a pic of me wearing the sandals or the top (here's a shocker--I don't take pics of every. single. one. of. my. outfits. amazing!). The top is from 2007 and the sandals are from 2009. I do love the top, especially, and find it works so well with many of my outfits...just a fun neutral piece with some cool visual interest in the gilded stripes.

BTW, I was COMPLETELY and 100% inspired to wear this outfit the same exact day I saw the gorgeous A Bigger Closet (ABC) wear a similar outfit on her blog. SWAK, ABC, and THANK YOU!

P.S. CW is totally re-wearing one of her outfits too. LOL. Oh, and that baby doll never changes her outfit...stinky. ;)

Okay, this is pretty darn new (except the sandals), but hey, it's a really cool outfit, right? Isn't the tied-dyed Wednesday skirt so pretty with the brown tank and cool statement necklace (ombre maritime rope necklace for those curious)? Too bad I had a terrible day with my least I could pet the soft fabric of the skirt and be transported to a land full of cashmere, silk, and linen. Well at least until Rex decided to open a package of pretzels at starbucks that landed all over the place...

Okay, yes, I have worn this cardi before. Good. :)

Oh, I love you striped linen monterey skirt. So flattering and so very easy-going. You are like one of my JCA BFFs, just what I need when I need a pick me up. :) Yeah, this is the ultimate SAHM outfit, tee, easy skirt, and flip-flops that match.

And last but not's outfit. I had SUCH a problem wearing this skirt in May, I was all verklempt. But then I saw this tank and those flip-flops and I know it isn't exactly brain surgery, but the way they all came together in their matchy-match heaven kind of made my day (doctor-filled day, but more on that later). I have also paired it with a necklace that I totally heart from the Aqua line at Bloomingdale's. Yes, you have seen the necklace before, too.

Okay, so I guess I have shown that I love a little of the old and the new. Enjoy shopping ladies and gentlemen...whether that be shopping your closet or shopping at the mall...just enjoy!!!

P.S. Those doctor visits? Well, I kind of have really shiny white teeth now (yay for a great cleaning)...BUT...I need a root canal (oh, dear)...and well, I have a hole in my heart. And no, I didn't get the hole from my heart breaking over some negative comment or another...nope, looks like I was born with a congenitial heart defect and it appears that it is likely a cause for my terrible migraines. (I know, weird, right? The explanation makes sense, but it is too much to get into right now.) I can't elaborate more on it now as it is all early still, but it looks like I will be having some serious face time with my neurologist. Eep!