Monday, July 26, 2010

Some In-Store Only Items in Real Life...

Good day, all!

Long time, no chat! :) Thank you for all your kind words about my jaunt to the Star Wars in Concert last weekend. I cannot believe it has taken me a week to get back to business over here at My Superfluities. (But there is a good reason! Check it out...your favorite Mid-Century Mom is back to doing chores in pencil skirts and pearls!)

Speaking of pencil skirts...I have for you a little lookie-loo at a skirt that is currently in stores only. Isn't this dark grey lace skirt divine? It is actually lace on top of a black stretch lining, which gives this J. Crew Collection piece some depth and visual interest. It is called the Palmilla Lace Pencil Skirt, item #28947, and retails for $178 (ouch, good thing I had a return, a gift card, and a discount). If you have bought this from one of the retail stores it has a different name, but this info I have given you will be the info for the skirt when it retails at in about a month (so says my darling on-line personal shopper--thank you, Ashley). BTW, I first found out about this skirt because of the super-cool blogger Cari, who runs a blog called "Financial Services is Not Fashion."

The top is on-line and it is called the Sparkle Waves Henley, but this color is IN STORES only. Isn't that odd how they do that? Turns out I really prefer this ivory version (AMI, anyone?) because it perfectly goes with my tie-dyed Wednesday skirt (I will have to get that polyvore together, gorg combo). This retails for $45, maybe wait for a sale unless you plan on wearing it right away (like I want to). Gigiofca has recently reviewed it, so check it out!

Palmilla Lace Pencil Skirt sizing advice: SIZE DOWN at least one size. Or two. This is a size 4. Yep. You read that right. The fit is spot on for me, waist, hips, even length (I don't mind it not being knee length). Very stretchy lace and lining, btw.

Sparkle Waves Henley Sizing Advice: Size down one or tts. I can't tell. Lately I have been buying a lot of x-smalls, which this one is. If I had gotten a small it would have been too big in the shoulders and too long. So I guess go with your gut, do you need length and more room in your shoulders, or are you short-torsoed and small-shouldered?

Now onto J. Crew outlet finds. I have been to the outlets a lot lately. I am very pleased with what I am finding. I am holding off on many and retail store purchases because I know that I can wait for a sale or even a year and find it for cheaper or in some other version I may prefer even more.

This dress is the outlet version of some drawstring cover-up or another at the retail stores. I got this for some insane price like 10 dollars. (It was on clearance with an additional discount on top of it.) I bought this in a small, and you could cinch the waist, but on me it looks better just loosely tied. I am actually wearing this today, perfect fun SAHM outfit when you want to stay cool and comfortable. It is also great for the pool or beach.

Oh, you all are gonna swoon for this one. The outlet took the much loved bella skirt design and combined it with the evening primrose print from last year (I have the cardigan in this print). Isn't the skirt so lady-like and special? It is a new arrival at the outlet, so it is at its full price of 55 or so, but really, at the retail stores this would be at least 40 dollars more. My fave SA at the Potomac Mills outlet was insistent that I buy this, he said it was his favorite piece on me that night. (He is so sweet--just adore him--if you are in NOVA, go to Potomac Mills stat, the staff is truly awesome!) I bought this in a 6, and it is meant to be worn at the waist.

Here are two of my outlet finds put together. The cami is the indigo floral frances cami and as much as I adored this print last summer (2009) at the retail stores, the prices all seemed a bit high for what they were, so I held off. I am glad I did as I adore the shape of the Frances cami a lot and find it works well with this print. I have worn it alone (and you will see that in another post), but I do like it layered with this awesome french terry henley sweatshirt. This could be a perfect top half for a fall SAHM outfit. Or paired with a pencil skirt and kitten heels for a dressy casual look.

The cami is a size 4, and currently on clearance. The french terry sweatshirt is a size small, and also on clearance.

The tank is a new arrival, and quite expensive (for the outlet) at 30. I do find that I wear layering tanks a lot, and all year round, and this animal print version will look heavenly with many of my colored cardigans that I have. So cost per wear? Definitely will be lower! :) This is a size x-small.

The cardigan in the back is on clearance and is a very fun and flattering color combo. I bought it in an x-small and it is on clearance. (Forgot to get a pic.)

I just adored the wallpaper print that the retail stores put out last year and actually own a mini in this print already. The difference? My version from last year has large graphic wallpaper, while this is in miniature. Either way, they are both fab, easy, comfortable skirts.

This is a size 6 or maybe an 8? I don't remember. LOL.

You all have a fab day. Visit Mid-Century Mom if you get a chance, enjoy your Monday, and next Monday look forward to another Mommy Style Monday (none today).