Monday, July 12, 2010

Mommy Style Monday #8--Inspired By...

The whole premise of my "Spring Into Style" class this last spring break centered around one focal question: "Who are you inspired by?" My twist and the twist I present to you today is not who are you inspired by emotionally and spiritually, but instead who sartorially inspires you? Who brings out your inner fashionista?

For the 3rd-, 4th-, and 5th-graders it ranged from Beyonce to Taylor Swift, and from Robert Pattinson to Shawn White (he is a snowboarder--I had to look it up). For their teacher (that's me), I took my inspiration from some most unlikely suspects (for the kids, anyhow, you all won't be surprised, I bet).

The VERY first day of class I insisted they create an Inspiration Board, a construction paper full of drawings, photos, color, and objects that bring out some sort of look that wished to recreate for themselves in their holds barred. I didn't tell they had to have people, if they chose to have pictures of doorknobs, I was fine with it. What inspires you is personal and special. Most folks do choose people, and so I give to you the challenge of creating your own inspiration board and taking from the people you choose an enlivened sense of what you want to look like and how you want to appear on the outside (I am not able to help you work on the inside, yet, anyhow, lol).

Above is my inspiration board, and the one I still use to remind myself of what I love to see and what I would love to be:
From left to right, clockwise:
1. The lovely sisters Emily and Zooey Deschanel. Zooey had me at the first dulcet tone of the song she sings in the cotton commercial. I know. I know. For those of you that have seen the commercial, doesn't she just transport you? And her clothing in the spot, um, yes, please. And Emily? She is utter perfection as Temperence Brennan on Bones. Love her character and her character's styling. Put Zooey and Emily in an embrace, and bonjour, l'amour. :)
2. Zooey waving her hand in a flowy, lightweight blue strappy dress.
3. Emily on the cover of HEALTH magazine. Any lady that makes it on that cover is taking good care of herself, which always reminds me to eat better, stay out of the sun unless I am wearing SPF 100, and to exercise.
4. Liberty of London for Target ad. You all know me and my love of Liberty of London fabrics so no explanation necessary, I am sure!
5. Peacock feather. LOVE the colors in peacock feathers.
6. Emily walking in a fitted trench. She is a modern '50s lady. Love it!
7. There's Zooey again, sitting pretty in a fab red frock and gorg flats. Swoon.
8. Giada De Laurentiis. I love her...from her slightly large head to her amazing figure. She comes across as nice, sweet, approachable, and lovely. I want to be her friend. And crazily enough if I could be part of her circle, I bet she would be a great friend. :) And her style? Delish. I have loved every outfit I have ever seen her in (and bonus points to her for wearing J. Crew...see her in pieces all the if she is a JCA, props to her)!
9. Lemons. Love the taste, the color, and the firm outside with the slightly soft inside.
10. Tiffany's Box. Great color, great style, amazing icon. Couldn't fit Audrey Hepburn here from Breakfast at Tiffany's, so I put the box instead.

So that's my inspiration board. I had been saving images for about a year, and right before the class started, I did mine. I may do another for the fall class, but have it themed for the colder season, with hats, boots, denim, etc.

Now, I know I promised you a review of the A.R. Trapp Trouboudor sunglasses in the Japanese Havana colorway (tortoise, in other words, of course, lol), but I start with why I bought these. If you look at this image of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, you should see the resemblance of these glasses to the ones she wears. Now I look nothing like Audrey, in fact, if I breathed on her she would probably break (poor dear under ate and was a basket of nerves, supposedly), and in no way is my own personal style like hers. That said, there are many items I have seen of hers from movies and in her own personal life that I at some point wished to have for myself, the sunglasses being one of them. Another thing I would love to have is Audrey's amazing generosity of spirit. If you don't know much about her personal life, I highly recommend any of the biographies on appears that she was beloved and for so much more than her style and grace.

I will start with the sunglasses and go from there. ;)

Side view of the A.R. Trapp sunglasses. These are handmade and well-made. They fold up very flat, so there is no need for one of those huge clam shell cases. They actually come with a leather slim case for the glasses, and I definitely suggest you use it. I plan on having these for many, many years (cost per wear hopefully in the pennies by the time I am done with them), and I can do so with great care. So use the provided case!!!

I love the image of the model for J. Crew pulling the sunglasses down on her face and smiling. I couldn't quite get to her sweet expression, but maybe a few points for trying? :)

Notice that these have green lenses, but when you wear them, they seem just like other sunglasses, but it is clearer. (I think the lenses are made from very nice, optical-grade material, a la what is put in prescription glasses.)

So you know, I did research on A.R. Trapp before purchasing these (umm, hello, not a crazy person who spends that sort of money without seeing if it is worth it). Turns out they are a HIGHLY respected shop in NYC that have the very finest sunglasses and prescription glasses, you know, great materials, great handiwork, quality service, etc.

They are sold-out, but there may be a way of locating them? I got the last pair from the Collection store (pulled from the display case), so good luck! I did like the yellow pair they had, but felt that would be too harsh of a yellow for my skin coloring (although I love yellow, the muted, dijon-y mustard yellows make me look a bit sick).

And now for my last inspired piece. Remember I love Giada, right? And I love J. Crew, right? I had purchased this very tunic top from the store (it was in-store only) in March and have worn it a couple of times since then (have yet to get a good photograph--I actually hate this photo). I also love silly reality shows like "The Next Food Network Star." (Yes, I admit it...) Well, guess what? Giada hearts this very top, and is wearing it in her Target commercial. :) I think I chose my inspirations well.

P.S. My hubby asked why I didn't have any blondes on my inspiration board like Cameron Diaz, Anna Torv, or Naomi Watts. I told him...this is a board of women I want to emulate. I don't need to look like them to emulate them. Now if I was doing a "makeup inspiration board," you had better believe that Cameron, Anna, and Naomi would be on mine.

P.P.S. I will pick a winner for the giveaway tomorrow. Wanted to get my Mommy Style Monday done. I know you all understand!!!