Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Sun-Dressing: Boden Edition

Hi! First thing before I get started. I had a MAJOR closet purge over the past month (and I am nowhere near done) and I found a lot of items that fit me but don't work for me...SO...I offer them to you all now. :) There are some nice items there and I tried to keep the prices as low as possible.

Second...it seems I was in a major Boden mood this weekend and last night...and because it has been crazy hot and humid here, I let my Boden mood take me to these delightful sundresses.

Above is the polyvore of the two outfits I am showing you today. The one on the left I wore on Saturday and the one on the right I wore last night.

Dress: UK 12, US 8. Could have sized down in the Amalfi Dress in the green colorway, as this is a bit big in the bust and waist, but I think it looks fine the size I ended up getting. (Plus, since it is washable, there may be some shrinkage, so it will probably fit well soon enough.) Isn't this a delightful dress? I felt so lady-like going out with my hubby for my (very belated) birthday dinner.
Shoes: Size 9. Available from the Loft last year. They have the cutest bee critters on the straps.

UK 12, US 8. Yet again, could have sized down in this funloving Floral dress as the shoulders are kind of large, but again this is washable, so it will most likely shrink. Don't you just love how happy the flowers look on this dress? So yellow and sunny!
Shoes: Size 9.5. Yes, Aerosoles, you had me at "hello" with these fab studded gladiator wedge sandals.

Guess I was in a "bee" mood, as well, because the necklace is the yellow beaded "bee" critter necklace that J. Crew made two summers ago.

Yes, that is a mini-Boden dress, and yes, she is wearing my bee critter necklace. I know, I know...PRECIOUS. :)

You all are NEVER gonna guess where CW and I went looking like this...


Couple more spaces...


I have no idea what we are posing in front of. Rex probably does, and CW could probably sing the song that goes along with the scene of the movie this belongs in. To the people at the concert, I *was* the lame-o. Yep.

Yep, we "nerded-out" and went to STAR WARS IN CONCERT on Saturday night. Actually, I was sort of dragged along (with the promise of box seats--friend gifted them to us--I was a little more amenable after I heard that) by my dear son and hubby. Even CW was humming bars of the Imperial March *note, that link goes to a HILARIOUS youtube video of lego starwars people in an orchestra--at least I think it is funny*. I had to bring a bit of color to the procession of black and white (impersonators of Darth Vader and the Clone Troopers, respectively).

It actually was a lot of fun. Surprisingly. I do like the music...but at one point, after being jostled by the fiftieth person looking to get as CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to the memorabilia, I announced loudly to Mr. Dina, "agh, they are just MOVIE PROPS, people." To which Mr. Dina just shook his head sadly at my disrespect. (Sorry, George Lucas.)

Doesn't Mr. Dina look so happy to be here? I am just happy he is wearing a colorful shirt instead of dressing up as Yoda.

Have a great day, all. :)