Sunday, July 4, 2010


Because I believe irony (you know--an outcome of events contrary to what was, or might have been, expected) is fun...I give you my very unexpected giveaway of a bag with a Union Jack on it for my Independence Day Giveaway.

(The Arbonne FC moisturizer that I am also giving away--very expected, I am sure, seeing as I am an Arbonne Independent consultant, so definitely not an example of irony.)

As a hugely patriotic American who recognizes that we did indeed tell the king of England to (in my words, not theirs) "stuff it" some 234 years ago on July 2nd (should really be our Independence day, but well, let's move on already and be happy with the day it is... after all, the revised version was accepted on July 4th, and it is a lovely version for sure...), but who also loves that through the sands of time, our two countries have formed such a lovely bond as to allow us to buy such pretties from Boden (yes, yes, I could focus on how our countries really came together during World War II, etc., but most of you read this blog because you love clothing and the like). Therefore I thought, "what a fitting tribute to America of yesterday and of today that I can give away a bag with a Union Jack on it?" Heehee. And really, what is America without a great sense of humor about itself? ;)

Above please see the image of the items I am giving away and their names. (Open the pic up to see it close-up.)

Oh, I am not done...let me surprise you all with ANOTHER for my birthday! If I could have, I would have BEGGED my mother to have waited three days so I could have been an Independence Day baby (how very cool for a woman whose destiny held AMERICAN HISTORY teaching). But, yet, in another fit of irony, my mom had me on CANADA day. Haha, very funny, Mom. :)

This one is simpler and is just two items from Arbonne that I covet from their Seasource Detox line, a packet of their Sea Soak and their Sea Mud and Body Mask. I use these products at least once a week as a special present to myself. So even when it is no where NEAR my bday, I get to have a mini-celebration of "me-time."

Above please see the image of the items I am giving away and their names. (Open the pic up to see it close-up.)

Here are the rules:

You may enter for both giveaways, but please do a separate comment for each one.

You should make sure to put your name. I have your e-mails through Disqus, but if you use a different one for your main e-mail, then please do leave that one.

You should also tell me your favorite thing about America in the Independence Day Giveaway one, unless of course, you aren't an American, in which case, please do tell me your favorite thing about where you are from. :) (And, yes, that does mean I am willing to accept international entrants.)

For my Birthday Giveaway comment, please do tell us how you pamper yourself throughout the year.

Even though you could (potentially) win twice, I will be limiting one giveaway to one entrant, just to keep things even. So if you win the Independence Day Giveaway, your other "comment" will be taken out of the running for the Birthday Giveaway.

This giveaway ends on July 11, at 11:59 p.m. Good luck!

If you CANNOT access disqus for one reason or another, please e-mail me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com and I will enter the giveaways for you. :)

P.S. Many of you have worked with me on placing Arbonne orders. I expect that in the next week I will be sending out a coupon and a card to each of you who are on my list. If you would like to be on my Arbonne mailing list, please do e-mail me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com and I will get you squared away.