Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fourth Festive Wear!


Okay, so I always have a blast over the Independence Day holiday. Obviously, I get to be all loved and treated well because it is right near my birthday, so by the end of the holiday, I have been wined and dined to the point where I have to be rolled out of restaurants. LOL. Fortunately this year I have two small toddlers who keep me moving, so that helped alleviate some of the inevitable weight gain...turns out that even if you eat fairly well, like salads and such, well, it doesn't really matter as home-made salad equals 350 calories and restaurant-made salad equals (and this is my approximation here) 125,678,301.1 calories. Oh, well.

And then you add on the 5,012 calories that I consume in red wine and you just know that I will have a bit of detox to make up for my indiscretions. :P

Onto the outfits I chose this year to celebrate my dear country's birth...

Wore this on July 5th to go to a local Alexandria community's fair. They had bike decorating contests, beautiful baby contests (baby CW--prettiest brown eyes), and lots of fun in the (hot, overbearing, OMG we are all going to melt) sun. I think it was 103 degrees with full-on humidity, so by the end all of us were dirty, sweaty, and tired. You know I looked fab--ha--not!

Size Medium. I bought this Mossimo (Target) dress about two years ago and I finally am wearing it. Yes, I wore a poly-blend dress on one of the hottest days of the year. So you know, this pic was taken BEFORE we left for the day. :) You would not want to see the after shot. (And come on--you see the fireworks--how perfect, right? Right??? Worth the poly-blend fainting spell I nearly had???)
Shoes: Size 10. These are the Cole Haan Air Lunetta sandals. They had a slide version, but I found those were a weird fit, but these have a toe hold making them stay on my foot better.
Necklace: Twirled Metal and Crystal Necklace. Umm, still full price at (of course). I bought this at 19.99 plus 20% off at the G'town store. Yes, I am insisting you do not buy it from the website. Please. But that said, isn't it a beautiful necklace???

And now for the sweet shot. Isn't this precious??? Sunglasses are Boden from last summer. BTW, I bought the A.R. Trapp Troubadour sunglasses and received them yesterday. I am in love, and look forward to showing them to you on Monday (hint for Monday's Mommy Style post--using inspiration boards to choose your pieces for your wardrobe).

And now let's reverse to Saturday, July 3rd. (Don't worry, I didn't forget the 4th!)

HOT HOT DAY which means summer sundress time for all female members of dinagideon's household.

Size 4. Large Ikat print sundress from the J. Crew outlet. For what it's worth, Mr. Dina really liked this dress on me, so I was glad that I purchased it. I still worry the print is too large, but I guess it works. I love the navy blue and white, had no red, but I was trying to be festive. :)
Shoes: Size 10. Old, old, old Born navy sandals. Good on Born for making a shoe that I have literally worn for years that still have plenty of life in them.
CW's dress: Size 2 from mini-Boden. I actually bought this dress when she was 5 months old as I loved it that much. She looks so freaking cute. Those are her Miss Trish of Capri pink/green daisy sandals.

And lookie there--POCKETS!!! :)

Above is the final look, the July 4th, red, white, and blue outfit.

Top: Size Petite 8. This is from last fall, and I am so glad I ordered this color. I have so little red in my wardrobe that I spend every July 4th wondering what the heck I am going to wear that has red in it. This, btw, is one of the very few reds I can wear, a rosy, pinky red, so I am not even sure it counts, but you all DO. NOT. WANT. to see me in a real red. That would make you run away in disgust, trust me.
Shorts: Size 8. These are the fun starfish shorts that are linen (yes, by the end of the evening, they had the horizontal lines on the front of them). I would say that J. Crew could have done an extra inch or two, but at least these shorts weren't of the 3-inch inseam length. :)
Shoes: Size 10. These are the starfish capri sandals from last summer. Quick question: Shortly after posing for this picture, the band on one of them broke where the band enters the footbed...I am assuming the shoe-guy can glue it back in or what...but what should I do re: telling J. Crew? I wore them twice last summer, this would have been my third wear. Do I have ANY reason to expect J. Crew to reimburse me for the repair?

Thank you for coming on by. :) I know I have been a bit absent lately and I 100% appreciate you all sticking around. I want to be more active, and I ESPECIALLY want to be more active on other's blogs, but I have been around my computer less and less...which means less and less can be given to my beloved blog friends. So thank you, again!