Thursday, July 1, 2010

To Celebrate My Birthday, I Give You a Celebration of the Sundress!

I thought I was old last year. Yeah, no. This year I feel even older. So, yay, birthdays! LOL. ;) (Happy Canada Day, you all, btw.) (Oh, and happy birthday to my fellow July 1 birthday gals, Gigiofca and Betsy! Can we be blog triplets?)

So rather than focus on me getting older, I am going to focus on one of my very favorite clothing items--the ever awesome summer sundress. I must own a bazillion sundresses, and with good reason, I wear them nearly. every. single. day. during the summer. Who can blame me when it is a million degrees outside with some insane humidity level? Plus, and this may shock some of you, sundresses are cooler than shorts and a tank. :)

I give you Part One of the Sundress Extravaganza (love that word). Part two, three, four, and more are upcoming.

Sundress #1: Target Girls Section, Liberty of London for Target, Size XL. My uncle was shocked when I told him this was a girls dress. No one batted an eye at me wearing this. I am telling you all, head to the girls section of Target for fun (and cheap) sundresses. :)

Polyvore of number 2 is above. :) (Had it in the draft section, figured I should just publish it...even if the rest of these sundress outfits don't have polyvore!)

Sundress #2: Boden, Pretty Cotton Dress, Size UK 12 or US 8. On sale, you all! :) Wore it with some pretty Nine West nude peep-toes and the sea urchin bib necklace.

Sundress #3: J. Crew, Pique Shirred Dress (or something like that), Size Medium. A perennial fave of mine...I wear it constantly during the summer. Also, how fab is it that I can wear it regardless of how much I weigh?

Oh, and hello, look at baby CW doing her pose exactly like me...Agh!

Sundress #4: Target Girls Section, Xhiliration Tank Dress, Size XL. I had bought baby the dress she is wearing in Las Vegas for her 18-month birthday, and get this--her dress cost SIGNIFICANTLY more money than the one I am wearing. BTW, this dress is so comfortable. We are both wearing matching sandals from the Miss Trish of Capri for Target 2010 season. These were the only sandals that fit me this year. The rest were FAR TOO LARGE. (The width was too wide for my foot.) (P.S. I have an extra pair of size 9 if anyone wants to buy them from me.)

Sundress #5: J. Crew, Ruffled Hem Jersey Dress, Size small. Another fave of mine, I just LOVE the caspian blue color from last year (this year's abyss blue is very similar). Dressed this up with the Lola for J. Crew raffia hat and the Cleo Platform Sandals.

You all have a fab day, and if you are also born on July 1, I celebrate you, too! Cheers!