Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gotta Squeeze in One Last Little Post Before the End of June...

To make up for a really sad showing of posts this month, I am making up for it by publishing TWO WHOLE POSTS in one day. Admittedly this is a fairly easy post to create, basically, pick photos, upload them, write a paragraph to introduce and close the post, and write a sentence for each photo. I think a well-behaved monkey could do this post fairly successfully. :)

These photos below are only part of the trip to CA. I have more but really want to focus on each part of the trip. All are taken in Santa Barbara, CA. I so very much HEART Santa Barbara, what a lovely place. I was glad that as a family we could enjoy such a beautiful day and environment together. Okay, yes, Rex freaked out at the beach (that poor kid has as many anxieties as a neurotic old woman) but eventually even the waves couldn't stop him from seeing that we were indeed having a great day. CW, from start to finish, had a blast. That's my girl. LOL. Mr. Dina says that if Rex didn't look exactly like me he would be concerned that he wasn't my kid, what with his fear of the beach and Disneyland (yes, he is afraid of most of Disneyland--more on that in another post).

From the very end of the day, slightly sunkissed, and very sated, the dinagideon family poses for what could possibly be our Christmas card photo (it is in the running). We are next to the restaurant we ate at (which also had an INCREDIBLE view from their open-air deck of the Pacific Ocean).

I know kids shouldn't be allowed to plant their face in the sand as it is very icky, but well, we couldn't stop her in time. Doesn't CW look so happy, though? It's okay...this time. ;)

CW...even happier. Momma...still kind of grossed out.

CW walked happily, hand in hand, with me to the waves. The water was chilly, but she was more than happy to stride into the water for at least a minute or two.

Rex managed to stop freaking out, and at that point he sat happily looking at the ocean with us.

And there Rex stands, looking quite proud and satisfied. Good. He deserves a nice day every once in a while.

Here are CW and Momma at the restaurant with one of the best views anywhere. I really liked CW's face, which is why I uploaded this photo.

I hope you all have a great night. I know that these photos are mainly for my dear relatives and friends who love seeing pics of my kids, but if you are one of my beloved fashion friends, more info on my outfit can be found in this post and this polyvore.

P.S. For all of you who are born on Canada Day, I say a early "Happy Birthday." SWAK.