Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Few New Arrivals...and Some Not So New...

I have been inundated with relatives these past few days, and while we are having a FAB time, I am both at once exhausted and exhilarated. Also, I have ZERO time to update my blog, so there you go...

I did take a teeny-weeny little baby break last night to hang with my girl drewablank (love it that she lives close enough to just run over to the mall together). We had to go to J. Crew to see the new arrivals, and of course I brought my camera with me to get the photographic evidence of some of the new atrocities (oops, I mean arrivals) at our local. (Just kidding, only one or two were atrocities.)

Remember the pic of me and Rex walking in NYC? Now look at the scarf...I ADORE this print, so when I heard there was going to be many items in this print, I was all...ooooooooooooh! And then I tried them on... (P.S. You will get NYC photos later...I wanted to get these up 'cause I know a lot of you love seeing new arrivals on a "real" body...)

Fleurette Pencil Skirt...size 8. Made from a linen/silk combo, it is a beauty. That said, this puppy was TIGHT through my hips and yet gaping at the waist. Sigh. I like it a lot, and really wanted to be happier in it, but alas, I couldn't get jazzed. I would need to buy a 10 and take in the waist to make this one work for me. BTW, wait until you see a size 2 skirt on me in a minute. J. Crew is KILLING me with their size discrepancies. Seriously...10 in one skirt and a freaking 2 in another???

Side view. By the way my kicks are Boden and the jacket is the polished slub Maryn Jacket.

Fleurette shorts...size 10, not on-line. Made from cotton, they fit fine, but I hated the pleating at the front, and I don't really care for the shorter inseam (even with my shorter thighs). Annoying overall and I was more than happy to leave this pair behind. Oh, and how unfortunate is the print right there at the crotch area? :P Ugh.

Side view. Whatever. Why couldn't these have been made in a bermuda short?

Daisy Day Skirt...size 6. Cotton Liberty Print Fabric (love)...I tried this on EXPECTING that the 6 would work. As drewablank pointed out I looked part schoolgirl/part schoolmarm in this size. She insisted I try a smaller size, a 4 and a 2. She was right. :)

Side view makes it way more obvious that she was right. BTW, the skirt is $59.99 in stores.

Fleurette Bustier Dress...size 6. Also made from a silk/linen combo, there is absolutely no give to this fabric. The 6 fit but was TIGHT. I did try on the 8 and it fit better, but the bust was too loose. Sigh. I do like the way it looks, but drewablank and I were cracking up at how I would not be able to eat anything if I went out to dinner in this dress. LOL.

I did not buy any of the fleurette items (are you surprised?)...and I also did not buy the sweatshirt dress (no way, no how am I showing you those photos--the model looks terrible in the on-line photo, I look way way WAY worse). I did, however, buy the two items above. The maryn jacket was $59.99, btw, and I got in the size 6 (last one in the store). The daisy day skirt is in a size 2. Yes, you read that right. Doesn't it look far better than the 6?

And here is my "I am exhausted and have NO desire to really bring it" outfit that I wore to the store. At least my Boden canvas plimsolls were comfy and matched my Target sea life necklace. :)

Have a great afternoon.