Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In a (Floral) Daze...

I am back, but barely! California was insanely awesome and getting to see my family and friends is so wonderful, but I definitely missed my routine. (Hence my inability to publish any posts!) For as much as I missed my routine, my kids missed it even more...Rex was TERRIBLE these past two days, and I 100% blame it on lack of sleep. You all want to know what he is doing right now? Yep. He is napping. Good for him, and great for us! :)

A few weeks ago, our family visited Nationals park to watch a baseball game. I needed something that would keep me cool, but also allow me to be somewhat covered as it was hot AND super-sunny. Above is the outfit I created to do just that.

And here it is on me. :)

Size small. This is the Floral Daze Cardigan that has a Liberty fabric front and a knitted arms and back. I quite like it, nice and lightweight, but still funky enough to suit my sensibilities. I know a lot of people disliked the weight of this cardi, but I need something MUCH lighter for the summers around here...heavy to me equals heat stroke. LOL. It is sold out, but maybe watch for popbacks. :)
Shorts: Size 8. These are the oxford shorts in the light purple color. I like the inseam length on these, short enough to scream "summer," but in no way indecent for my leg length. :P
Top: Size small. This is the perfect fit tank in the vintage orange color. I pulled out the shorts and the cardi and discovered that this tank was the PERFECT complement to the outfit. I love this tank, so soft and well-fitting, without being to stretch-y. Worth every penny spent.
Shoes: Size 10. These are some version or another of J. Crew's capri sandals. Maybe the posie sandal? They made it through the day, but by mile 4, a blister had formed. I guess that is reasonable enough for what the sandals are probably meant to do.

One last thing...I made it onto the Polyvore blog again. Woo-hoo!

They loved this set I made and quite fittingly said "whatever lola wants...lola gets..." Teehee. :) Thank you, Polyvore.

P.S. I am just giving up on replying back to the past three weeks comments. If you made a comment in that time and need me to reply, can you either e-mail me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com or comment on this post? I am so sorry to do that to you all, but I feel like I am all swimmy and I need a fresh start. ;)