Sunday, June 20, 2010

NYC Fab, at Least My Version of Fab...

I have been promising you this post for what, three weeks, right? Crazy!

I call this post NYC fab because I felt FAB in these outfits. Now I understand that for many of you, these outfits may be less than fab, as some of you really do fab very very well, but for a mom who rarely has the chance to really bring it (wait for the mega-post I will be doing on summer sundresses--LOL--that has been my uniform so far since the heat and humidity decided to sit upon us here in Virginia), NYC over Memorial Day weekend was my opportunity to try some outfits that I normally wouldn't wear. One reason is because it does tend to be more conservative around these parts and I feel like I stick out a bit more if I wear these outfits when I am out with my NYC, I felt liberated, sort of like all the other people were doing more "high" fashion, so I could get away with shorter skirts, funkier necklaces, and crazy high heels, even if I was out with my kids. It was kind of nice, actually. Second reason is that being away from my "normal" life and clothing, I was forced to wear what I brought, regardless of comfort or how I was "feeling" in that particular moment.

So let us begin!

First outfit is my very favorite of the whole weekend and the first one I actually wore. I do have to admit to wearing this on the night that my dad (HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, dad!) took care of my kids and Mr. Dina and I were able to go to dinner and a show together. The kids were not part of the equation for this outfit, so I was more than happy to wear the Alecias as long as I could (haha, which wasn't all that long, see next photo for more on that).

Dress: Carly Dress, J. Crew, Size 8. You know I love this dress, and still do. I find for a very comfortable dress, it can be dressed up very easily, especially in this (in-store only) color of grey. Belt: Roughed Out-Belt, J. Crew Outlet, Size Small. Really punches up where the waist is on this dress.
Shoes: Alecia Suede Peep-Toes, Size 9.5. See, I have raved about these before, but oh, I didn't have to wear them to walk nearly 2 miles. Oops! I had to go to a discount shoe store near Union Square and buy a fancy pair of flip-flops halfway through the evening. ;)

And there they are, those fancy flip-flops by Kenneth Cole Reaction. (They are pretty comfy for being all sequined and special...)

Next day, the day I walked nearly 8 miles total (maybe more--who knows?), I wore this outfit. Yes, I did. And it was PERFECT. Only by the 8th mile were my feet anywhere close to suffering. Amazing!

Top: Caspian Blue and Black Floral Tee, J. Crew, Size Small. Love this but didn't realize it was a sheer (do you see the pattern of the skirt through it?). Also, the seam under the arm had a hole, so I had to do emergency surgery on the tee with a sewing kit. Grr. :P
Skirt: Croccodillo Pencil Skirt, J. Crew, Size 8. Bought this last year when I went to NYC and visited the Collection store. Still LOVE this skirt. One of my very favorites ever from J. Crew.
Shoes: Lalia Gladiator Sandals, Circa Joan and David, Size 9.5. I specifically bought these for the long walk I knew I would be taking in NYC. Purchased at Macy's for a song, and 100% worth every penny. Have already worn them multiple times this summer.

Baby CW is wearing her Liberty of London for Target sundress. That evening we passed the big HUGE billboard for Liberty of London for Target, so we got a photo of her in front of it! (You will see the fun, candid shots in another post.)

After walking 8 miles (ooh, yes, just like Eminem's awesome album), I decided to change. You would have too. :) Trust me.

I actually had bought this at the SOHO J. Crew store earlier in the day, and loved it. You have already had a sneak peek of this when I showed this photo off, but now I can discuss it!

Top: New Favorite Tank, J. Crew, Size X-Small. This must be an in-store only color, and it is really bright, but just what the outfit needed for a punch of color. Yum.
Skirt: Drapey Drexel Plisse Skirt, J. Crew, Size 8. I am shocked this hasn't sold out, at least for the shorter ladies. It is a SHORT skirt, but it is super-comfy, very easy to dress up or down, and is a flattering shape. Plus it packs well and is wrinkle-resistant. I highly recommend it if you can carry off the shorter length. I can only get away with it because my thighs are shorter relative to my overall height. I also sized up so I could pull it down a bit.
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction "they saved my feet" fancy flip-flops. :)
Scarf: En Plein Air Scarf, J. Crew. Same print as the fleurette that I love, but cannot wear. Sigh. ;)

Last but not least is the outfit I wore to the American Museum of Natural History. Yes, more walking. :)

Top: Racerback Tank, Banana Republic, X-Small. I rarely buy from Banana Republic anymore, but I did like this tank. I knew I could make it work in the summer, and in the winter under a cardi. Only issue I had was that the Fenton-Fallon necklace created some pilling, but I know that I can take the shaver to the tank and get rid of the pills.
Pants: Scout Chinos, J. Crew, Size 8.
Shoes: Same as in Outfit #2.
Necklace: Fenton-Fallon for J. Crew Tassle Necklace.

Baby is wearing a Jacadi Liberty of London printed cotton dress. It even has matching bloomers. :)

Have a lovely Father's Day, you all.

P.S. I will comment back, have been away from the computer more than I would like, but plan on getting as much done today and tomorrow as I can. Wish me luck!