Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Incorporating Lola for J. Crew Into My Life...

You all may have noticed in my blog post on packing yesterday (which I have updated with my tips for making packing easier) that there was a Lola for J. Crew raffia fedora in the mix of items I packed for my trip to Southern California.

I have always been a "hat" girl, and as a teenager, my dad was constantly buying me hats...especially from J. Crew. It has been YEARS, though, since I have purchased a real hat from them as I had found that even their medium/large hats were a touch too tight for my ginormous noggin.

So imagine my surprise when shopping at Tyson's a few weeks ago with drewablank and I try on the Lola hat and discover that it not only fits, but looks really nice on my huge head. :) YAY! It was a bit too expensive at the time, so I held off until I could grab it and not feel guilty.

Well, based on how many times I have already worn it (umm, four times) in the last two weeks, I would dare say the purchase price will seem a lot more reasonable by the end of the summer...what is that called...price per wear equation? I want to wear it so many times that the price per wear goes into the pennies. LOL.

Above is the polyvore of the first way I attempted an outfit with the hat. In the end this outfit made me look a bit "hipster," but eh, well, I guess there are worse ways I could look. ;)

You see? A bit hipster. I feel like this outfit made me look like I was going to an art opening in some funky neighborhood and then to the farmer's market and finally to the local coffee shop (never Starbucks) for a soy latte. In reality, we went to Moe's and then back to our house for a stint on our play castle (read: jungle gym).

Lisbet Blouse, Anthropologie, Size 2. Ran very large, but I LOVE it and am so glad I could snag it for $30. Woo-hoo.
Shorts: Wool Shorts, J. Crew, Size 8. These are the ones from last fall that were meant to be worn with tights, and I did do that once, but I like the shorts in the summer, too.
Shoes: Cleo Platform Sandals, J. Crew, Size 10. Have worn tons already this summer. Price per wear should be low for these, too. :)
Hat: Lola for J. Crew Raffia Fedora, J. Crew, One Size. This may be too big if you have a smaller head, as it fits my cranium beautifully.

Mr. Dina HATED the hat at first, but halfway through our play castle stint, he smiled and said, "I actually kind of love that hat on you." Good on you, Lola.

My dad saw the hat for the first time yesterday and said, "ooh, I really like that hat for you and for your California trip--it is perfect."

If you are not a hat person, just ignore my love note, and move on to the outfit without the fedora (below).

And here is the outfit as I wore it inside the restaurant (although a wee bit of me wanted to keep it on--haha).

CW is in the photo! It's been a while, girlie. :)

Have a great day.

P.S. I AM SO BEHIND in commenting it is making me kind of ill. I will catch up, but if I have to ignore your comment (even though I assure you I read it), please forgive me. Anyone with kids, a trip, a family, a commitment will get this!