Monday, October 21, 2013

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: The Union Jack and a Contrast Collar.

Good Monday night, all.  :-)

Yesterday Boden started its mid season sale, which many of us Boden fans really look forward to, and this year was no exception.  I looked yesterday at some items and saw quite a few fully stocked, and as of today, a lot of those items were either gone or at the pink "low inventory."  I know there are still some sales to come (notably the one that occurs right around Thanksgiving/Cyber Monday), but I would say if you love something and see it at either 30-40% off now, and its stocks keep going down over this mid season sale week, I would probably grab it now rather than chance it disappearing.

Anyhow, I wrote a quickie post on the sale here yesterday if you would like more info on it.

Onto the roundup!!!

Johnnie b.:
Embellished Sweater. Size 15-16.  Starting with a Johnnie b. item today because I sincerely think that most women out there could swing one of these sweatshirts (sweater, snort, as if).  The sizing is generous, and had I really wanted to, I could have worn the 13-14 easily, but since I don't mind the oversized look, I am keeping the 15-16.

Basically, I say that those of us size 4/6 (J. Crew or Boden tops) can go with a 13-14 for a fitted look, and a 15-16 for a more loose fit, those who are a size 8/10 (J. Crew or Boden) could wear a 15-16 for a fitted look, and a size 16+ for a looser feel, and those who are a 12/14 could grab a size 16+ for a fitted look.  So definitely a Johnnie b. piece that works for many sizes, which is great, since I feel like their skirts work for no one over the age of 10.  (SO SO SHORT!)

My brother didn't even notice the sequins, which I found slightly alarming, but that could mean that these aren't super "in your face" sequins that I normally love to wear.  Anyhow, the sequins are firmly attached and done well.  I personally think the price for this sweatshirt is WAY better than the J. Crew sequin sweatshirts they had a few years back.

The shoulder line is very wide, but I believe it is intentional, since the teen model has the same line on her sweatshirt.  I normally don't like the look, but it did offset my hips, so yay for small things, right?

The sweatshirt was most baggy through my waist, shoulders, and arms.  The arm length was also quite generous.  I also have a Johnnie b. boys sweatshirt ( this one) and it runs really large, too, but I guess that doesn't surprise me since most boys prefer larger and looser garments.

Pretty golden sequins!

Embellished Sweater
Embellished Sweater.  Pretty well stocked over all sizes, but the sequined Union Jack version is selling best.

Regular Boden:
Contrast Collar Tunic.  Size 8.  So glad I purchased the 8, wow this puppy would have been super skin tight in the 6.  Boden has scaled back in sizing, making things have a bit more of a contemporary fit, so those of us who have worn Boden for years may need to get used to it.  (But on a related note, I do appreciate Boden increasing the hipline on dresses a bit as before they would size their dresses so the bust and hip measurement matched, and if I sized for my hips, the bodice would be too loose, and if I sized for my bust, forget getting the dress over my hips.)

I am not alone in feeling it runs wee, btw.  Several of the reviews felt that the fabric was less stretchy and the sizing less generous than other ponte offerings of the past.  On the plus side, the fabric is very thick, and exactly the right weight for a brisk fall or winter day (I wore mine on Saturday and it kept me nice and toasty).

No way, no how am I wearing this tunic without pants/leggings.  Tights would be far too revealing.  If I had gams like some of the Boden models, maybe.  ;-)

 Aw, it shows off my curves, lol.  :)

The color is a rich, deep orange red, with red piping around the navy placket.  The collar is attached and is not going anywhere.

Contrast Collar Tunic
Contrast Collar Tunic.  Really close to selling out, which surprises me.  That said, I did receive a lot of compliments on the tunic, so maybe the retro, colorful look is appealing to a lot of people?

Ingrid Coat
Ingrid Coat.  Did a review on the shocking, electric pink colored version of this coat.  It's love, almost completely*.  :-)

*barring the bottom button snafu, of course.

Lizzyt  generously took some time and left a review for us here at my Boden Reviews page, with pictures attached.  You can see them above.  She faced the same issues as me.  She wrote of this coat:

Here is my review of the Ingrid coat in bright pink. I've attached 2 images. One shows the bottom button left open and the other picture closed. I am what they say an exaggerated pear shape. Plus, I still have baby weight to lose (you can see my 13 month old daughter Charli in one of the pictures). I ordered my "after 2 babies" normal size and as expected the bottom is a touch snug. It's my usual problem, so if your hips are shaped smaller you should order your normal size. I wouldn't order up a size since the top would then be too big. I ordered a Banana Republic scarf to go with the coat - it's all shades of pink. I'm also waiting on the aubergine gloves to be shipped to me from Boden. This may be too much pink, even for me. I love the scarf as it's very warm, so it would work beautifully with a black or gray coat. I also ordered a pair of Kate Spade gloves that are gray and say "geek chic." They are currently 30% off but only today. I highly recommend the gloves! Overall, I'm in love with this coat. I've always wanted a hot pink wool coat and this is it!

Laura Dress
Honeycomb Stitch Sweater
Laura Dress and Honeycomb Stitch Jumper (sweater).  What Lou Wore Reviews.  Lou wore and reviewed the Laura Dress in red here, and wore the Honeycomb Stitch sweater as part of an adorable outfit here.

Envelope Clutch
Envelope Clutch.  Check out Liz looking uber-glam in her party frock.  Her chosen accessory?  The gorgeous shiny metallic clutch from Boden of course.  :-)

Written Reviews**:
Rainy Day Mac
Rainy Day Mac.  Keilexandra received two sizes of this ever popular design and shared her review with us.  She says:

I ordered the Rainy Day Mac in the blue polka dot pattern, size 2R and 2P. The petite fits exactly the same as the regular, as expected from measurements, except for sleeve and body length. I actually preferred the body length of the regular size, but the zipper was set too low and the sleeves were a tad too long. The petite sleeves could stand to be a half inch longer, since I like a little bit of hand coverage, but in the end I decided to go with the 2P. Quality on both pieces was impeccable.

**Remember if you want to review an item, and you don't necessarily have a blog of your own, the Boden reviews page is open for business, 24/7.


Okay that's it for tonight.  :-)

If you like an item that is not in the mid season sale and would like to grab it with 15% off, go ahead and use the below coupon.  (Some items won't make it to a further reduction, btw, like the Ingrid coat or the Heeled Loafer, those are popular enough that Boden will never reduce them further.)