Sunday, October 20, 2013

Boden: Mid Season Sale Has Started!

Ladies and possibly a *few* gents, Boden has started their mid season sale this morning.  (Thank you to Alina for e-mailing me, btw.  Very much appreciated!)

I knew it would start, the affiliate manager let me know on Friday, and Lou mentioned it on her blog, too, but (and you mommies are gonna love this), I totally forgot it was going to start this morning and instead convinced myself that it was going to start tomorrow morning.  Ah, Momma brain.  I blame Angus.  ;-)

Okay, I have not had a look around yet, but as usual, I will definitely be doing a picks post in the next few days, and definitely before the sale ends.  I would love to see what you all pick, so leave a comment if you can! The folks at Boden have made the shopping by % off very easy, since the items in each category are listed by % off. I always view the items at Boden in "view all colours," which shows each item and not the model, so if you don't do that, you may want to switch over since a lot of times one color of an item will be greatly reduced and the other colors will be reduced by less or not at all.  (Quick example, the military wool jacket is 30% off in the navy and charcoal, but not in the green, which is 20% off.)

The usual conditions can't use the sidebar coupon for the sale items (no stacking), but if you feel like you want to get items both from the sale and from the regular priced items, the regular items would be eligible for the 15% off (so I am leaving the "regular" sidebar coupon in the sidebar, just for you all).

If you need assistance choosing, the BWRR posts have some great links to other blogs with photos of the ladies wearing the items.  Obviously this blog has plenty of IRL photos, too, lol.
Happy (sale) shopping!