Monday, October 28, 2013

Boden: Holiday/Winter 2013 New Arrivals are Here!

Metallic Top on Model.

Hi, and good Monday morning.  :-)

Well, as glad as I am that Boden doesn't have constant rollouts the way that J. Crew and Anthropologie do, I have to say the mini rollouts Boden has had over the past year have been lovely to see since it is great to get some fresh stock in every once in awhile.  I expect this will continue, the four "big" rollouts (spring, summer, fall, winter), and two more smaller rollouts (high summer and holiday winter).

Anyhow, the new items are very pretty and very pricey.  I think a lot of these items would have been called Boden Limited Edition had Boden not gotten rid of the moniker a couple of years ago.  Whatever they call these items, you can tell from how they are made, styled, and what fabrications they use, that these are not your normal everyday wear.

Sequin Blazer
Jewelled Collar Sweater
Sequin Leaf Skirt
Mohair Sweater
Above are a few items that caught my eye this am, but I am sure there are more that will be in my picks post...when I get it done.  From top to bottom...Sequin Blazer, a huge hit from last year and back again this year; Jewelled Collar Top, the nudey pink version is beautiful; Sequin Leaf skirt, my magpie self considers it a winner; and the Mohair sweater, the electric pink shade of the Ingrid coat is now in a cozy sweater.

It will be at least a day or two before I get my picks chosen, but I definitely think you all should go take a look 'round and see what strikes your fancy.  Report back if you feel so inclined, I would love to see what you choose, since your eyes often help me see things I didn't even notice.

In other news, Boden's mid season sale did end, however a few items from the sale STAYED at their lower price AND now are stacking with my sidebar coupon.  That means some items are very attractively priced to sell.  You kind of have to snoop around, but there are definite deals to be had.

Okay, you all have a great day.  Can't wait to see what you all love from this new line...