Thursday, October 3, 2013

Boden: Super Duper 20% Off!

Just like we saw on Monday, today ushers in another set of items at a 20% discount.  All of the rules and information regarding this sale are in Monday's post, so I will ask for you to take a look there for all of that (rough morning here in our house--ugh).

Anyhow, this sale is pretty great, especially if you are a fan of Boden dresses or skirts.  Almost the whole lot of dresses and skirts are included, and many that we have seen here in real life at the BWRR.  Obviously, I am going to steer you all towards the Ava Dress (review here), the Smithfield Wool Skirt (review here), and the Daisy Jacquard Dress (review here), but I can also recommend some other items based on some reviews I did of them from years past.  Those include the Winter Audrey Dress (review here and here of last year's version), the maternity Breezy Jersey Dress (still going strong after two years--review here from when I was pregnant with Angus, and worn non-maternity here), and the Wideleg Jeans (review here).

I also have heard great things about the Libby Dress (so long as you don't have a longer torso).  I also can HIGHLY recommend the Chic Tweed Shift.  It came in the mail a couple of days ago and I had a chance to try it on and it fits very well, almost like my Daisy Jacquard dress, but with a bit more of a slim silhouette in the skirt.  It is very Mad Men, and as long as I don't gain any weight, I can definitely keep this for a long time.  I love the pockets, great placement and depth, and the fabric is very soft and will work for all seasons, provided you layer in the winter, and keep it super simple in the summer.  This dress is selling out, so watch for popbacks (which there were some this morning for many items that had previously been all sold out).  The black version is the least popular, but seems to be the most versatile, and has the most forgiving fabric (a stretchy wool).  I own the black/white tweed version and in real life it reads as a pretty grey from far away.

Okay, I hope you all enjoy the offerings from Boden.  Good luck getting what you want if you are seeking a popular item!  :-)  So you know, if you have been seeking out the Ingrid Coat in pink, a few of the sizes have popped back. There is still a backorder on the coat, but at least now you can order it! Unfortunately, the coat is not part of the 20% off, but you can use the 15% off (below and in sidebar) to receive 15% off.

Any other items you are seeing that you can recommend?

BTW, I am going to be setting up the Boden Reviews page/tab later on today or tomorrow.  When I get that done, I will let you all know, and we can get the "pending" reviews party started.  Thanks for your feedback...I look forward to seeing all the fab reviews!

Current promo for Boden, which includes free shipping.  (At last check you had to spend over $100 to get free shipping, but that may have changed, fingers crossed.)  This 15% is not stackable with the current sale, unfortunately.