Monday, September 30, 2013

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Heritage Hummingbird.

Happy Monday (said only slightly sarcastically)!

Two items of note:

1. Sale started today, ends Wednesday, 20% off winter warmers.  More info here at this post.

2. Page idea for reviews...would you like to have a page here on the blog where any pending reviews from blog friends can be posted?  It would have its own tab (like my "Blogs I Love" tab), and would be very easy to find right under the blog header.  The comments would be powered by disqus, so you could hyperlink to any photos that you have of the item being worn (obviously not necessary).  A benefit of this could be that pending reviews could be viewed before the BWRR by anyone and that would allow some folks an early peek at what will be upcoming in the review roundup.  Once a new BWRR is published, I would delete the comments and a new crop of pending reviews could be posted.  :-)  I figure this is easier for a lot of you since I sit at the computer and e-mail infrequently (tends to be during Angus's naptime, and that is hard to gauge when it will happen).  Although I would be more than happy to receive e-mailed reviews, I understand that for some of you an option like this may work better!

Regular Boden:
Heritage Sweater.  Size 6.  Original (brief) review of the sweater was here at this BWRR. 

The weather cooled down *just* a bit and it allowed me to wear this pretty little sweater out and not completely melt.  Granted I still had to wear shorts and bare legs, but it felt fine, comfort wise.

It runs true to size, if a touch loose in the torso, but nothing that takes away from one's shape.

There was one con, and that is that I noticed some pilling on the surface at the end of the day but nothing coming close to the pilling I have seen on my J. Crew sweaters, so take that for what it's worth.  Nothing that can't be fixed with a good wash, line dry, and pill shaver.

Info on the whole outfit is in the photo, btw.  Also, another shot of Angus photo-bombing.

Heritage Sweater
Heritage Sweater.  Not selling out, at all.  Maybe critters aren't for everyone, lol.

Glam Sneaker

Glam Plimsoll (Called the Sneaker Stateside).  Lou shows off these glittery animal print wonders here.  How freaking cute are they?

Must Have Tunic
Smock Top
Must Have Tunic and Smock Top.  Egyptomaniac breaks out the tunic in this post and the lovely smock top here at this post.  :-)

Johnnie b.:
Leggings.  Size 16+.  Yes, I am wearing leggings, in public.  The horror.  (That cardigan is mighty long, people.  No one saw anything offensive, hand on heart.)

Love these.  I have them in the printed floral version from last spring, and felt that while the 15-16 fit fine, I wanted just a little bit more room, and the size 16+ gives me that.  They are definitely baggy through the waist (the elastic barely stretches since its length is about the same size as my actual waist measurement), but I love the length in this size, and I love that they feel even more comfortable than mine from last year (which is saying something).

The Penny Loafers are currently in the clearance section.  I did a more in-depth review of them here.

Penny Loafers
Leggings and Penny Loafers.  Leggings are on a substantial wait for this color, 6 weeks.  The loafers are still in stock in many sizes and colors.

mini Boden:
Button Pinafore Dress.  Size 6-7.  We already own this in the Navy/Scandinavian Floral color, and the review written here is the same as I would say about this one now.  :-)  Definitely a winner, and fits true to size (we size up to make the dress work for more years).

Button Pinafore Dress
Button Pinafore Dress
.  Not selling out, but the navy is on deep backorder, and I could see this darling woodland scene version also selling out/going to backorder.

Okay, that's it!  Thanks again for the reviews from my blog friends!

Below is the current coupon from the affiliate.  Eventually I will receive a new one with womenswear on it, I am sure.  For now you can use this one for discounts on everything, not just mini stuff.  (Bonus, if you are a new customer, you will receive free bunting, so woo and hoo!)  ;-)