Monday, September 16, 2013

Boden: Winter 2013 is Live!

Well, good Monday morning all! 

After finally having weather that justified wearing some of my Boden fall clothing outside (the Ava Dress* has longer sleeves which were appreciated on Saturday night when the temps dipped into the 60s), we are presented with the new winter styles this morning.  If you are here in the South, how long before we can wear these pretties?  ;-)

*I sized up to an 8L in this one, the 6L would have been a touch too formfitting for my taste.  The reviews online about sizing up are right, especially considering I normally size down in their jersey items.

Anyhow, as most of you know by now, I write up my picks from each line in my "preview picks" post, which for this rollout is here.  I know many of you placed preview orders already and are getting ready to receive your orders, but just in case you haven't, these picks are my favorites, along with some choices that I think might be big sellers once the season officially starts.

My affiliate program issued some coupon links this morning, so I have placed them in the sidebar and at the bottom of this post (and at the top of the preview picks post).  The offers do get better as the season chugs along, so bear that in mind.  I recommend grabbing items you know you'll wear now, along with items that you think might sell out (usually indicated with many sizes/colors showing a pink "low stock" checkmark).

Okay, that's it for now.  There were some new items in the mix, btw, including these awesomely practical, yet very pretty leather gloves.  Do you see anything that catches your eye that maybe you hadn't noticed before?

Have a great day, and enjoy!