Monday, September 9, 2013

Boden: Diminishing Discount Starts Today!

Zanna Roberts Rassi, of Marie Claire, picks some of her faves from Boden, and with the diminishing discount of 20% going on until Thursday night, you can get them all at a reduced price. :-)

If you have liked my page on Facebook, or you read yesterday's post, then this is old news to you, but just in case you didn't do either, I wanted to let you all know about the diminishing discount going on at Boden right now.

As usual, the first few days have the best offer, this time it is 20% off everything, with free shipping and returns until Thursday night at 11:59 pm.  On Friday, the offer goes down to 15%, then to 10% off.  Next week there will be no diminishing discount, just my "regular" coupon, plus whatever weekly sale they choose to have (usually a few items make it in there and the blog's coupon will stack with that). 

Anyhow, this is the time to grab up items that are selling well and will be unlikely to make it to weekly sale.  If you have seen an item in the weekly sale so far, it is likely that item is not a bestseller and you probably can wait to purchase it at a better price.  However, an item like the Heeled Brogue, which is selling well in the loganberry color (I did a review here), is best bought in a sale like the diminishing discount, since Boden knows it will sell well at a higher price.

Okay, I have a BWRR to finish up, and I suspect some of you want to have a look 'round to see what you talk with you all later!