Thursday, September 19, 2013

OOTDs/Reviews: Johnnie b., if You Please.

Hi, all!  Happy Thursday!

First up will be the ootd, followed by the reviews of the item featured in the ootd.  :-)

Day: Friday, September 13, 2013.

Where: School Pickup.

Ease of Wear: (3 of 5 stars--5 being the most easy to wear.)  I found the outfit comfortable enough for jeans, tank, and a cardi, but after a whole summer of wearing jersey dresses, I think it might take me a while to acclimate to wearing more fitted (read: with zips and buttons) clothing.

Cool Factor: (4 of 5 stars--5 being the coolest.)  I like it.  The rolled hem on the jeans came pre-rolled, so for now, I feel at least Johnnie b. cool.

Anecdote from the Day:  That song Typical Situation by the Dave Matthews Band is sort of like my day, "typical situation in these typical times."  In other words, just a normal SAHM kind of day.

The Boyfriend Jeans by Johnnie b. (Boden's teen line) are so cute.  I ordered the lighter denim option and received these, which makes me think they sent the mid-denim to me instead.  If you own these jeans, and you can tell which color I have, definitely let me know.  I think I will try to pick up the lighter shade on super sale if these that I have are the darker shade, since apparently no one wants the lighter version except me.  (The darker shade is selling out, many pink "low stock" tick marks over many of the sizes.)

I typically will order 32 long from Johnnie b., but I decided that since the measurements were showing that the 32 would be very loose in my waist and fairly loose in my hips that sizing to the 30 long would be a better fit for me, "boyfriend" style or not.  (I think at my age a bit more fitted silhouette works better, and had I purchased the 32, these pants would likely look sloppy on me.)

Back view.  Love the pockets, would be GREAT if they were a touch closer together, but the size and minimal detailing work nicely on my more rounded behind.

The inseam is great for me, with my inseam of 34 inches, rolled they hit at my high ankle, unrolled I have enough length to wear them with small heels.

Boyfriend Jeans
Boyfriend Jeans.  Size down unless the boyfriend looks good on your frame.

The price, btw, is awesome, especially with sales/coupons.  I think I got these for $35.

Day: Thursday, September 12, 2013.

Where: Little Gym/Old Town.

Ease of Wear: (3.5 of 5 stars--5 being the most easy to wear.)  Outside of being a touch nervous about how short the skirt felt on this dress, I was very comfortable.  By the end of the day, the length seemed fine, especially in relation to how short some of my shorts are.

Cool Factor: (3 of 5 stars--5 being the coolest.)  Eh, it's a pretty casual dress in some pretty hip colors, but I don't think my styling of this dress makes it cool.  Even the cobalt blue top-siders couldn't help.

Anecdote from the Day:  I hung out with Angus in Old Town that day.  It was insanely hot and humid, and I forgot how difficult it was to push a buggy (with nearly 30 pound toddler inside) up the hill from the river.  I was a bit worn out after that.

Angus loves helicopters, birds, and planes, so sitting by the Potomac at one of the parks that sit on Alexandria's waterfront was right up his alley.  He could have sat there all day watching the planes take off and the birds frolicking in the water.

I lucked out, too, I was bringing a ton of winter clothing into Mint Condition to sell, and upon entering I spied a gorgeous tan colored coat from Halston Heritage.  I had no idea that it had sold for significantly more than I paid for it when it first appeared on Net-a-Porter (even its Outnet price would have required some budgeting).  It is divine, and so soft.  I don't love cold weather, but I will happily wear this as a compromise for my sour mood when the temperatures drop.

The Ella T-shirt Dress was too cute on line and I thought I would at least give it a try.  I ordered the size 15-16 thinking it would be fine, since the measurements were spot on for my body.  The length was the same overall as the 16+, so I knew that sizing up wouldn't give me extra length.

Then I received it, and in a moment of cold feet decided to try the 16+ because I was nervous about how short it was...I figured maybe extra fabric overall meant I could pull the whole look down and get extra length.

Well, yes, I could, but the 16+ size meant I lost my entire figure since it was so oversized, and the waist on the dress sat super low and was about three inches too big (the elastic didn't even have to stretch to sit at my waist, which is not what elastic waists are supposed to do, lol).

So I decided to deal with it and kept the 15-16, and as you all read above, the shortness mattered way less to me after I spent a day in the dress.

Hands in the pockets!  The pockets are lined in the same material as the waistband, really cute pop of color where you wouldn't expect it.

Ella T-shirt Dress
Ella T-Shirt Dress.  Sizes aren't selling out, so you will probably be safe to wait for a sale on this one.  (That said, it is a great warm weather dress, so if you are in any place that has higher temps in September and October, you could buy it now and wear it now.)

You all have a great Thursday!  Anyone else buy anything from Johnnie b. for themselves?

Below is the only coupon I have from the affiliate.  It works on all items, even if it says "mini Boden."  :-)