Sunday, September 29, 2013

For Sale: Skirts...Boden, J. Crew, Loft, Target, Izod, and Lands' End Canvas.

Prices (which include shipping) are listed below the photo.

The sizes are in the photo, click on the photo to see the info more clearly.

Some rare skirts are in this group, including some older Boden, and many old school J. Crew--including the very popular Ischia printed mini from 2008.

E-mail me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com if you are interested in purchasing any of these.  :-)

Swishy Cotton Skirt.  Worn here.  $25 Shipped. 

Tulip Print Skirt.  Worn here.  $25 Shipped.

Printed A-Line Skirt.  Worn here.  (SOLD.)

Stitched Hem Mini.  Reviewed here.  $25 Shipped.

Textured Cotton Skirt.  (SOLD.)

RARE--Jaipur Mini Skirt.  I wore this a lot, once upon a time.  In fact, one of you all offered to buy it from me a couple years ago and I wasn't ready to let it go.  Now I am!  $30 Shipped. Photo of an easy summer outfit with this skirt.  Reviewed here.

From 2006, so this size 10 fits a bit more tightly than size 10 today.  This skirt is pretty straight from waist to hem, so it may suit someone with less definition between their waist and hips.  The skirt is made from a very nice, soft, medium-weight white denim.  $25 Shipped.

RARE--Fresco mini skirt.  $30 Shipped.  (SOLD.)

RARE--Ischia mini skirt.  $30 Shipped.  Worn here.

Velvet Mini.  Collection piece.  $30 Shipped.  (SOLD.)

This Target skirt I bought hoping the 6 would work, but it was too small, and the return window expired before I remembered to bring it back.  Ah, well.  Anyhow it is a dupe of this skirt from J. Crew (seen on the fab Tabitha here) with a little Boden thrown in for good measure (here), and a very comfortable one, made from a stretchy cotton sateen, and is fully lined.  $20 shipped. (SOLD.)

Sequin Mini.  Another "didn't return early enough" bites me.  I kept the 8, which you last saw me wearing here.  $25 Shipped.

Black/White Mod Plaid Print Skirt.  $15 Shipped.

Seersucker Skirt.  $10 Shipped.

Dot Skirt.  Worn here.  $20 Shipped.

Okay, that's it.  I have at least 15 more skirts ready to sell, but I only have so much time in my day, so that will need to wait a week.  :-)

P.S. Boden fans, there is a sale starting tomorrow, so be on the lookout for my post on it in the morning.  ;-)