Monday, September 9, 2013

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Baubles and Bags.

I am going to keep the blah-blah way down since there is a ton in this "week's" roundup.  (Yes, at this point I should just give it up and start naming it the Boden Monthly Review Roundup--but I hold out hope that with two kids in school and an actual nap schedule, I might go back to being a good blogger.)

Anyhow, there is a diminishing discount on right now, and I wrote about it this morning over at this post.  Remember, all discounts are on current season items only, clearance items are not part of the sale. 

Regular Boden:
Flowerburst Necklace.  To see other views of it with the outfit, go to my post from yesterday.

I think this necklace is a love/hate piece.  Based on the reviews on-line, there are a lot of women who despise this item.  I am not one of them, and I think it has its charms.

It is a rather large necklace, in a very distinctive style, so it is not an ideal piece of jewelry if you are not a fan of statement jewels.  And if you think this version is a lot of look, imagine what the more colorful pieces look like in real life (this is the gold/pewter colorway).

Anyhow, I wear my statement necklaces all the time, so this was a no-brainer purchase for me, but I get it if it just isn't you.

Flowerburst Necklace
Flowerburst Necklace.  All colors still available.  Surprised?  ;-)

Evie Bag.  I did write a quickie mini-review way back when, but I wanted to make sure you all saw some closeups of this awesome purse.

The navy color is true to shade on the Boden website, and is constructed from a pebbled leather for its main body, and a suede leather for the flap.  I like the contrast in textures, but if given the option would have preferred all pebbled leather since I have toddlers and suede is fussy.

It wasn't a deal breaker, and so far so good, but I do have to be careful with the suede, so it isn't the best mom on the go bag out there.

The flap closure is different, I quite like the dual magnetic snaps, but if you overfill the bag, the closures will easily pop open.  Guess that is an incentive to carry only what you need, huh?

It comes with long straps that you can hook onto the D-rings there at the side, but I don't care for crossbody bags, so I have detached them and stored them.  I have so many of these long leather pieces that I could probably make belts out of them with my sewing machine.  Maybe when I get better sewing skills I will.  ;-)

Inside of the bag is lined in a fun striped cotton.  There is also a pocket for a cell phone and a zip pocket for extra security for more priceless items, like your id and credit cards (sometimes I don't carry a wallet if I am going out for only a few hours).

Really blurry view of the strap.  Sorry about that.

I love the size for me, so many retailers lately have been focused on either really tiny bags or really BIG bags, so it is lovely to have purse that is at that sweet spot of just big enough.

CC also had written a quickie review at a blog post, in which she says:
I do also have the Evie bag in Navy - and I agree, it's a purse, bigger than a clutch, but not a big "hobo" bag. ( I think it will fit a Kindle, I have to check that out, though*). There are just times when you need something more than a clutch.

*It does hold a kindle.  Never leave the home without mine!

Evie Bag
Evie Bag.  The navy, red, and brown colors are selling better than the yellow.  You could probably wait to get the yellow at a better price than at the current diminishing discount price.

Ponte Roma Pant
Ponte Roma Trousers.  Reviewed by Lou here at this blog post.

Honeycomb Stitch Sweater
Honeycomb Stitch Sweater.  Lou declares her love for these sweaters (jumpers!) here at this review.

Metropolitan Bag
Metropolitan BagThis is a winner in the black color for Lou.  The online reviewers agree with her, too!

Skinny Ankle Skimmer Jeans.  Liz looks lovely in these on trend jeans.  :-)

Velvet Trim Hoody
Velvet Trim Hoody.  The comfy factor is upped while wearing this yummy zip-up (Liz shows us just how comfy it can be).

Daisy Jacquard Dress
Daisy Jacquard Dress.  I wore it recently to a wedding, and to church, and a beautiful TV personality named Holly Willoughby wore it on her show, too.  Maybe the coral will sell, finally?

So who is Holly Willoughby, btw?  

Military Wool Jacket
Military Wool Jacket.  I did a fairly in-depth review of this wool winner here at this blog post.  You won't see this piece on me again until November, at least.  It is a warm wool jacket, much too hot for us here in VA until winter starts.

Alice Lace Top
Alice Lace Top.  A piece of clothing from Boden's fall line that I can wear now and not suffocate in, lol.  I wore it and reviewed it here at this blog post.

Elise Top
Merino Crew Sweater
Must Have Tee
Elise Top, Merino Jumper, and Must Have Tee.
Avery 12/VAMom wrote some quickie reviews a while back at a blog post, just in case you missed them, here they are:
Elise Top - really liked the fabric and collar but the ivory was too sheer;
Merino jumper in bright pink - wild about it, love it;
Must-have tee - is my most favorite. Might get a duplicate so I won't be heartbroken when the first one eventually breaks under constant use.

ShOpeRach wrote some reviews of some Boden summer pieces here at this blog post and at this blog post.  :-)

Reminder:  Avril of School Gate Style is going to be hosting a Boden Winter Shopping Party on October 3, 2013.  Definitely sign up to attend if you will be anywhere near Belfast, N. Ireland, that day.  If I were able, I would go in a heartbeat.  I look forward to seeing her photos and reviews from that party, too (hint, hint, Avril!).

Thanks again to all my blog friends for the reviews!!!

Okay, that's it!  Below is a link to the diminishing discount sale.  Happy (sale) shopping!