Monday, September 23, 2013

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Ava for the Win.

Good early afternoon! 

I was fully expecting to see a weekly sale this week over at Boden (the "trim" type, where some items are on sale, and then with the sidebar coupon here at the blog can be further reduced by 15%), but alas no sale of any sort.  Ah, well, on with the review roundup, regardless.

Before we start, I was informed by a blog friend, Emily, that if you were to order just clearance items, and you clicked through a coupon on my site or had a coupon code on your catalog, that your items will be charged shipping.  DRAT!  If you add a regular priced item into the mix, the shipping disappears, but dang it, that's really crummy since so many folks *have* to wait for clearance to afford Boden.  Boden is not inexpensive, sometimes even in clearance, so that little bit of extra help in free shipping is awful nice to have.

(At least they aren't charging sales tax the way Amazon recently has started...grrr...Amazon....grrr.)

Regular Boden:
Ava Dress.  Size 8 Long.  Boy, Boden sure knows how to reuse a name, huh?  They had an Ava Dress last year, but it looks completely different.  Maybe they should branch out and use new names?  How about a Dina dress?  I am okay with that.  ;-)

Anyhow, unlike most Boden jersey dresses, I had to size up to an 8 Long as all the reviews warned that this pretty lady was a bit formfitting, especially through the hips.  Well, then, noted and sized up.

I am glad I did, it fits quite nicely through all of my curves and is more than long enough for my height.

I adore this shape, but would have liked it a lot less if it had been anymore fitted.

Keep in mind I typically size down in Boden jersey (have quite a few jersey dresses in a size 4 Long), so even if you are more petite, do consider my advice.  Also, if you are very small and usually can't order Boden jersey dresses since they swamp your frame, this may be a great option for you in the size 2 Regular,

See?  Anymore fitted and this side view would have been more "pregnancy" chic and less "definitely not maternity" wear.  LOL.  However, this material is stretchy enough that you could get away with wearing it through the early months of your pregnancy, not during your third trimester, but for sure in the first and second.  The jersey is super comfortable and just thick enough to keep you fairly warm in the fall and spring (have to layer in the winter, not warm enough for that).

Love the length, right at the kneecap.

I wasn't sure I was going to try this dress, but eventually I fell down the jersey dress rabbit hole again since this dress was on sale and it had an extra % off, making it just under 90 dollars (it was during a weekly sale time).  Very pricey, but as we all know, my favorite "pull it out and go" outfit is of the jersey dress variety, so the money is well spent for cost per wear.

The print is lovely and if you can wear these shades of navy, white, and mint green, I highly recommend this dress in this color.  There are other colors for those of you that can't, though.

Ava Dress
Ava Dress.  Not even close to selling out, except in the smaller sizes.  Wait if you can for a better price like I did.  (Unless you need it now and are a smaller size.)

Seventies Wedges
Seventies Wedges.  These are the sandals you see in all the photos above.  Still in stock in some sizes in the blue color, so if you like them, they are still around.  The tan color is a screaming deal at $29, wish the blue could be that price!

Pajama Bottoms
Velvet Trim Hoody
Use link in name below to get to the page since the affiliate program doesn't have this in its directory of items.
Pajama Bottoms (Pull-Ons in the UK), Velvet Trim Hoody, and Printed Scarf.  See the pull-ons on Lou here and here.  She paired it with the Velvet Trim Hoody here.  She also show off a very chic look using the printed scarf to its full effect here.

Regarding the pull-ons, I have the same ones in a size US 10 (2 sizes up from Lou, she has a UK 10) and while the US 8 may have fit me better, I kind of dig really oversized pjs because it is so nice to have loads of fabric cozily encasing your body when sleeping.  If you are not a fan of oversized pjs, go down a size from what the measurements might lead you to believe you may need (this is why I bought the 10).

Easy Pocket Dress
Easy Pocket Dress.  Avril really dolls this dress up with a fierce coat and some amazing booties and tights.  Adorable! 

Classic Belt
Classic Belt.  Liz wears this pretty and just sparkly enough belt with a *winter* look.  As she rightly asks, "who stole autumn?"  That stinks!!!  Hopefully your fall will be back soon, my friends in the UK/Ireland. 

Super Skinny Jeans
Libby Dress
Ottoman Shift Dress
Super Skinny Jeans, Libby Dress, and Ottoman Shift Dress.  Thank you to Suzie who wrote up some reviews on these three over at the last BWRR.

She says of them:

I said a while ago that I'd give my feedback on the new super skinny jeans and I have to say that I love them. I got the navy blue pair as I needed a good basic colour. They run completely true to size for me and they don't start sagging or bagging after a while of wearing them. The material is very soft and comfy, I can really recommend them. Unfortunately another of my preview favourites, the Libby dress didn't work at all for me. I got the long length, even though at 5'6 I don't need the length of the skirt, but I wanted as much extra length as I could get in the body. Sadly this didn't help. The waist sat way too high for me and I just ended up looking really frumpy. As you are short waisted, it may work for you, though, if you are interested. I went for the Ottoman dress instead. It's all I was hoping for, so flattering and easy to wear and it hides a little mummy tummy, too! :) I had to size down, though. I picked a UK10 instead of my usual UK12.

I may have to keep my eye on the Libby Dress, it does sound like it may work for my frame!

Johnnie b.
Boyfriend Jeans
Ella T-shirt Dress
Boyfriend Jeans and Ella T-Shirt DressI wrote up a ootd/review post last week.  :-) 

mini Boden:
Pique Polo.  The boys are wearing a size 1 1/2-2 year and 7-8 year size in a now sold out color.  Rex picked these out for me and I ordered them when they were 30 or 40% off during one of the "end of season" sales they have right before clearance time starts. 

These are like any mini Boden item, well made with great tailoring details, in fabric that will stand up to how crazy boys can be.  I also like that they are comfortable enough for Rex to wear a collared shirt to church (which is where we were all headed that night).

The sizing must run a touch small or my boys are a bit big since Rex is definitely not 7 and Angus won't even be 1 1/2 till this Wednesday.  Hmm.

Piqué Polo
Pique Polo.  Smaller sizes are left, but watch for popbacks in the bigger sizer or consider getting the Layered Polo for your boy instead (the fall version of this polo).

Alrighty, you all have a great afternoon!

Below are the current coupons.  If you are a new customer, you will receive free bunting from Boden.  I recently saw bunting used well at a tea party (put on at a converted warehouse) and now I am a fan.  Bunting--you rock!

The coupons say mini Boden, but remember, they will work for all of Boden.  :-)