Monday, October 21, 2013

Loft and Pure Collection: Extra Percentage Off at Loft and New Arrivals at Pure Collection.

There is a link below which will get you an additional 20% off of already reduced sale items.

As it is apparent, I spend a ton of time talking about, reviewing, wearing, and buying Boden clothing.  But I do actually enjoy other retailers, I just don't have the physical time or energy to write much about the other retailers since I do have kids to raise, projects to sew, rooms to clean, etc., etc.  :-) 

That said, I definitely want to let you know when my other favorite shops have great things going on, especially (as in the case of Loft today) when the promo/coupon is one that my affiliate program has stated is an exclusive for our program, and it means you all will get an extra little bit off of your purchases at Loft.  Since I only ever buy at Loft with coupons in hand, I understand the allure of a good one.  I tend to buy my pants from Loft, since they must have a fit model with a more substantial derriere like mine, and for that, I appreciate them so much.  I also like their accessories, I have found really cute necklaces and earrings from them in the past.

Regarding Pure Collection, CC reminded me that Pure debuted their new arrivals last week.  Once again, I dropped the ball and forgot to mention it here, even though Pure has my *hands down* favorite cashmere on the planet.  My stepmom asked me where she should get her cashmere for this winter and asked me about all the usual suspects, and my response was that J. Crew is great for colors, Boden is great for colors and fit, but if she wanted the softest, loveliest, and best cashmere, she would need to go to Pure.  She hadn't actually ever heard of them, and from what I can tell from the blog world and from their own FB page, they aren't especially well known anywhere.

Okay, so I have another massive BWRR to get set up to publish later today (with the mid-season sale on, I know having the IRL photos helps people choose more wisely), so I can't do picks from either the Loft sale or the new arrivals from Pure Collection, but I know that many of you don't need my help when choosing, so enjoy!  If you do see an item from Loft or Pure that you would like us to know about, leave a comment!  :-)

Loft Coupon *the text sentence below* is good for an additional 20% off all sale items.  They are asking for an e-mail but since I am already in their system, I am used to getting e-mails from them.  Just wanted to let you know that you needed to do that step!
Enjoy an extra 20% off sale styles

Pure Collection has a blanket 20% off all items, including the new arrivals. It also has free shipping and returns, which is great since in the past they only offered free returns!