Thursday, January 15, 2009

My first superfluity...

I am wearing this outfit today...all J. Crew and all on sale. The headband is darling and gold and braided and just perfect for feeling pretty. And since my hair is dark blonde (winter--summer, way lighter...gotta love the sun), this headband is the perfect accent. The merino wave cardigan is just the pick-me-up on such a cold winter's day...I mean really the last time it was this cold in Virginia was when I was a junior at George Mason. The cardigan is warm, soft, bright, shimmery...and I have already received at least ten compliments on it from the kids and teachers here at Hammond Middle School where I teach 6th Grade social studies (American History, Part One). The hammered-silk tank is the perfect compliment to the colors of the outfit and the material just feels like heaven. The luxe cords are grey and heavy enough to keep me warm. :) The Jane suede shoes in brown may initially seem like they would clash with the golds and greys of the rest of the outfit, but like Stacy and Clinton say on What Not to doesn't have to match, it has to "go." It goes, for sure! Last but not least, the pillow ring is like the merino wave sweater...sparkly and heart-lifting, just right for January.
I love the confidence I feel when wearing J. Crew. I may be a size 8/10/12 (but getting smaller, after all, I am four months postpartum...these things take time), however J. Crew always works for elevating my mood no matter what! I do have an "overabundance" of J. Crew...but I am not alone...I am sure others enjoy their excess of clothing from this lovely company.
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