Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oh, Sleep, Wherefore Art Thou, Sleep?

This is no doubt a portal to to find out why...

This is my re-telling of events prior and events current:

1. We swoop into the lovely city of Winston-Salem, NC at around 7 pm after having dealt with 7 hours of driving (thank you traffic in Fredericksburg, VA and an accident in Petersburg, VA).

2. We kindly ask the gentleman at the Quality Inn Winston-Salem if we can have a first floor room because of our luggage and all of our kids, etc. He kindly agrees and gives us the key to the room directly located across from this pool. Ah, a pool.

3. We get back from our yum-tastic Mexican meal and retire to our room. This is around 10:30 pm. Get Rex and CW and ourselves ready for bed. I take my sleeping pill (only taken when I am in an unfamiliar bed).

4. We had heard the music before we went to bed but figured the air conditioner might drown it out. However, the air conditioner, as awesome as it is, cannot be a miracle worker. Mere minutes after we put our heads down and try to fall asleep, the music gets louder, the bass makes our room shake, and then it sounds like the music is in our room. Oh, holy ****.

5. Yep...the pool should have been a beautiful vantage point, but as of right now, 1:36 am on a Saturday night, it is the harbinger of all things hellish. We are living the word cacophony. The party that is in the party room has music that is thumping at max volume and every time the door to the pool is opened, the music literally jumps into our room.

6. We spoke to the powers that be. They said we could keep all of our stuff in our room, carry the sleeping CW and Rex to the other room, sleep and then get all our stuff later. Yeah, yeah, would if we could. Rex woken up from sleeping is not what you would call pleasant. (Heehee, maybe we should wake him and let him scream his head off at the party...maybe then they would get the message to shut the BLEEP up.) The reason they can't turn their music down is beyond me. I get the party has an obligation to go until their allotted time is up, but music at its highest the WHOLE time at a hotel where people are trying to sleep? Mind boggling.

7. I even went into the hotel lobby so they could see me all tired and miserable, and while the guy feels bad, he felt like his hands were tied. I wonder what he would do if he had smelled the pot emanating from the party like I had? Maybe he would have called the cops?

8. Ultimately, I want to know WHY the dumb-*** who checked us in didn't put us in a first floor room VERY far from the party? Did Mr. Dina remind him of someone he didn't like and wanted to hurt us? Or was the guy just that dumb?

Yes, I really do look and feel this way at 1:52 am. I have lunesta in my system, the music is just that loud and I am on my first day of vacation. (I do love the fact that my gorgeous new computer has this cool webcam with photos...)


HeidiG said...

Oh that is just appalling! I am impressed that you looked that good, honey! Hope the rest of the vaca is better!!

Kathy said...

What a terrible experience for the first night! I hope the trip gets better!

GingerSnap said...

You look far too composed in your picture! Haha. You are too funny...I am sorry to hear though that you had such a restless night...wishing you better rest today!

Leslie said...

aww, I'm sorry your vacation is off to such a rough start. Hopefully, today will be better and includes lots of naps.

Drewablank said...

Awww, sweetie. I'm so sorry to hear about this. :( I would be asolutely livid.You say that you wonder why the person who checked you in didn't choose a 1st floor room further from the pool; I'm also wondering why he didn't think of the pool party at all or tell y'all about it. Boo on him. :[

I hope the rest of your vacation goes well though! Take care!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you had such a horrible experience in Winston, it's where I live. :(
I hope the rest of your trip is better.

Unknown said...

Ugh. I hope it gets better. It can only get better, right?

Julia said...

Oh no! I'm sorry you went through that, how crazy that they allow a loud party that late at a hotel with other people sleeping nearby!

That drive from DC to NC is my favorite (weird, I know). I went to school at UMD and drove nearly every weekend to see my boyfriend at the time who attended Duke. Sorry the traffic was bad, but don't you love 85 southbound? I hope you stopped at a bojangles :)

AppGal said...

oh my goodness gracious! what an awful ordeal...I can totally relate to the frustration that comes with lack of sleep. I get livid when just a dog barks outside my window! I am like the ultimate cranky b*tch when it comes to losing sleep :) I hope the rest of your vacation is much better. Where else are you heading?

Anonymous said...

Ohhh my God--I would have gone biserk on that hotel!!!
You do look amazing in every way--I didn't actually realize you also had a 10 month old and sooo now I am VERY IMPRESSED!
You look happy, healthy, radiant!
I luvee reading your stories cuz you always write so well and infuse such wit!