Sunday, May 17, 2015

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Kiera Goes to Communion.

Hi, all!  Happy Sunday!  I have a very small BWRR this week, only three reviews.  There are lots of pretty items for sale, but it seems most of the bloggers and friends that usually do reviews of Boden items have been purchasing less, so we are seeing fewer items overall, which considering my insane schedule may not be a bad thing this time around.

That said, Boden has made a new tag for Instagram called #bodenbyme.  I have been using the tag #boden on any of my Instagram posts that feature Boden, but apparently they want you to use this one.  Whatever.  Will do!  If you want to check that page out to see how folks like us are wearing their Boden, head on over here for that.

Some reminders:

1. Boden's Autumn Preview 2015 is set to end its additional 20% off preview orders on May 24, 2015.  I will definitely do a picks post this week, in fact if I can get my act together, I will write it on Tuesday morning (bowling has ended for the year).  The preview code for 20% off is 7D4N.  BTW, mini Boden has its preview up now, too.

2. Boden had a very tiny rollout of summer items.  I missed it.  I think an email was sent, but unlike J. Crew, who literally SCREAM from the rooftops that there are new arrivals (their emails always seem over the top that way), Boden's are more subtle, so likely it said something like, "something's afloat here at Boden HQ--come check out all the beachy new garments for your holiday!"  Anyhow, they are cute, and I recall seeing some of them in preview, so if you ordered some items from the summer preview, it is likely that you will receive them soon if you haven't already.

Lou also mentioned that the Festival line is set to roll out and when that does, I will let you know.

3. Coupons. Sigh, coupons.  The affiliate program had a coupon last week, but every time I clicked on it, the coupon did not give 15% off, but instead just landed me at Boden with no discount.  Something is not right over there.  I wonder if the manager is a robot that isn't bothering to check emails or links, etc.  It's bizarre.  They used to be so much better about getting coupons up and running, and if I had an issue, I could email and have a response that day.  Ultimately this hurts Boden most, if I don't have proper working coupons, I don't bother to promote them, and while I am in no way, shape, or form more than a little teeny tiny drop in the big bucket of money that Boden makes, I must help somehow since I see the sales that are made from links here at my blog.  Anyhow, when the act actually comes together and proper coupons start rolling back in, I promise to let you know.  For now, I recommend using the emails that come your way from Boden, as they usually have a discount attached to them (I have received recently a 25% off one, and one for buy 3 items, receive the fourth for $1).

Kiera Dress. Size 8 Long.  This dress was a purchase made during preview last year, and was officially the last item I received from Boden from a preview order that didn't get massively screwed up.  I am really glad it didn't get screwed up as this dress is just lovely and a great addition to my wardrobe.  (Although we all know how many yellow dresses I own, but in fairness they all get worn!)

The 8 Long was a guess as they didn't have the measurements up on the page during preview.  I made the right choice, though the 8 Long bodice is pretty big overall.  The 8 Long hips and length, though, are exactly what my body needs. 

The skirt portion of the lining, though, suffers from the ill-conceived "let's use a pencil skirt lining for a full-skirted dress" phenomena that only Boden seems to do.  Ugh.  Having said that, the skirt's lining is not as excessively fitted as I found it to be on the worst offender of this tragic trend of theirs, the Selina Dress.  I still need to take the skirt's lining out (it isn't needed for modesty, and I can always wear a separate skirt slip if I need it for some reason), but I wore this dress just fine at my son's First Holy Communion (that is an hour plus service at the church), so it isn't too terrible of an issue.

The shape is pleasing, a bit more fitted at top and a slight a-shape tulip skirt.  If you carry any weight in your stomach area, this dress may be a difficult fit for you as the waist is the most fitted part of the dress.

It has a back zip, which I prefer, it made getting in and out of it quite easy.  The photo here really shows just how loose the bodice is on me, especially through the middle part.  I found that if I took up the straps a touch, it fit better, so that is a possible future alteration I may make on my sewing machine.

The fabric is a substantial rayon/cotton blend, which I wasn't sure I would like, but it wore very well, and the colors are very vibrant and summery.  The color you see in this photo is the closest to its real life color.

Instagram of my outfit here.

Kiera Dress
Kiera Dress.  It is currently 30% off since it is an older spring item, and I would say the price is good for what you receive.  The stocks are running low, and considering how very "Boden" this is, that doesn't surprise me, at all.  With Boden featuring fewer "Boden" type items, those of us that love Boden for being unique are probably buying up what they still offer that are like what we have always loved from them.

Cerys Dress
Cerys Dress.  Lou loves hers, and it is absolutely stunning on her in the tropical blue shade.

Lily Skirt
Lily Skirt. Lisa mixed her plaids!  The Lily Skirt in light blue looks adorable as she styled it.

Okay that's it!  You all have a great Sunday!
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