Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Boden: Manic Monday. 30% Off Everything. Sorta...

Audrey Bow Flat in Grey.  Not 30% Off.

Before I get to why I put a big a$$ picture of the Audrey Bow Flat's Detail Shot on the blog, I will give the quick deets on this sale.

It is for 30% off everything (barring clearance, Icons, and oddly the Audrey Bow Flat in Grey).  It started yesterday and I only got around to announcing it here today.  Sigh.  School and lesson plans!  :-)  It ends today.  Double Sigh.  Having said that, I did announce it over at Facebook yesterday, so if you follow me there, you saw it (I hope).

Okay, so this is the same promo they had over Black Friday/Cyber Monday.  I went over a lot of info on that at this post and it sounds like it is the same sale, just a couple weeks later.  I also wrote up a Boden Review Roundup that weekend, too, so take a look at that if you didn't get a chance to before.

Anyhow, as I stated above, I gotta bone to pick with Boden right now.

I was super excited to see these cute flats pop back in my size and quickly added them to my bag, along with some gifts for my stepmom, and proceeded to check out.  After checking out, I was dismayed to see the price I received and realized these were only 20% off.  I figured it was a weird processing thing, and that if I emailed the folks at Boden, they would be all, "whoops, you're right, the grey pair were not included, but we meant to, so we will go ahead and give you a credit for $14, which equals the additional 10% off you should have received."

Nope.  I received this:

Dear (the most awesome) dinagideon (my words, lol)

Thank you for your email. I apologize for the delay in replying.

I am very sorry for any confusion caused with your 30% offer. I am afraid that, as our the Audrey Bow Flats were already discounted, we are unable to apply any further offers or discounts to them. I apologize for any disappointment caused, however this is stated in the Terms and Conditions for the 30% discount, for your reference.


Also, the price varies depending on the color, due to one color selling more than another. If we are trying to rid of the stock for a certain color, a higher discount is applied to it. I do hope this clarifies everything for you.


I am so sorry for any inconvenience or concern caused.  If I can be of any more help, please let me know. Your email reference number is 2085673.

Yours sincerely
Sabrina Diluzio

Okay, so if these grey ones were supposed to be in clearance, then why in the BLEEP weren't they in clearance?  I bought them at the regular part of the site.  Geez. 

And then it goes on and on, and blah blah blah. BLAH.

My kid kicked my Kindle to the curb yesterday, it shattered, blah. 

Feel I am gearing up for my "special lady time," and I am sure it isn't helping.

Not quite sure why I am venting here, but it's been a while, and I figure some of you need a laugh.  ;-)

Okay, hope you all are well.  Take Sabrina's advice.  Watch out for the hidden clearance items among the regular stuff. 

And, yeah, I would have still bought them at 20% off, but gah!  Be more CLEAR, people.

Talk soon, you all.

Boden USA