Sunday, July 12, 2009

TaDa! Post #200!!! (A.K.A. My First Giveaway!)

#1 thought of the day--I have somehow made it to my 200th post. Crazy. I hope I am still kicking for my 500th post. I think the only thing that would make me want to stop blogging is please stay away if you are a hater. ;)

#2 thought of the day--I am always amazed at the generosity of others...from the very start of this whole "blogging" thing, I noticed that people were more than willing to give away good advice, share secret deals, and mention when coveted items at or TJ Maxx or whatever are in stock. Then there is the whole "giveaway" phenomenon. Many wonderful bloggers happily give away awesome gifts to people who come to their site as a way of saying "thank you" for visiting. In that spirit, I am hosting my first giveaway, in celebration of these two thoughts of the day.

First, though, let's discuss what I have received in the past from winning giveaways. Wowza.

The very first giveaway I won was the Fashion Tape (shown on the left) from Gigiofca. I am such a spaz I forgot to check and see who won until three days after the contest was over. She still let me win...And can I just tell you? Fashion Tape is AMAZING. If you have a need to keep things up or keep things tidy, this is the stuff for you. It is the Fort Knox of tapes. VERY SECURE!

The second giveaway I won was by default, but I guess it counts, was the green flip-flop keychain (shown in the middle) from AppGal. I currently use this keychain for my summer fun...very lightweight and perfect just for a house key (esp. useful for all the walks I take). BTW, AppGal is so friendly she even included a fun magnet!

The third giveaway I won I didn't technically win(someone else did), but because I mentioned that I would give my library at school the book if I won, Patina Cabachon went ahead and bought a SECOND book just for my school's library (which they ADORED, by the way). (The book is on the right.)

So thank you, awesome ladies...

And so I thought I was done winning, I mean, that is three in a row...but then...

I won a BEAUTIFUL bag and wallet from Tres Tippy. Look at this! It is lightweight, fun, and colorful and by Le Sportsac. It is possibly the most "dinagideon" bag I have ever seen. Perfection. And I won it!!!

So thank you, Ms. Tres Tippy!

So here are my TWO sets of prizes...

Okay, they are nowhere in the vein of cool or awesome the way the four prizes I was lucky enough to win...but they are J. Crew socks (which I LOVE) and there are two sets of them (one set per 100 posts). If you love J. Crew socks, then this is the giveaway for you...

If you are like me, you will have to wait to wear socks (I only wear sandals and flip-flops in the summer), but I know for a fact they are perfect for fall.

Here is the kind of boring bit so you can enter:

Two winners will be selected by

The first winner picks the set of socks (seen above) she or he wants and the 2nd winner gets the 2nd set.

To enter this giveaway for the socks-PLEASE:

1. Tell me one thing you love about summer clothing.

2. Tell me one piece of clothing you most look forward to wearing this fall (and if you want, use items from the J. Crew fall look-book, I would love to hear what you love in the look-book).

3. Please remember to sign on with your blogger or whatever account name, so I can contact you if need be. If you sign as Anon, you must leave a name in your post or it will be deleted.

4. Entries accepted for through Wednesday, July 15, 2009, 11:59 PM EST. Entries made after that time will be deleted.

5. Winner will be selected by

6. I will create a post on Thursday, July 16, 2009, announcing the winners. At that time, I will ask the winners to e-mail me and whoever gets to me first gets first pick!

GOOD LUCK...and most of all...THANK YOU FOR READING!


GingerSnap said...

I am so excited for your giveaway!! (1) my favorite thing to wear in the summer are dresses! They are easy, cool and effortless :) For fall (2) I am looking forward to getting a blazer to wear to work, over jeans & a tee, etc. I haven't seen one that's "perfect" yet (mostly because I KNOW I have to get petite sizes) so hopefully J.Crew will come through for me!

AppGal said...

ooh ooh! I love fun socks! I used to have "fun sock day" every week in college where my roomie and i would wear our craziest, most colorful socks :)

1-my favorite thing to wear in the summer is, duh, knit dresses. they have to be the fun, flowy, jersey material though. i know you know what i mean ;)

2-I am really looking forward to wearing CORDS this fall! They are my fall staple, and I am eying the cord pencil skirt in pecan or aubergine (how to choose?!)

Jemma said...

Hi Dina, I just wanted to pop by and say thanks for the tip on the goldwyn dress. I didn't order it yet because I need some advice from someone who has actually seen it IRL! Let me know how it is when you get it! By the way, I will not enter your giveaway because if I win shipping will cost more than the socks :-( but my favorite thing to wear in the summer is my bathing suit because I love being at the beach and for fall, I still wear summer clothes here, but what I love about fall in Europe and the USA are wearing skirts, tights and tall boots. Happy 200th post (cheers!)

Megan said...

My favorite thing to wear in Summer are dresses. For fall, I look forward to layers - jackets and cardigans.

Tweetle Beetle said...

I love fun socks! (1) My favorite thing to wear in the summer are skirts and tees with flip flops (2) For fall, I am most looking forward to wearing matchstick cords. I love, love cords because they remind me of fall. I am also looking forward to wearing the sweaters I bought on sale this summer from last fall! ha ha

Melissa@AllThingsSimplified said...

Hi Dina! What a cute are so thoughtful! :) I'm not entering, but did want to stop by and say thanks for posting the link to the Sparkle Rose tee on JCA. I really think it's cute and already placed my order. :) Have a beautiful evening!

Summerilla said...

Yay! Fun giveaway! Congrats on the 200th post.

1. My favorite thing about summer clothing is summer dresses, I just love how airy and comfortable they are. I also love how quickly you can throw one on and dress it up.

2. I'm really looking forward to their suiting pieces. I've always loved them but finally have a reason to start buying them.

HeidiG said...

2oo posts - YAY!

1 - favorite thing for summer - dresses, definitely!

2 - fall - looking forward to sweaters!

Betsy said...

Congrats on the 200 mark!

My favorite things for summer are the dresses and flip flops (of course!). My favorite thing about the fall is layering with sweaters and blazers and also wearing boots over jeans. We're starting to get in some of the new fall pieces in the store and it's getting me excited for fall!

Julia said...

Oh gosh!!! Socks! You have no idea how excited I am :) I may wear lots of neutrals and plain clothes, but my socks are out of control!

#1. My favorite thing to wear in summer is sandals of all kinds! It's so fun to paint your toes wild colors and be as close to barefoot as socially acceptable!

#2. I'm looking forward to fall so that I can wear just seems more put together! I have literally 17 JCrew cardigans (yes, I counted). Also, boots.

Tina Z said...

Yay! I love J Crew socks myself, great giveaway! I love that summer clothing lets you breathe. This means dresses and skirts. For fall I'm looking forward to wearing my yellow Maggie jacket from last year, brown Tenley boots snagged from JCA Monday swap, and some v-neck sweaters. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Happy Summer!

1--My favorite thing...swimming outside.
2--I am moving to a warm climate so fall is not in the cards! My dream would be to never wear a winter coat again! But if I have too say...I like cute corduroy caps.


ashley said...

wowy! happy #200th post! im about to do mine today and was soo thinking of the giveaway deal but i can't think of what prize to give! but anywho you definitely have a lucky bug in you!!

for my entry:
1. my fav thing about summer clothing is that it tends to be so lightweight, has fun bright colors, and shows skin!
2. im looking forward to fall so i can wear last years maggie double serge. i ordered it during winter and never got a chance to wear it! :)

Kat said...

Hi Dina! Congrats on your 200th post! I'm so excited that you're giving away J.Crew socks...they are my absolute favorites!

1. Favorite thing to wear in the Summer - my Rainbow flip flops!

2. Looking forward to Fall to wear - my sweet potato wool herringbone Fiona!

Christina said...

So excited for your giveaway!!! 1) I looove wearing dresses in the summer. That's all I wear 2) I'm looking forward to wearing my jeans with a T-shirt and blazer. Great casual outfit.

Kristin said...

I will try!

1) For summer I love not having to wear a jacket to go out! And I love being able to just throw on some flip flops or sandals, I don't need to worry about if my feet are warm.

2) For fall, I'm looking for an argyle sweater.

Anna said...

this summer i have LOVED wearing dresses everyday (i see i'm not the only one!) and for fall i am most excited about dressing for football games...i get to be super creative with my closet!

thanks so much for the giveaway :)

Cloggsy said...

tee hee hee, I see orange envelopes in the first picture. I wonder where they could be from?!!

1. Summer clothing - love that everything folds up smaller in a suitcase! Yep, I have England on the brain!

2. Totally looking forward to slipping back into some seven jeans. Not a J.Crew item, but totally a solid in my closet!

Queen B. said...

You have won some great stuff indeed.
1. My all time FAVORITE thing to wear are SUMMER DRESSES.

2. I'm looking forward to wearing skinny jeans in the fall. WITH SOME CUTE JCREW SOCKS :)

Tippy said...

Yay congrats on your 200th post! These socks are so cute...
1. One thing I love about summer clothing are knit dresses. They are so comfy and can be dressed up or down!
2. What I love most about Fall are the blazers! I have a collection of Bella jackets, Lexingtons, velvet bellas, etc and I'm looking forward to this year's Schoolboy wool jacket.

Julia said...

I still remember when I was required to wear really ugly scrubs as a med student working at the hospital. It always cheered me up to wear cool, crazy socks with my ugly scrubs!

1. My favorite thing to wear in the summer is light cardigans. I wear cardigans all the time because I'm always cold. (It's a little ridiculous. I won't tell you how many cardigans I own.)
2. The thing I most look forward to wearing in the fall are my . . . thicker cardigans! Including my Jcrew library shawl cardigan. (Yes, I own too many cardigans.)

Milly said...

cute socks...Enter me please

1)Summer: open toe feet get to breathe lol can show my cute pedi

2)Fall: Boots....keep my feet warm and cozy

I just love shoes :)

Rachel (Cha Ching Queen) said...

Thanks for offering this contest. Hope we win.

I love wearing sandals in the summer and boots in the fall.

cha ching queen

Beth said...

Fav thing in summer...thin crew neck t-shirts and cute denim skirts with Reef flips and a pony tail.

Fall- Looking forward to wearing my jeans again..and maybe some JCrew Cardis....and cords in sea salt..or whatever the white color is.

Fun sock give away...good luck to me!

I think I'll do one soon too....neat idea.