Monday, January 9, 2012

Mommy Style Monday #25: I Can Use That While Pregnant. Score!

Hi, all!  Welcome to Mommy Style Monday #25!  Before I begin, I want to use the natural segue that the number 25 gives me to remind you all that I am running a Boden $25 gift card giveaway.  :)  The info and more appear at my last post (scroll to the bottom if you want to just enter and be done, lol).

Okay, back to the bid-ness of being an expectant momma.  I LOVE love maternity clothing, don't get me wrong, but (and I can't be alone here) I will often find myself salivating over beautiful bits of clothing that are most definitely not maternity clothing whilst pregnant.  I often just walk away (unless it is something I am sure I can wear after I give birth), but in the case of certain kinds of tops and dresses, I know I can make them work, even when really "full" of child, the way I am and have been for a month or so AND will be for another three months (yeek!).

I had the chance to find and wear two non-maternity pieces right around Christmas.  The one caveat with both is that both were fairly inexpensive for what they were.  I am not about to spend hundreds of dollars on a designer Milly dress while I am unsure of where my waistline used to be located.  Milly can wait (unless I find her at a consignment shop).

Exhibit A: Nanette Lepore Silk Tunic Blouse with Purple Floral Pattern, Size 4.  Size 4!  The key to this top is that it is very blousy by nature.  Even on my body with belly, it flowed nicely over the bump and fit just fine through the shoulders and bust.  That is important...only buy flowy if it fits your shoulders and bust.  I have MANY maternity tops and non-maternity flowy tops that look really bad on me BECAUSE THEY DON'T FIT ANY PART of me except my belly.  For the best look during your fecund times, always fit your non-expanding parts first and then judge if they will work with your growing waistline.

This top was only $60 at Mint Condition.  It is a steep price, but for Nannette Lepore, I have read that is a decent discount.  This top was in perfect shape, I am not even sure the person wore it before they consigned it.  :)  The top will also work non-pregnant, and I do look forward to wearing it in the future as well.

We were off to have Christmas Eve dinner with my dad and stepmom, so Rex is wearing red and green, in the form of Boden's tee with a drumming owl.  LOL. 

Mr. Dina said I wasn't nearly festive enough in grey and purple.  Whatever.  Purple is so a Christmas color, if you're Catholic.

From the side.  I think Rex is introducing his stuffed pillow thing to my bump.  "Hello, Gus."

You can see how well this top accommodates the belly, in fact, I think I will be able to wear it for a month or two longer.  It is unlikely the last month it will fit, but I will try!  (Anyway I can wear gorgeous, yummy, soft silk, I will try!)

I added a grey blazer (also found at Mint Condition, J. Crew Herringbone Ryder Jacket, Size 6, I also own a red version).  The reason I bought the grey blazer?  (Well, besides the fact that I have one and LURRVE it?)  The popped collar has a purple tie repp backing that exactly matches the top.  ;)

The pants are from France (Pomkin) and the shoes are from Anthro (Plenty by Tracy Reese Felt Almond).

CW is in a custom made gingerbread dress with  her "tiger leggings."  Hee.

Close-up of the fabric.  Yum.  So touchable.  The necklace is from J. Crew, circa early 2008.  Mr. Dina HATES this necklace.  I still own it.  Obviously I care what Mr. Dina thinks.  ;)

Totally not important to the gist of this post, but OMG, isn't the stocking that my parents made for little Gus ADORABLE?  So teeny!

Exhibit B: Target Exhiliration Navy Blue Sequined Blouson Top, Size Small.  I saw this when out shopping with CW one night and was drawn to it, like the momma-to-be magpie that I am.  This top was also only $20 and perfect for fun nights out where you want be casual but kind of want to bring the bling, too, ya know?  I figured I could wear it, but I KNEW it would be far too short with my belly hanging out like some sort of classless Hollywood wannabe momma-to-be (I shouldn't judge, I know).  So I needed a solution.  Well, further back in the store, I spied the exact same shade maternity tank in the Liz Lange for Target section. a hamster running on its wheel, my creaky pregnant brain started to go in overdrive.

Yes, this is how I made it work.  I put the longer fitted tank under the spangled ridiculousness that is the Xhiliration top and it completely worked.  In fact, I wore this to a New Year's Eve party with other moms and moms-to-be, and it was really fun to share how I crafted this maternity top.  And for a relatively low cost too.  (The tank was only $12!)

Anyone want to guess what CW is looking at?  I have not a clue.

I adore this shot.  LOVE!  :)

The pants I am wearing are the ubiquitous Duo Maternity (J.C. Penney), whose line has definitely helped me get through all three pregnancies with relative ease.  The shoes are the Satin Ballet Flats from J. Crew a few years ago.  The necklace and headband are also J. Crew, but for all my polyvore hunting are in-store only pieces (headband a few years ago and necklace this Christmas).

CW is in a collection of Wal-Mart and Target.  She loves silver and black together.  That's my little fashionista!

Hands on hips.  And tongue on upper lip.  ;)

Okay, that's all for tonight!  Remember, pregnant ladies, go out there and think a bit outside the "pregnant clothing only" box.  Just remember fit the shoulders and bust, then belly.  Also, too short?  Think layers.  Easy!

Night, night!