Tuesday, April 10, 2012

OOTD: Twofer for Easter.

Easter OOTD.

Want to see this outfit IRL? Look below! ;)

UPDATE 10:21 pm: I am fully capable of reading directions, hand on heart, but I missed a BIG part of my update at 8:10 pm by NOT reading the directions of the e-mail from my affiliate properly.  Blah.

Here are the FULL DETAILS:
Starting tomorrow (that would be 04/11/12, I assume at midnight in less than two hours from now), for 24-hours only receive an extra 10% off mid-season sale items at Bodenusa.com!


So, from midnight to midnight, enjoy your (extra sale) shopping.  ;)

UPDATE 8:10 pm:

Just received word that Boden is adding an additional 10% to all mid-season sale items, which means some of the items are quite a good deal. I don't have the ability to link to last wednesday's all sale info review roundup, but I mentioned the very best deals over there.

I did receive a direct link from the affiliate, which is below (remember, if it doesn't directly take an additional 10% off, use code XTEN in the code box on the shopping bag page).

24-Hour sale! Shop Bodenusa.com and receive an extra 10% off mid-season sale items. Hurry, while supplies last!

Also, there is a double post below because my smart phone is kind of stupid. LOL.

Hey, all! I am not quite 100% back in the saddle, so to speak, but I am feeling a bit closer to normal, and to celebrate that, AND the fact that Angus is actually asleep for a few hours this afternoon, I figured now is better than later in publishing my first postpartum outfits...

I have some outfits of the day from before this last Sunday (Easter), but I am saving all of those for a Mommy Style Monday on dressing your early (and very sore) postpartum body. It literally took me until Easter to really, TRULY desire any real sort of dress up.

And continuing with that theme, I actually dressed up last night, too, but that is for a different post.

Easter Sunday was so delightful on many different levels. For one, it was exactly two weeks from when Angus was born. Two, because it was Easter Sunday, I was thrilled that I was feeling up to getting myself and my newborn to mass (we did go to the earliest mass possible to avoid tons and tons of people, though, this postpartum, weepy, emotional momma cannot deal with the drama of a gazillion people at church breathing on her newborn). Three, it was so pretty out...the right temperature and super sunny. I even got to get a little vitamin D for both Angus and me (we are a bit sun-deprived, not a whole lot of it in the bed with the curtains closed).

(BTW, for you Catholics out there who read my blog, Angus was born on the Annunciation of the Lord. I had forgotten that March 25 was that day. I wanted to see which saint's feast day was on his birthday, and when I discovered that is was the Annunciation instead of a saint, I was thrilled. For those of you who have no clue what I am talking about, check out this site for more.)

Okay, onto the Easter best. First five shots are of the Easter outfits for church and the last two are of the more casual dressy outfits for Easter dinner at my dad's.

Cardigan: J. Crew.  I pull this light purple one out especially around the Lenten and Easter time.  Color is utterly perfect for the season.
Dress: Boden Limited Edition, Evie Dress.  I will do a more detailed review in the Boden Weekly Review Roundup tomorrow (first "real" one in a while), but until then, let's just say that jersey silk fabric combined with pretty colors in the right size and shape does A WHOLE LOT to buoy the spirits of a woman who still has scars and extra weight and even just a tiny little bit of pain.  I totally heart this dress.  (Oh, Boden babes, there is something funky going down with my coupon code in my sidebar...and I cannot find a decent replacement, and for that I am truly sorry.  The big mid-season sale is still going on, but as of right now there is NO WAY for me to get you all access to free shipping and returns.  Which is a big bummer!  If any of you have a code you can share, would you drop it in the comments?)
Shoes: J. Crew Greta Suede Wedges.
Necklace: J. Crew.

CW is hamming it up in a Just Ducky designs dress and top, and a pair of Miss Trish of Capri for Target sandals.

Speaking of Miss CW hamming it up..here we find her doing her best "hands on hips..."

and here she is doing her best arms down and "smile!"  :)

OMG.  This photo.  After service, I THOUGHT it would be a good idea to get a shot of all of us in our finest.  And God bless my brother, he totally tried to be the best photographer.  Do you see Mr. Monkey in the tree?  Yeah, he wasn't having it...in fact, Mr. Dina and CW walked away for five whole minutes to see if Rex would come back down from his "no photos moratorium..."

And he had.  To then close his eyes.  Le sigh.  LOL.  This photo is marginally better and I actually want to frame it because it shows how even with the best efforts things just don't always work out as planned but can still be wonderfully lovely (CW and Rex have the same smile for instance, and I love that they are holding my hands just so, and I smile at Angus looking at his daddy while his little tiny knitted cap falls off).

The coat I am wearing is the Spring Trench from Boden, btw, and I did a review a while back.  CW has on a darling little cashmere cardigan from Garnet Hill that was $29 on super sale.  Even on super sale, I still bought it two sizes too big, I want that garment to last her a long time.

For dinner, I wanted to be more comfortable, and I needed a dress that I could potentially finagle the collar down for nursing (if need be, and of course, the need be was a reality).

Dress: Garnet Hill.  Been wearing a lot of Garnet Hill jersey lately.  Seriously so soft.
Shoes: J. Crew Greta Suede Wedges.  (Also worn to mass.)
Necklace: J. Crew.

Close up of us right before leaving.  We did put booties and a hat on Angus before going (just in case anyone was worried!).  He had "smiled" right before this shot was taken, but of course the camera's delay made it look like a grimace.  :)

Okay, that's all...you have a fabulous Tuesday!!!

P.S. If you are a Boden fan and you have a recent review that you might think I have missed (from the past few weeks or so) and would like to have included in tomorrow's roundup, would you mind terribly either sticking the link in the comment section and/or e-mailing me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com?  I did see the one or two that came up today, but I definitely have been a bit occupied and may have missed some from earlier.  THANK YOU!