Saturday, December 20, 2014

Boden Reviews: Beatrice, Eliza, and Isla.

Today's reviews will be in this order: Beatrice Dress, Eliza Coat, and the Isla Dress.  I purchased the Eliza Coat way back in preview, and reviewed it here when it came to me.  It has only recently gotten chilly enough to justify wearing it, but I have worn it three times this week alone, so yay for that.  :-)  (Still hate cold!)  The Beatrice Dress and the Isla Dress are both very recent purchases, bought when Boden was having a good sale or another (can't remember if it was the dresses sale or if it was the Black Friday sale, I am 100% sure the Isla Dress was purchased during the Black Friday sale, though, since I was only able to buy it after receiving a $50 gift card from my mother- and father-in-law).

I am partially doing these reviews as a way to tip my toes back in the water of blog writing after my recent loss, but also because I know that the big end of season sale has moved into second cuts and I am sure some of you really want to see some of these items on someone already.  ;-)

FWIW, the Beatrice Dress is 60% off (very good price for what you receive), the Isla Dress is a mere 20% off (except the beetroot check which is 40% off), and the Eliza Coat is 30% off (that's a good price, the coat is gorgeous in real life).

Beatrice Dress (here at Boden).  I chose to purchase a 6 Long as it seemed to have enough of a bell to its skirt to make that my choice rather than an 8 Long which I will sometimes purchase if a skirt is more straight on a dress.  I was nearly right, it is a slight bell, but it is definitely not as full as I thought it might be.

Regardless it fits well.  The top half is a touch long in the bodice, but this is the case with nearly every dress I own, so bear that in mind, as most of you are not super short through your torso.

The length on the dress is awesome, though, hitting right where I like my skirts to hit, mid-kneecap.

If you look closely you can see that there are two pleated tucks in the waistband of the skirt.  It's fine, but I would prefer that Boden consider a different application in the future.  They always want to do this, but a lot of women can't wear that well.  I felt the need to stand very straight in order to keep this dress from poufing out.  I think a pretty gather there would be a better choice (where the skirt front is a bit more full at the bottom to compensate for it).  Or if they really want a more straight silhouette, just go with a couple of darts at the waistband.

BTW, no pockets.  Boo!  It is easy enough to add them, but that is for the future. 

The material is amazing, a lovely mid-weight brocade polyester.  The florals are all woven into the fabric, but well done, and even though it comes with a delicate care tag, I didn't feel like I was going to pull the threads out at any point in the evening (I wore it to my kids' Christmas Pageant at the church).

The back features a back zip!  Hurray!  The bodice is fitted, so while I *can* zip it up with a bit of a struggle, it is helpful to have someone else help.  Just letting you all know.

The pleated detail on the front does NOT extend to the back, thank goodness.

I hadn't even noticed the back of the sleeve until I was editing these photos, but there is a cuff placket detail back there.  That takes work and care, and that bit of tailoring you rarely see anymore.  I did the same effect on a dress I sewed up recently, and I appreciate that Boden still adds these features.

Beatrice Dress
Beatrice Dress.  Not really selling out in the color I chose, but the other colors appear more popular.

Eliza Coat (here at Boden).  I rarely ever purchase a size 8 in coats from Boden, but this season I had to buy two that size (I usually wear a size 6 in their coats).  I think they narrowed the shoulders and waist on their coats, and normally that is where I am smallest, so keep that in mind if you choose to buy this one.

I think you can tell this is a good fit on me and it is over just the dress and some tights.   I think it is meant to be a traditional ladies coat, one worn out for dressier events, so I don't think the intent was that we should wear it out over thick sweaters and pants.  (I did wear it over a thin sweater, though, no problem.)

Buttoned up you can see how its buttons look.  It does look like I have properly buttoned them up, but they are actually snaps with a fake button front.  I like snaps, but I have read a few reviews where the reviewer questioned the choice.  My son did spend a lot of this week (I taught his class while his teacher is away) popping my buttons at recess (he was "line leader"), but whatever, I just snapped it right back.

Side view you can see the placket and how it features snaps.  The pocket is so pretty, I love the slanted welt detailing.  Those pockets are deep, btw, great for when you absolutely need them to keep your hands warm (definitely the case yesterday).

Back view is very simple and you can see that they chose a raglan sleeve.  The silhouette was very popular in the mid-60s, so I think they made the right choices for the look they wanted to achieve.

Like a dummy I forgot to clip that vent.  I always do that, lol.

Eliza Coat 
Eliza Coat. The Eliza coat is popular, but not selling out.  I think the sizing issue is a big deal.  Remember to size up.

Isla Dress (here at Boden).  Since I already own the Amy Dress (that review here), and this dress is exactly the same but in a woolen check fabric from Moon, I knew that the same size would be the right call for me.  And it was, the 6 L fits the same way the Amy Dress fits, and if I am being very honest, I think the Isla dress may fit me even better!  (The bodice seems less troublesome on this dress, which may ultimately come down to how it was cut in the factory.)

The length is like the Amy Dress and the Beatrice Dress, exactly right for my frame.  Mid-kneecap is my favorite and am thrilled that the Isla dress in this shade popped back in my size over the Thanksgiving weekend when I could get it on a discount and with a gift card in my pocket.  (Yes!)

I had intentions of sewing this up for myself, but after calculating amounts, and adding in the gift card, the type of wool, etc., I knew that the price I paid out of my own pocket was less than making it for myself.  That doesn't mean I don't want to try, but I will save that for next fall and winter.  ;-)

Same side view as I get on the Amy dress, but you can see that the bodice fits me a touch better here on this one.

The checks are nicely aligned, it is difficult to match plaids, especially on the bias and at the side seams (the skirt is placed on the bias).

The sleeves are not 100% aligned on the same plaid, but it doesn't look bad, so I am good.

The back really shows the craftsmanship.  Here you see how the back seam is perfect, with the plaid on either side exactly matching up in the middle.  Bravo, Boden.  There is also a zip there, and that, too, is nearly invisible.

You can tell (kind of) that the lighter stripe is a pale pink, the same shade as the Eliza cot.  The blue is actually more teal in real life, and the grey is a mid-color grey.  All around very beautiful plaid and a bit unusual.

My hubby said I looked like a Catholic school girl.  LOL.  Good thing I was teaching in one yesterday when I wore this.

Love how full this skirt is, and fully lined for protection of the wool fabric and for ease of wear with items like tights.

The wool is very soft to the touch.  I kept stroking it yesterday.  It is not itchy at all.  Definitely consider it if you are wary of wool because of the itch factor.

The shoes, btw, are the Low Heeled Loafer (review here), and suited the occasion of teaching well.  I felt fine in them all day.

Whole ensemble together.  I love this ladylike look.

Isla Dress
Isla Dress.  Very popular.  If your size pops back and you like it, I recommend grabbing it.  This dress sold well this season.

Okay, that's it!  Have any of you tried these items?

The sale banner below says "up to 50% off," but it is actually "up to 60% off."