Friday, December 19, 2014

Boden: Sale is Now Up to 60% Off!

Now for news that most of you know by now...Boden has reduced prices even further (called second cuts!).  There is a lot of items reduced to very nice prices indeed, including many of my favorites, like all those darn cute dresses from this season.  (Visit my Boden Weekly Review Roundups for more on those, but definitely come by tomorrow morning for reviews on the Isla dress*, Beatrice Dress, and the Eliza coat.  I have actually reviewed the Eliza coat before, but it is only recently that our weather has gotten cold enough to justify actually wearing it out in public.

*I know I said I would sew up a version of the Isla dress instead, but I was gifted a $50 gift card on the weekend of the big Black Friday sale and so I ended up getting the one I wanted, in my size, for a lot less money than it would have cost to buy the fabric to make one myself.  But maybe I will still give it a try some other year in the future, especially now that I have one I can use to help me draft a pattern from.

I did see that a few items were reduced to 70% off, which is the lowest Boden will normally go, outside of that one or two weekends a year where they go crazy and reduce everything to super low levels (bound to be in January knowing what they have done before).

Okay, so that's it for me until tomorrow when I post the in real life reviews of the three items mentioned above.

I hope all of you are well.  I am hanging on and in there.  (For more on what's going on in my life since my last post go to the bottom of this post.)

Link to sale here:
Shop Boden's Winter Sale with Up to 60% Off EVERYTHING

So regarding my friend's got worse before I started to feel better.  I spent most of Sunday crying and while I had to keep it together at school from Monday-today, the beginning of the week was met with me tearing up while at school, which was very hard to swallow down.  I definitely stopped crying at school but it wasn't until I had a friend hug me real tight on Wednesday while I was sobbing that I felt better.  I am surprised that is what it took, but it worked.  She just met my pain with her own experience of depression and let me know she would be there for me. 

I want to thank all of you who came out of the woodwork to hold my hand virtually in my last post.  I really needed all of your support and your echoes of "YOU ARE NOT WRONG" to feel the way I have been feeling.  The more time I spend thinking about our relationship, the more I realize that even if no one else knew how close we were, the fact is WE WERE close, and ultimately I am going to react the way I react, regardless if anyone *knew* our friendship was there and viable. 

His funeral is tomorrow, and as some of you are putting together, that is the date we were supposed to hike together.  So that made me head into a separate tailspin apart from the initial "he's dead and I will never see or talk to him again" tailspin. 

I don't really have much motivation for anything, and I am sure most of that is because I am suffering from the loss of him, but I do know that subbing non-stop for second-graders the week before Christmas is not likely to make me really motivated to do much.  I hope that with sleep (very much lacking, it is hard to sleep right now) and rest I can get motivated to be the sewing, reviewing, blog person I enjoy being.  I'll know better by next week. 

So day by day and hour by hour and sometimes moment by moment, I am very much moving forward.  I guess that is what I can do now.

I do have plans to see a therapist, and I know that will help.  For those of you that have reached out to me with emails, I will email you soon, I definitely need to talk with others who have gone through this.

Okay, {{hugs}}, and thank you, again.