Friday, July 24, 2015

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Back with Clearance Goodies.

Hey, all.  I am really excited that I was picked up by the new Boden affiliate program.  As you know, back in June the program I was part of was dropped by Boden as their affiliate provider, and I was stuck in a position of not knowing if Boden would bother with a new affiliate program or if they had plans on trying a different type of marketing venture.  Eventually I saw they did decide on a new program, and of course I immediately applied.  Knowing I am SUPER small change compared to websites like Ebates and Retail Me Not, I figured it was possible my blog wouldn't be chosen to continue as an affiliate, but no more than a week after applying, I was accepted into the Boden program at the new affiliate.  I have spent the last few weeks figuring out how it all works (it's a bit different than the last affiliate group) but I think I have it figured out enough to attempt my first official Boden Weekly Review Roundup since starting with this new group.  Please do let me know if any of the links don't work, etc.  (The links DON'T work, grr.  They go to the main page, which is fine if you know the name and want to put it in the search bar, but I like to have the items go directly to the product page.  Let me email them on Monday about this and see what they say--they may not even realize this is happening. For now, enjoy the pretty pictures, at least.)

Some things to note:

1. The free returns label seems to be a mythical unicorn, appearing every once in a while to the most fortunate, but for most of us, the appearances are definitely gone.  They apparently are sending them right now (or so the coupon says, but every one I have received, even after using the coupon have been with the $7 return fee attached).

I don't mind paying $7 and packaging everything in one big package, but I have been concerned about doing that since last winter one of my dresses didn't ever get properly returned when it was in a parcel with another item.  Eek.  That was a big mistake on their part since I know the dress was in that package.  I think I will make sure to photograph all items before I package them (with their return paperwork on top) and then send them all together.  That way if any item goes missing, at least I have some proof.  :-)

2. The affiliate has a coupon for all new arrivals (current season stuff) for 15% off with free shipping (over $49).  This does not work on the clearance stuff, which is the focus for today's BWRR.  The free shipping does, though, so if your total is more than $49, the coupon will work to get you free shipping.

(I am writing up a current season BWRR next week, so if you have any reviews for new stuff, OR you have clearance reviews, you can send them to me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com or you can put it in the Reviews tab, too, if you feel so inclined.)

3. Unless I specifically have permission from someone to use their posts or photos for the roundup (or it's a celebrity or public personality), I won't link to them here, but the #bodenbyme tag on Instagram is always public.  There are always lots of cute looks with current and past Boden items uploaded daily.  I try to check it out once or twice a day.

If you want to be one of my regular contributors, meaning you don't have to email me every time I have a BWRR, go ahead and let me know.  The more the merrier!

Okay, onto the roundup!

Joanna Dress. Size 6 Long.  I wasn't sure if I wanted this in the 6 or 8, but seeing some suggested sizing down, I decided to do so (especially since I read it was a-line shaped).  It does fit close, it skims my curves, but doesn't grip them.  The length is so short, you all.  I mean, it's great for summer, but I don't think I could wear this teaching next year.  It's okay, it will have moments to play otherwise.

It has princess seams, which I wasn't expecting, for shaping, and that is how the nice curve is achieved.  Most knitwear relies on the stretch of the material to work around curves, but having proper seaming really does achieve a great fit.  It was hard getting used to the serged seams right on the middle part of my thighs since I don't normally experience seaming there, but I eventually didn't even feel them.

The collar/neckline is awesome.  It is made so well, tacked down with beautiful stitching, and with a pretty bit of binding for contrast.  This dress is tailored to perfection.  It is an old school Boden way of doing things--keep this up, you all.  :-)

The print was called "too girly" by one reviewer here in the States, and I can see how the ditsy floral print could read that way, but keeping the accessories simple and chic (I only wore sunglasses and sandals), it just looked "youthful" versus "juvenile."  I am the queen of wearing things too girly, and so I knew I would have to keep it in check.

The material is pretty thick.  It actually reminds me a lot of the rugby shirts that were popular in the mid-90s (I had a few of those).  The stretch is minimal (hence the reason for the princess seaming), but it still has give, so if you have a pear shape, you probably can size down.  The measurements on the site show that this size are exactly the same as my actual hip measurement (39.5" at the hip--in my case, where my hip bone protrudes) and the sweep at the hem is significantly wider, so I knew with even a little bit of stretch it would work over my curves fine.  The bust has extra room for me, but I am not 37" there, so that didn't surprise me, obviously.

I like the view from the back.  You all know that's really my test on whether I should keep it or not.  ;-)


Joanna Dress. This one is super popular, and is selling well in both colors and all sizes.  The items do pop back.  Remember to go with a long if you need something more modest if you are shorter.  Tall ladies, we have to deal with it being above the knee by a bit even in the longer length.

Yep, my ice cream matches my guard.  It was intentional.
Rash Guard and Selina Sunglasses. Size 6.  Original Review of the guard here and the sunglasses here, lots of additional info for both at those posts.  I have worn this guard a few times this summer, including to Kings Dominion on Wednesday (when the photo above was taken), and to the pool/splash park yesterday.  It really did a whole bunch of things right.  It kept the sun from baking my poor pale skin, while also keeping me warm in water that is a touch too cold (pools will sometimes feel so cool compared to the super hot humid heat we have in our air here).

Rash Guard and Selina Sunglasses.  This color is very popular and some of the sizes are low stock right now.  Worth the money.  :-)  The sunglasses are far from selling out.

Casual Jersey Dress. Size 8 Long.  This is the only dress I vacillate in sizing, as both the 6 Long, 6 Regular, 8 Long, and 8 Regular all fit just fine.  I only have them in longs, but that is a mistake on my part.  I wanted to buy this one in a size 8 regular, but spaced when ordering.  Next year I will grab the 8 regular (if it is a lighter shade) or a 6 regular (if it is a darker shade).  I like the length, but I think I will be willing to wear it a bit shorter since the longs run really long.

My original review of this dress in the 8 L from last year is here.  My review of this dress in the 6 L from last year is here.

I loved this print (very midcentury modern) last year when it was issued in green and in a pretty little sundress.  When I saw they had this sherbert shade, I knew I wanted it, but not enough to buy it early in the season.  Instead I waited until they had the clearance sale plus 10% off dresses and tops in clearance, and bought it then.

The length seems a touch shorter than last year's but it's still plenty long, hitting right below my knee.  If you are a very tall woman (say 5'11 or taller), you'll love this one for your frame, though the empire line may hit too high, since Boden seems to make tall sizes for woman shaped like I am--short in torso, longer in leg.  (I am 5'8" with the torso of someone 5'4" and the legs of someone 5'10").

Little bit of bunching at the back, not uncommon on me, unfortunately.  I also notice you can see some wrinkling from the camisole, this is partly why I chose the larger size for the lighter shade, these things are so much more visible in lighter garments.

The color is true to screen, a pretty orange of the creamsicle variety.  (Or Tang.)

The jersey is soft and stretchy, but has a good amount of recovery so it doesn't get baggy or saggy.

You do need to make sure you suck your gut in while wearing this one since the skirt is cut closer to the frame.  Just keep that in mind if you want this dress.  :-)


Casual Jersey Dress.  The stocks are great for this color.  If you don't need it now, you can probably wait.  Other colors are definitely nearly sold out, though.

Bistro Shorts. Size 10 Long.  These suckers are super long.  They are nearly Bermuda length, which is not what the longs were last year.  I don't know why the folks at Boden went shorter with petite and regular but overcompensated with the long lengths.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I like them, but I would have liked them just as much with a 7-inch inseam.  The width on the waist is rather large, too, I can stuff a full fanny pack in the inside of my waistband, if I so chose, lol.  (Fanny pack, dear British friends, is this, not referring to "that" fanny.)  Hips are perfect for me, though, so I'll live with a bit extra at the waist.


Bistro Short.  Seems like this color is selling out, but they have been out for a while, too.  

Flower Applique TopLou dressed her navy/pink version up two ways, tucked and untucked.  It looks beautiful with her coloring.

Lily Skirt.  Lou has the baby blue version, while Lisa has the orange version.  Both look so nice on them.  (Makes me want one, but must not buy anymore skirts till I sell some.)

Cerys Dress.  This dress is heavenly for its versatility, as Lou pointed out in her post where she wears the aqua colored version.

Pretty Pleat Skirt.  A Pear to Remember wears hers in the red/navy colorway with a white button-up and nude sandals.  :-)

Elise Skirt and Summer Bloom Skirt.  A Pear to Remember goes very feminine for some summer outfits at this post.

Alice Flat.  Avril wore hers on the school run, fitting for her blog.  Of course.  ;-)  She also tried their sister pair (the heels) on for us at her sister's big Boden party (more on that amazing party below).

Lille Lace Up, Sienna Wedge Sandals, Espadrilles, Roma Heel, Vienne Point, Kirsten Heel, Shell Top, Ravello Top, Drapey Cross Front Top, Betty Top, Printed Kaftan Top, Tamara Jacket, Clio Top, Priscilla Top, Jersey Maxi Skirt, Cotton Dobby Scarf, Silver Circle Necklace, Selina Sunglasses, Lena Top, Amanda Jacket, and Frances Biker.  Avril was a champ and tried all these on for her blog.  Yay, you, Avril.  Thankyouverymuch.  ;-)

Cara Skirt.  Monica, living up to her blog's moniker, chose the exact right skirt.  Looks lovely!

Vintage Bow Dress.  The pastel plaids and darling bow suit Monica, very retro, indeed.  :-)

Flora Sandals. Lizzy wore these in silver recently.  Apparently these are the only thing she has bought from the Boden sale.  (That's willpower!)

Okay, I think that's it for now, but I definitely could have missed some posts due to how long it has been since I last did a BWRR.  Thanks again to all my blog friends for their great reviews/ootd combos.

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