Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Boden Reviews: A Swing and a Boucle.

I mentioned I would try and get a Boden Weekly Review Roundup done before Thursday night in this blog post, but because of some sewing related and school related deadlines, I can only offer up two of my own reviews.  So here they are, the Swing Tunic Dress and the Boucle Jacket.  Hopefully I get all the other work done soon and can get back on the BWRR train.  :-)

Swing Tunic. Size 6 L.  I was *this* close to purchasing a 4 L, but decided that I wanted the extra insurance of more room overall just in case this shrinks.  It is a lyocell/cotton blend, so though I usually don't have to worry about that blend shrinking as much as rayon jersey would, I don't want to lose length, as I really prefer wearing this as a dress and not a tunic.

The 6 long is perfect.  It hits right at four inches above my knee, but with tights on looks more than modest enough, provided I am not headed to church or teaching.  With leggings I can absolutely wear these to church or to teach.
I am very small up top (32B) and most of my weight is at my hips/upper thighs, which this dress hides very nicely.  I appreciate that it is cut slim through the upper chest and shoulders but widens out in a drastic a-line to the hem.  If you are the opposite shape to me, this may be a dress/tunic that won't work for you, but I wear those shift dresses that aren't supposed to work on my shape, so it's your call.  :-)

The pockets are fun, and are big enough to hold a phone.  

The side view shows that it is a bit dipped in the back which again, my body appreciates. 

I love this color, and am befuddled as to why this shade isn't selling.  It is a beautiful mid-blue/green color with a very subdued rectangular block print.

BTW, this tunic can be worn under a full skirt, like the Mollie Jacquard skirt, provided you purchase the skirt in a length longer than the hem of this tunic.  I purchased the 6 L, and it hits right above my knee, and fully covers the bottom half of the tunic.

I don't know if it is the way the dress was falling on me, or if it is intentionally patterned this way, but the back seems less full than the front.  I love the back view.  I am not normally a big fan of my back view.  LOL.

Swing Tunic.  Selling well in all shades, barring this one.  That said, the larger sizes are all gone in all colors. 

Boucle Jacket.  Size 6.  I knew I wanted this, after seeing how the reviewers went on and on about how soft it was, so if it had popped back in a 4, I would have gone for it.  Thankfully, it popped back in the 6, which is the best size for me.  The 4 would have fit, but I prefer the way this hangs in the larger size.  It is not meant to meet at the center front, btw.

The pockets are a bit small and a bit flimsy, but provided you don't use them for anything other than a key/id or your hands, they should be fine.

It hits at my mid-hip, which means for most of you, it will hit at your upper hip, since I have a short torso.  It shorter/boxier jackets don't suit you, this one probably won't work, either.  There is a the funnel neck coatigan, which is made from the same fabric, so if that shape works better, you can get the luscious boucle fabric there instead.

The seaming on this jacket may be why it is selling so well.  That center back seam is beautiful and different from most cardigan jackets out there.  There is also some pretty seaming using the same white rib knit fabric at the shoulders, too.

This is like the world's most casual Chanel jacket.  ;-)

This boucle knitted fabric is harder to find nowadays.  The boucle knitted fabric I own is scratchier and backed differently from this one, but let me tell you, finding any boucle knitted fabric with any wool in its content is near impossible.  So if you sew and you see a wool blend boucle knitted fabric come up for sale, buy it.  Trust me. 

This boucle is softer than the fabric I own probably because of the alpaca content.  Most of us who own it say it is soft, but I know that some of you would find it itchy, too.  Heck, I knew a lady who couldn't wear cashmere because it was too itchy, so soft does not equal wearability, necessarily.

Boucle Jacket.  This one is nearly sold out in the small sizes in the lighter color, but the navy shade is still fully available.

Okay, I hope these two reviews help some of you out there! 

You all have a great day!

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