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Boden: New Arrivals and Clearance Reviews. Plus Clearance Bummers.

Hi, all!  I started this post last weekend, but I made this dress instead of finishing the post.  Since its lines are really close to the Riva Jacquard Dress from this season's line, I am actually pretty stoked, since I have a few yards of very lovely solid colored ponte (and even a few solid-colored jacquard knits) that I can use to make up my own version of the Riva, instead of purchasing it.  Yah!

Okay, so the spring line dropped.  Clearly I waited to do a post on it, but I do know some of you have interest in my preorder/early orders, so the top part of my post is dedicated to that.  I really do love all I chose, but the sizing is a bit off in a couple, so I will make note of that for you all.  The affiliate program has a 15% off new arrivals coupon to use, and it is located at the middle of this post (below new arrivals reviews) and in the sidebar of the blog.  You must use code 3B3K to receive the 15% off.

Onto some bad news...the clearance section has become a FINAL sale section.  Phooey.  Thanks to kdot1990/Kristen (on Instagram here), I found out this unfortunate decision had been made by the powers that be at Boden.  I thought for sure people would be on fire, waving sticks, over at their Facebook page, but as of last check, I didn't see any.  Final sale is JUST ridiculous for those of us who don't have access to shops to try items on.  I mean, even in the UK, there are just a few Boden shops, so most of the ladies and gents and kids over there don't even have access to the shops either.  (And, get this, the UK site clearance items are NOT FINAL SALE.  GRRRR.)  Also--unlike a few years ago, their consistent sizing has been far less so.  The garment measurements help, but even after declaring that the Sally coat would be a touch loose on my lower hips based on the measurements provided, it wasn't.  I can wear it, and don't really love the way it looks closed, so I am good, but really, if I had gotten the size smaller for a more fitted look, AND had discovered it was final sale, I would be spitting nails!  Anyhow, caveat emptor. 

I have a few (now final) sale reviews at the bottom.  I only recommend purchasing in final sale if you really do have confidence that something will work for you.  (Kids clothing sells well on ebay, etc., so you probably will have better luck there if something doesn't work out. There is a 10% off final sale for them this weekend, btw.)   Knitwear and tees are probably okay, as that fabric is stretchy and if you are off a size, it usually will be okay.  Wovens, especially rayon wovens, yeah, NO.  Trust me.

Spring 2017 Reviews:
Rita Ruched Dress, Martha Top, Phoebe Jersey Dress, Sorrento Jersey Knit Dress, and Juliette T-Shirt.  Rita--size 8 Regular; Martha--6; Phoebe--6 Long; Sorrento--8 Long; Juliette--15-16.

Rita--Lovely print and pattern.  Very excited to wear this, and will likely wear it in real life very soon.  I am glad I went up to an 8, even though it is a stretchy knit (lyocell).  It is very figure hugging, and the bit of ease makes it a bit less so.  The only bummer is the color at the bottom is a bit muddy looking.  The bright pinks make up for it so much, though.

Martha--I have reorder in the 8.  I rarely have to order up to an 8, and it's usually because I am looking for ease in the hips.  It's tight through the hips, but tight elsewhere, too.  They really do mean "fitted" in their description.  The colors are so very pretty, though, so worth the hassle of the reorder/return.

Phoebe--The long is pretty long.  I may keep the long as it is just under my knees, but if I ever get tired of the length, I will definitely hem it up two inches.  It is a nice jersey, substantial and a great hand feel.  The bird print is very lovely, and will likely work for so many people.

Sorrento--I ordered this one when it debuted at the Boden site two weeks ago.  I had missed it in preview?  Anyhow, this print and color is so gorgeous, and I really am glad I chose to order it.  This long hits right at the top of my knee, so the long is exactly right!  I love the longer sleeves, as I am going to Turks and Caicos in February, and I just read they have Zika there, so that means one less bit of skin that I have spray DEET on while I am there.  The pockets are really useful and deep, too.  Definitely a winner.  I chose to order the size up as I didn't want it too tight on my bum.  I could have sized down, but the fit is fine in the 8, so I am keeping the size up.  I hope they introduce more prints in this dress.  It's a winner!

Juliette--This tee is so cute, and pairs well with quite a few bottoms in my wardrobe.  It is a fitted silhouette, so I think I am the largest you can be and still get away with it.  (I am a 34 bust, 28.5 waist, 39 hip/41 lower hip.)  This is definitely a wash and line dry kind of item for me.  ;-)

Closeups of the prints/patterns/fabric.

Posy Shirt Dress.  Size 6 Long.  I looked closely at the garment measurements before choosing the 6 L.  I was not concerned for hips or bust, but the waist.  As with previous shirtdresses from them, this one is much more fitted in the waist.  The size 6 waist measures 29", and it is a close fit for me.  But the 31" would be too much ease, to be honest.  If you run larger in your waist, this dress may not work best for you since it does tend to favor the shapes that have larger bust/hiplines and smaller waists.

The fabric is a stretchy cotton, so that helps a bit if you are between two sizes and want to go smaller.

THE PRINT!  It is very special and unique.  I have seen them described as birdcages and I see that, but I also see the botanical garden look, as well.  So aviary or plant house, your choice!

The pinks and black and white do nicely work together, and read very springy.

One thing I missed in the description was the hidden inside buttons on the placket.  THIS takes FOREVER to button, but there is no gaping, at all, because of it.  Very clever, and a very nice dressmaking addition.  Kudos, Boden!

Isla Dress.  I have a written review from a blog reader, Marybeth.  I really appreciate her review, since this was on my list to purchase at some point!

"I wanted to let you know that I ordered the Isla dress from the spring 2017 preview and received it today. It is lovely, but it comes up quite small--not helped by the fabric, which is more of a thicker, canvas-type material (definitely no need for a lining, which I had been wondering about, especially considering the price tag, even with the discount) rather than a stretchy cotton jersey. If you decide to order, definitely size up one, as my regular size was too small. I measured it up against other Boden dresses of the same size and it's much narrower with more of a pencil skirt bottom rather than an A-line (which makes me feel better, particularly after the holidays! Lol). Also, the neckline is a bit higher, which I wasn't as keen on, and I think it would have been nicer (particularly for spring and summer) if it was more of a scoop. The print and garment quality (the way the fabric is pieced together for a more slimming silhouette) are both great, but I'm honestly undecided if I'll reorder."

Here's the link to the 15% off, but remember to use code 3B3K.
15% off plus free shipping and returns with code 3B3K, valid 1/4-1/29
Boden USA

Clearance (FINAL SALE, ugh) Reviews:
Curve and Flare Dress. Size 6 Long.  I initially wanted it in the 6 regular as the 42" length seemed too long for this silhouette, but it works, especially if paired with higher heels (the heeled brogues from Boden's amazing Fall 2013 collection). 

This dress is a wonder.  Made of a heavier textured double knit fabric, it stretches, lays well, and fits precisely.  I fit it for my bust, and the 6 is exactly right.  There is a zip in back, but I could get it on without the zip. 

I chose the deep forest green color, and I prefer the single color versions to the colorblocked ones.

There are no pockets, which is a shame, as there is definitely enough ease in the skirt to make them work without messing up the style lines.

Curve and Flare Dress. Available in most colors but limited in red (above is navy).  This is probably the only one of the clearance reviews I can green light purchasing in final sale.  But the price is steep for final sale, so it really is a matter of your need for a dress like this.  For teachers or those who work in a conservative environment, this is a good choice, for sure.

Sally Coat.  Size 8 Regular.  I love this color coat so much.  I have worn it three times since receiving it.  It works nicely with a good portion of my wardrobe.  It is a perfect coat for those of us that live in areas where winter means many days of highs in the 50s.  Chilly enough to deserve a coat, but not cold enough to warrant the stadium cloth or puffers (though we have days that warrant those kind of coats, too, blegh). 

It is not lined, but easily slips on, due to the fact that the ease in the sleeves are full.  There is a touch of stretch to the boiled wool fabric. 

I wish I had sized up to a 10, but now that I know it's in final sale, I am not taking a chance, just in case it becomes a case of the size "9" being the right one.  I like the look of it opened, so I will live.  ;-)

This most accurately shows the green shade it is, it is brighter outside.  Very minty, and more green than blue.  Very pretty color and works with my reddish hair and lighter skin tone.  (I think if you are a clear spring, you can definitely do this one!)

Sally Coat. This is the color I see when I am looking at it outside.  All colors are in stock, but the cheapest ones are selling out (it's a good deal, but not final sale good deal, ya know?).

Windermere Puffer Coat.  Size 8.  I needed the 8 here, and glad I chose this size, as the hips fit well, and can be buttoned/zipped up properly when I need it to be.  This is not a coat that I want to just hang open, since I wear coats like this on super cold/windy days.  It works and kept me warm and toasty the day it was so cold our wind chills were in the teens (I know, northerners, that's not that cold, but for Virginia, it was COLD!).  I really love the zip up inside shell.  It's a half shell, and ends at the navel, but once that is zipped up all the way, and then the outer portion is all zipped up, and then buttoned, and then hood is up and buttoned, you are a well-insulated lady.  Toasty!

The color is very nice.  I have a black puffer, but ugh, black is just so blah.  This merlot color is more uplifting, plus it reminds me of wine (bonus). 

I can't say go out and buy this one, though, simply because of the final sale.  It is worth the sale price, and a great deal, but nope, non-returnable, and the in the wrong size, nope. nope. nope.

I hope you all are well!  Enjoy your weekend! 

So, yeah, here's the link to the final sale clearance section.  Good luck.  The first link is to receive the extra 10% off the kids' clearance section.
Final Clearance Event! New lines added plus extra 10% off Childrenswear with code 6R4U, valid 1/19-1/22

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