Friday, December 30, 2016

Boden: Review Time. Just in Time for an Extra 10% Off!

Hey, all!  Before I do the three reviews I have slated for tonight, I wanted to let you know the "up to 60% off" sale has been upped to "save an extra 10% off with the code 4W7F!"  Yeah!  That's awesome.  :-)  Of course I am glad that I got a few items before the extra 10% off since those items are now sold out in the size I wanted, but I may have tossed a few things in that I need that are insanely reduced with the extra 10% off. 

Okay, so the reviews!

Ruched Waist Dress.  Size 8 Regular.  This is such a great dress.  I am a huge fan.  There are haters of it out there, which mainly comes from the gripes about fabric quality, but since I own a few lyocell items, I knew what to expect.  Lyocell is not a thick fabric, it is a thinner jersey fabric that has to be lined with another stretchy jersey to make it wearable.  It is possible to have a top in lyocell with no lining, but you definitely must line dresses for modesty (and Boden has here).

Anyhow, the regular was chosen specifically because I DID NOT want a dress that hit at mid-calf.  This mid-knee seems most flattering on me, especially when the rest of the dress is super covered up.  The 8 was a better choice than a 6, which I will sometimes pick in Boden jersey dresses.  I feel like the 6 would have been far too body conscious and I would have been uncomfortable in it.

The pockets are lovely, of the yoke style versus an on-seam version.  They are not substantial, so I couldn't hold my phone for the whole day, but it held smaller and lighter items just fine.

The ruched waist is so flattering, I really do appreciate the thoughtfulness of placing the pattern in the opposite direction from the dress's pattern, as it does delineate the lines nicely.

I really really like that the dress makes me look like an hourglass instead of a pear.  Success!

I went out to dinner at a nice steakhouse here in town.  I enjoyed my martini, but the intent of this photo is also to show you how modern and unique the pattern is.  The yellow is a bit brighter than this in real life, but not super crazy bright either. 

I wore it with my yellow Sybil coat and you can see it here at Instagram.  I really loved it with the coat.  It was a good outfit day!

Ruched Waist Dress. Not completely sold out, but getting close.  I love the other version of this print, but even I know that is one two many of the same dress/pattern.  Now if they decide to issue another version of this dress next fall in a different pattern, I am so all over it!

Fun Festive Jumper.  Size 15-16.  This is a Johnnie b. item.  I have a right sickness for fair isle sweaters, and this one with wee little Christmas trees parading across the top of it made me such a happy lady.  I have worn it again, this season, but in a bout of restraint (and likely no time), I didn't have a photograph taken of it from the day.  LOL. 

It fits well, it is about the size I'd want from a Boden (regular women's section) size 6, so I chose the right size for my frame.  I am smaller up top, so I can only recommend dipping into the Johnnie b. section for tops if you have a shorter torso and smaller "ladies."  The 15-16 is about equal to a size 6/small 8, while the 13-14 would be closer to a size 2-4.

My little man wears the Winter Sweater from the baby Boden line.  It stops at 3-4 (thank goodness, for a while they were stopping it at 2-3).  Since I knew he would be sizing out of it soon (SOB SOB SOB), I decided this sweater was worth the splurge.  It is sold out in many sizes (like the Fun Festive one), but like all things sale time, there are definitely popbacks, so keep an eye out for them.

The fun festivity continues on the back.  :-)

Fun Festive Sweater.  Sold out in almost all the sizes, but will pop back potentially!

Sabrina Top.  Size 6.  This one wasn't on my radar, but the catalog image kept calling to me.  I think I most loved the swingy shape and the pretty animal print.  The size is fab in a 6 for my shape, nice and fitted through the shoulders, bust, and arms, but flaring towards the hem where I need the ease the most. 

The side view shows that it does run a touch longer in back than front, which again, I need.  :-)

The fabric is a lightweight jersey that is opaque, so nice to wear.  It is a lyocell/cotton mix, and the cotton helps give it a bit of weight and drape, while the lyocell keeps it feeling easy and light.

Sabrina Top.  The sizes are running low in many of the colors.  I don't dig the other colors or patterns, but again, if they issue this in another print in another season, I'll be all over it.  BTW, the color in the shots above is a bit off.  The real color is closer to what you see above in the Boden stock photo!

Okay, that's all for now (and likely for a while).  I do know a few of my preorders from early spring will ship soon, so hopefully I can get a few of those up for perusal in the next few weeks.  :-)

Have a lovely day!

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