Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Boden: Summer 2017 Preview is Here!

Boden Martha Dress--here!
Well, the preview has been here a while.  Whoops.  Darn Boden for issuing a preview nine days before Christmas.  I suspect quite a few of us were too busy to dither around seeking out the preview.  I only happened upon it last night because my sister-in-law and I were talking about the Lolly Dress that she just loves.  I said the link to the Lolly dress will not work because it's in a preview, and I clicked the link only to discover that there was a whole new preview ready to enjoy.

I always get the email, and I did, but to be honest, the emails get pushed to the side when prepping for the end of the school season.  So I went back, found it, clicked its link to get the 20% off code.  I am just in time!  The 20% off code expires this Friday, so I have today to announce it to you all, and tomorrow I'll do my picks post, and there you have it.  *I am so on time.*  Snort.

Anyhow, the summer season looks very lovely, especially the dresses.  The overall aesthetic is a continuation of their amazing Spring collection (I wrote about it here), but more of an emphasis on the brights, with a particular flavor of greens, blues, and pinks.  There are even some very punchy floral prints, which you are either going to love or hate (I love, but I also made this skirt last year).

I do want to point out there is a new iteration of the fun skirt, but it has been renamed the Tilda Skirt, probably to get away from the "fun" connotation.  ;-)  I am tickled, and may buy one, but I am unsure as of now, since they don't have the garment measurements up yet (WHY!?!).

Okay, so the code is 6U2J and it expires on December 30, at 11:59 pm. 

You can get to the preview here.  :-)

Boden USA
Also, the Boden regular site has settled into "up to 60% off" clearance time, which means the fall and winter stuff is at the lowest prices they have been all year (barring a few popular items that would have been a lower price during diminishing discounts, etc., and are not reduced by much now).  There is no code.  I have two separate review posts from this fall here and here, and my Instagram account showcases a few items.  If I grab a few moments after doing the Picks Post for Summer 2017 tomorrow, I'll do a review post of items unreviewed by me so far. 

Hope all of you are well!  I am glad to be on vacation for a bit.  I hope you all are well and have had a lovely season!