Thursday, December 29, 2016

Boden: Summer 2017 Preview Picks!

Hey, I am actually keeping a promise of posting when I said I would.  December miracle, you all.

Anyhow, like I explained in yesterday's post, Boden debuted their Summer 2017 collection over at their Preview site.  They are also offering up to 20% off with the code 6U2J.  This code expires tomorrow night at 11:59 pm, so not a whole lot of time to enjoy it, if you plan to.  :-/

Okay, onto the picks!

Josephine Dress.  Aww, pretty punchy florals!  This print is repeated multiple times in other garments, and the colors are used in other items, as well.  (I see a lot of bright blue, pure yellow, mid-pink throughout the collection.) There is a lot of harmony between the pieces this season. 

I'm not quite sure if there is a hidden placket in the bodice, but it sort of looks like it, doesn't it?

Andrea Dress.  If this dress was about $40 less expensive, I'd be ALL over it in preview.  Alas, $160 is a bit rich for a dress I could likely recreate myself (I just sewed up a bias dress so I get the work that goes into aligning stripes like you see on the skirt, but still, oof on the price). 

Cosima Placement Dress.  This dress intrigues me.  Either the border placement of the florals on the side is going to look REALLY good or REALLY bad.  I won't know till I see it on a human body, though.  I personally would have put the florals in the center, but I do own the floral ponte dress, and it has florals up and down the sides, so it can work.  But in this busy of a print?  Hmm...

Belle Ponte Dress. This seems like such a practical choice.  The pockets, the solid skirt, the ribbed ponte fabric of the bodice.  I definitely can see a lot of DC working women this summer wearing it. 

Blackberry Dress.  I love the blackberry style and design, and am glad they continue to reincarnate it every season with cute prints.  It's been a while since I have seen one I have really loved, but this pretty blue with wee little sunglasses?  Yes, please!  I have it in this version, for reference.  (Recently worn here, too.)

Evelyn Dress.  Another pretty practical dress.  It has pockets, has modest coverage, and features a striking and bold print.  This could end up on my list, but Boden didn't publish the garment measurements on this one, so no Bueno.  I'll wait.

Georgia Dress.  This print is a variation on another one, but this one only features the leafy part of the print.  All versions, in all colors, are so very lovely.  This one seems especially based on mid-1940s prints, so it has a vintage thing going for it, too.

Jessie Dress. Swoon at the raining daisy chains.  What a beautiful garment!  I definitely need to see this on someone, though, since it says it hits at mid-calf.  I don't want a garment that long, unless it is really well-fitted elsewhere. 

Martha Dress.  This is the same print as the Georgia dress above, but includes the daisy portion of the print.  These prints!  They're sublime (well, for me, anyhow, you may disagree, which is totally cool, lol).  ;-)  I own the Martha dress.  I last wore it here, I believe.

Nina Dress.  I dig it.  Not sure I should, but I am into it.  I am thinking it will be great for teaching, you know with it being made from a jersey, having good coverage overall, and being bright and peppy enough to keep the kids eyes on you.  :-D

Rosamund Dress. The border placement here is so special.  Very subtle, but still very eye catching, nonetheless.

Ruth Dress. LOVE.  The color, the print, its everything.  But you knew that already from all the loving the green version of this print got above.

Savannah Dress.  I sob over this one because it is very unlikely that my pear shape will fit into this dress (the measurements are probably to straight from bust to hem), but I'll hold out hope that there is some subtle shaping in there somewhere.  If not, I'll enjoy others wearing it from afar. 

Make a Statement Tee. I like Boden tees, they are made well, and don't have the annoying off grain syndrome other companies' tees have (J. Crew, I'm a looking at you!).  This one will actually work well with the three skirts below, so yay for working with so many of the pieces from this season.

Lola Skirt.  Oh, a conversational print!  Of a beach town and sailboats and sunbathing ladies!  Yes!  The conversational print will always have fans, so never take them away Boden!  NEVER!  (SO MANY EXCLAMATION POINTS!  YOU CAN TELL I TEACH GRAMMAR!  NOT!)  ;-)

Richmond Skirt. Oh, pretty daisy/poppy print.  I love you.  Boden pencil skirts hate my hips, but I forgive you. It was their choice to use you on a pencil skirt instead of a more curve friendly A-line.

Tilda Skirt.  There's the new fun skirt, full of print and embroidery.  And all the fun skirt haters thought they'd won.  Ha.  Not even.  All of us quirky style types held strong and the fun skirt came back.  Yeah.  YEAH!

Okay, that's it!  Do you have any picks of your own you'd like to share?  I'd love to read them!

Don't forget about the "up to 60% off sale" going on at Boden's regular site right now!  I will try to get those reviews up tomorrow.  Maybe lightning will strike thrice! :-)
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