Thursday, April 9, 2009

Guava, Melon, and Yellow...Like a Yummy Dessert! (Or--One Outfit from BEFORE my Spring Break Began!)

As much as I love being on vacation, there is nothing that I love more than being back home. Northern Virginia, for all its faults, is a great place to live and spring here is glorious. After only five days of being away the tulips are blooming. Wow. Sure, the temps are supposed to be quite chilly this weekend, but when the tulips make it out, NOVA is ready for the good stuff...all that hot and humidity (which I LOVE and this is the reason Florida was so great). Of course I think I love the anticipation of the hot and humidity especially, which may be why a place like NOVA is awesome...we only get that type of weather for half the year (if that) me something to look forward to the rest of the year. Does that make sense or am I just a little weird? I am also the type that loves the anticipation of a trip almost as much as the trip itself.

BTW, I probably won't be able to comment back on all your awesome comments till tomorrow...I hope you all will forgive me.

Without further ado, here is an oldie but goodie (wore it over a week ago, on Wednesday, April 1, 2009).

The polyvore is here:

This is the outfit on me full-length. I really like how the merino cardigan in melon looks with the guava tunic. I also happened to have the most perfect belt ever for this outfit...J. Crew (surprise) from four or five years ago. I have only recently begun wearing belts around my that my hips are thinner...enough that I can wear belts without getting the dreaded muffin-top look. The pants are cords by Lee Riders that I bought at Kohl's in fall 2007. The shoes are the buttercup colored perfect-patent flats by J. Crew from last fall.

Here is why I tucked in the tunic: I still don't feel completely comfortable with the hem of this is still giving me the scrunched-up look and I really don't like that. Also, there was the added bonus of showing off the pretty belt, so I went with it!!! Here is where my initial review of the tunic is located.

Next up: Saturday's outfit for the plane and the first day in Orlando! (Or Outfit #1 from the trip...)

You all have a great day!!! I am so excited to be back...


KatyO. said...

Don't you love the color of the Michelle? I got back from the store and initially thought, "What was I thinking?! Clearly the J. Crew pink overload somehow made me crazy!" Now I LOOOOOVE this color. LOVE. And you look gorgeous in it (though there are no pics here).

Drewablank said...

I bought the Harlow blouse in the same color and can't seem to wear it - I bought it thinking I'll be able to give any outfit a pop with it on. But it's still hanging in my closet. :( Thanks for the inspiration!

Drewablank said...

First time I saw the IRL photo ('wouldn't come up first time I visited the blog!), and you look absolutely radiant! I love it! So pretty!

HeidiG said...

Love the melon and guava on you - you look radiant as always. I can just see you thinking "ha ha, suckers, I'm on a plane to FL tomorrow!!!"

Great belt. One of these days I'll start wearing them...

Milly said... the contrast color in the flats and belt

dinagideon said...

KatyO.: Yes, this melon color is just amazing. And yes, very very pink, but wow, when you can wear it, what a difference it can make for your complexion. It is like wearing the perfect blush all the time. BTW, thank you for letting me know about the lack of the real life pic. Weird. ;)

Drewablank: I have the Harlow blouse in that Honey Glaze color but loved the guava so much that when I saw the tunic in that color I knew I needed to buy it. I love it...even with the weird hemline issue. That said, the catalog shows the model tucking it in, so I know I did something right. I am glad I inspired you to wear the Harlow blouse...with the right cardigan I know your outfit will be so pretty!

HeidiG: It is funny you mention me laughing...most years people are travelling to far-flung places, but for some reason this year everyone stayed in NOVA...making me the official far-flung traveller. Heehee! ;)

Milly: Thank you...I wasn't sure about the yellow. Turns out the colors do look very nice together!!! :)

Unknown said...

Oooooh, I like that a lot. As we know, melon is one of your colors :-)