Friday, April 24, 2009

My Tuesday, April 14th, 2009 Outfit for School...

I was inspired by Ashley of the blog Love It (and I do Love It) in this post to find a way to wear my Paris striped scarf from J. Crew this last holiday season (2008). This scarf is awesome. It is a blend of linen and metallic thread with some cotton thrown in (I think). I purchased the beautiful muted yellow and silver color.

Since I needed to feel good about school when I was insanely busy (I was flying out to CA two days later and I had to get my grades in before I left), I knew I could dress the scarf up (it can also be casual).

It is no longer available at, but maybe some of the stores still have it? Or ebay?

The outfit I created without the cardigan. The blouse is from Macy's and is very stretchy and dressy. It is so comfortable it should be criminal to wear it...feels that good. The pants are INC pants bought at Macy's. Love the matchstick leg...which oddly enough works on my frame. The shoes are Isaac Mizrahi for Target (I miss you!) from last spring (2008). I obviously have already told you about the scarf.

Here is the outfit with the addition of the Tartine merino cardigan from J. Crew (fall 2008). I love this pewter color. The Tartine is a fun, yet very practical cardigan. For all of its ruffles, it works well with so many outfits!!! It was cold-ish that morning, so I knew I had to have something covering my arms...and this fit the bill.

I have many scarves just like this one...I hope to let them come out and play soon! I know it is a bit warm for scarves now, but at night the linen ones may work. :)

Have a lovely day!


ashley said...

Yay! Looks great on you! I wore mine last week and when I wore it I totally thought of you! :) I looove this scarf! I got so many compliments and it all boils down to you! If you would have never told me the name, I would have never found it! Thanks! :)

AppGal said...

This looks great! You can totally pull of the scarf look. I just look silly :)

Anonymous said...

Not chic in the least.

Slastena said...

Dina, love it. The funky print of flats is adorable and instantly perks up the neutral palette of cardi and blouse. And I just looooove scarves. You look so pretty and smiley.

Anon @11:28 pm- if you have nothing pleasant to say, please, don't bother little self by expressing an opinion that no one {frankly} cares to hear. Stay positive!!:)

dinagideon said...

Ashley: I cannot wait to see you in this scarf in real life. I know you look so nice in it! Please post pics soon!

AppGal: I love scarves, but in May I think I have to put them away because VA nights in the summer are even too warm to wear them. (But if I go back to CA later this summer, I am so going to wear gets kind of chilly there at night during the summer...especially near the coast where all my relatives live).

I would love to see you in a scarf, but if you think you look silly, then I am not one to ask you to step out of your comfort zone! (But I bet styled right, you would make the scarf look like a million bucks!)

Anon at 11:28 pm: I work in Northern Virginia as a teacher in a middle school. This outfit, on that particular day, was actually the chic-est outfit in our building. But I wasn't actually going for that look. I actually never go for "chic" because I am not the 6 foot tall model with thin hips that can pull off what I would think most people would call chic. If I wore head to toe black, and a beret, and tall heels with lots of hardware, plus had a fierce handbag, I would probably look like a country girl that was trying too hard. I smile way TOO much to be chic (most people considered chic have mastered the look of neutral for their face). When I was in New York last winter, one of my friends who lives there was all about the black and could NOT believe the colorful outfits I was gravitating towards in some of the boutiques. From her perspective, everything I picked up was brash, loud, and a bit hokey. From her perspective and a lot of other "chic" New Yorkers, she is right. But from my perspective (a bit less sophisticated) many of my finds that day were the epitome of "chic." (Again, not like it mattered--I could care less about being chic.)

Even when I worked on Capitol Hill, I never, ever saw anything anyone from New York would call chic. Here in this area (DC) only a few people transcend style and become "chic." And trust me, it is not going to be me. I will always just be pleasant and try my best to look my best. And what do I think is my best look? The one where I can go out of the door and hold my head high knowing that I feel good and look good.

BTW, I am not upset. I just like to talk. If you had actually given me more "criticism," I would have probably spent less time on my response because I could have answered your feelings directly versus answering a simple phrase (that says a lot) like "not chic in the least." (Plus, I don't know where you are from, what you do, who your style icons are, etc. All I know is that when people speak of chic they usually mean the supermodels with a scowl and a glass of champagne in one hand a cigarette in the other. Or Jackie O. Or Audrey Hepburn. Heck, even Grace Kelly only gets to be classic. Not chic.)

Also, my peeps (I cannot believe I just wrote that--my 6th-graders must be getting to me) would expect nothing less from me when presented with such a comment. They know I am like a tiger when it comes to defending myself and others. They know that I can come up with some good words to help people understand the situation a bit better. (Like you may have honestly thought I wanted to look chic and you by saying that thought you were helping me...but now you know that "chic" was not my plan for that day!) :) (Anyhow, that said...SMILE!) I hope you have a pleasant weekend!

Slastena: Thank you! I knew this was one of my most color-challenged outfits, so I had to throw a bit of color in voila...the scarf did it!

BTW, thank you for coming to my rescue. I don't know what anon was thinking when he/she wrote the comment. I think if the person knew me better, the person would realize that a comment like that not only doesn't bother me (chic, who cares?) but also gets me to write an essay in response. I mean, maybe the person really wanted me to come out and really express what I believe. Funny.

I (heart) you, Slastena. You and all my other blog friends are the BEST!

A said...

I just love how a scarf can add so much to an outfit! It looks great on you Dina!

BTW, welcome back. :)

HeidiG said...

First of all, nice response. You are colorful. You are stylish. You are you. As Gigi said to LauraInRealLife on one of the posts, which I loved, if you aren't going to be you, who is?

Love love love the scarf - so sparkly. Love the outfit. I remember those shoes - sniff, miss Isaac! I loved his shoes. I think I tried those on and was worried that they would be irretrievably filthy within about 3 wearings, which on me, they would.

And I am cracking up at you, you hot blooded lady, who can't really wear the scarves unless it's a very cool evening, since I run so much colder. I'm like, ooooh, scarves in summer, I can totally rock that since I'm always cold!

Patina said...

I love your look and i love what you had to say. you always look great. Your smile, inner beauty and grace is tres chic. You go gurl with your bad self!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone has a different opinion and has a right to voice it on a public blog. If one does not like it they can always go private and enjoy those that only say what you want to hear.

dinagideon said...

A Bigger Closet: Thank you!!! Have you considered wearing more scarves? I bet they would look so pretty on you!

HeidiG: LOL. I had FUN writing that response. :) My hubby laughs at all these people who comment about what I wear or what I look like (in a negative way). He thinks they must have too much time on their hands. He gets the whole positive response fact he encourages us to do this...but he says people saying negative things are natural contrarians and need to find a better outlet for their a political or religious based blog. I agree. But I know I will get responses like that, so I will just deal with them one at a time. ;)

Heehee on cold blooded people. Are you wearing a scarf today (92 degrees)? That would be so funny. I am is so gross and hot and sticky in my classroom. :)

Oh, btw, those flats are very durable...they are a coated they have held up very well to dirt and the like!

Patina: Thank you...I love being me...after all...who else will? :)

Anon: No. I am not going there. It is my blog. And I get to make up the rules. That is all I have to say. :) (Don't have the energy for a longer response...heat and humidity has worn me out!)