Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cocoa Beach...Here We Come!!!

So we chose Monday (4/6/09) to be our "beach" day. Hmm...looking back, not very wise...but that is hindsight for ya. :)

IT WAS WINDY that day. WINDY!!! Hot, but my goodness, the sand was 'a flying at us.

We chose Cocoa Beach because it is fairly close to Orlando. That seemed wise at the time. When we got there not only did we face incredible monsoon strength winds, there was a riptide warning, and many, many people. Sigh.

I am a Polly Anna, though, and will not let the odds stack against me. Turns out for all the mess that we faced, it was an enjoyable day in the end. :) Yay for optimism!!!

Here is the outfit I wore to the beach. It includes the beautiful green flower tissue tee from J. Crew this spring (and still for sale), a pair of 9-inch inseam shorts in citron from J. Crew in 2006, and my lovely critter flip-flops you most recently saw here.

I love this tee. And washing it has seemed to take a bit of the length away, making it the perfect length on my hips. SMILE. :) I love it when washing it makes it better for me to wear and not worse.

I officially have a love affair with J. Crew shorts. They fit me like a comfortable glove. Their shorts fit model must be shaped like me (yeah, right, I think I have just lucked out). I think I own twenty pairs of J. Crew shorts. (Yes, in all colors including--SHOCK--neutrals!)

Once we got to the beach we got into our swimwear and hit the sand. What you see here is my cover-up. This is from J. Crew February 2008. Love it! Just what you need to keep your heiney from being exposed walking from the changing room to your towel.

Oh, and yes, my GORGEOUS fresco bandeau bikini is underneath...and one but my family and friends get to see it in real life. Gotta keep something a secret from you all! ;)

No one ran away screaming and yelling, so I will assume that I looked okay in it!

Because I am a fan of changing multiple times in one day, especially on vacation, I brought the cottage dress to the beach to wear afterwards. Originally I was supposed to wear it on Sunday as represented in the polyvore found in this post, but because I moved the Lisa dress to Saturday, I decided to move Miss Cottage to Monday.

As you can see, the dress held up pretty well. By the time this pic had been taken, I had worn it in the car for an hour which is why the skirt is so wrinkled. But this is not meant to be a fancy dress, just something fun and pretty for summer.

The dress made its original appearance in this post, if you will recall.

By the way, the shoes are my Earth sandals in bronze. These are great because the force you to stand properly because the heel sits lower than your toes. I love wearing them because I feel nice and tall (yep, just what I need at 5'8")!

I hope you have enjoyed viewing this almost as much as we enjoyed (eventually) our day at the beach! Have a great night, everyone!


Patina said...

Dina, I am laughing at you. You are so funny. We have so many things in common and one in particular that I never admitted until you did....I change multiple times a day also lol. Last Sunday, I changed 3 times (church, then for brunch, then to take alex and his bff to the park). Today, it was twice. Anywhoo, I hate my flower tee. It screams "look at her hips" I will wash mine in an attempt to make it waist length at least. You look great in yours and in your other pics. Love the color on you.

ashley said...

OH i love that yellow and green combo! That cottage dress looks super comfy too! I'm glad you had such a great time! I tend to overpack on vacation too so that I can always change when I want! I think it's safer to overpack! I've got to try more of JCrew shorts since you say they're so good! :)
Btw, I got my Paris scarf and it is yellow! So make sure you drop me some fashion ideas for it! Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

That floral tee looks great on you. It's the best rerpesentation I've seen so far. Keep that coverup. That's super cute & I like the sandals. They're kind of sexy. Sounds weird, I know ;-)

HeidiG said...

Fantastic outfits! Love the floral tee on you - much better than I liked it on me. Looks fantastic with the shorts - love the green & yellow. The red/white coverup is adorable. And the cottage dress is so flattering and looks so comfy. Looks like such a fun day!!

Roxie said...

Something funny for you. Yesterday I was watching a movie with Jessye and ponted at one of the actresses and said, "Hey! That's a J. Crew shirt!" Jessye of course said, "How do you know? You don't have anything J. Crew." My reply?
"Dina has it." XD Now if only I could remember what movie it was!

Slastena said...

Dina- what an enjoyable trip you had. You got it all- sun, warmth, adventure ( aka sand in your face, lol!) and you looked super adorable in all your outfits! Great job packing! I can't wait to goto Florida at the end of April. Wonder if the weather will be nice.

A said...

Happy Easter Dina! I've been enjoying your Florida trip posts so much. All your outfits have been perfect too! :) The tee looks great on you in the green color. So spring-y!

Melissa@AllThingsSimplified said...

I'm so glad you had such a great time, and you look adorable, too!

Emily said...

Just reviewed all your posts from a couple days ago and your outfits were so adorable! Looks like you had an amazing time on vacation!

Anonymous said...

cute, cute, cute! Any day at the beach is a good day in my book! So nice to be chatting with you again! So glad you had a lovely vacation!

dinagideon said...


I finally have a moment to thank you for all your comments. I really appreciate you all looking at my posts about my trip to Florida.

I will eventually post all my pics from my quick trip to California, but I have to first put up pics from Easter Sunday and two of the outfits I wore that week. I also anticipate being able to put up more pics from the Paris Catalog (yay)...

Also forthcoming are some sweet shots of the kids. I know some of you really have missed those!

Thanks for sticking out my long absence...