Monday, August 10, 2009

Orange You Glad This Only Lasted Three Days?

I usually put forethought and planning into my outfits. Seriously. I love planning, arranging, playing with colors, having a mix of serious and whimsy, etc.

Then the first week of summer school happened. I obviously was going for a pattern...two whole days of Boden, and then three days of this...

ORANGE. If you hate ORANGE, I have warned you...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009:
Top: Ann Taylor Loft (Spring 2007)--Medium Orange (like a ripe to almost too ripe pumpkin).
Pants: J. Crew Outlet (from Ebay, so no idea on when)--Light Aqua Blue with Orange Whale Critters.
Shoes: Aerosoles (Summer 2009)--Sherbet Orange (looks like a yummy dreamsicle).

Thursday, July 9, 2009:
Top: A Turkish Blouse my dad bought for me in Fall of 2007...from Turkey (he was on a study tour). BRIGHT ORANGE!
Pants: J. Crew (Spring 2009). These are the very comfy colored chambray cocktail capris. They do NOT photograph well...none of them do. It is weird. You all know what they look like so I didn't feel you all would be sad if you didn't see them...

And because it was Friday, July 10, 2009:
Top: J. Crew (Spring 2009). This is the graphic floral top I wore in green all the way back when...and yes, I bought it in a very neon orange.
Pants: J. Crew (Summer 2008). The overdyed denim capri pants. They are bright neon orange as well.
Shoes: Navy Born (way the heck back when...forever ago...I don't even think I had kids).

So my hair on Friday was all poofy. I am showing you all because you all are used to me either in a ponytail or barrettes. I think the poof happened because I slept on it funny. I still liked it, though!

Okay, everyone. I hereby promise to not wear the same color three days in a row again. This was just CRAZY! (Although it did make it easy from a posting perspective!)

Oh, and let's all pray for a 20% or 25% mickey card soon...certain items over at are just CALLING my name!


tm said...

Hooray for orange! :D

Those critter clamdiggers (Bermuda shorts?) are adorable.

I wore my JC light aqua shorts (7") yesterday, actually, but with a burnished olive (golden cypress, whatever) tissue tee.

Unknown said...

I happen to think you look darling in all of the above :)

Julia said...

I LOVE it! Orange is my favorite color, and you look great in it :)

Drewablank said...

Hey, lady! You can totally pull off wearing orange three (or more!) times in a row! I wish I could do that...I agree with tastymoog, those clamdiggers are too cute! And with reminds me of sherbet on a warm summer day...which we're getting slammed with right now!

Anonymous said...

Luvee the first outfit!

AppGal said...

hehe, you're too cute :) orange is, yet again, one of your colors. And how cool is that Turkish peasant blouse?!? I love it! yeah a Mickey card would be amazing right about now...

[you listening, Mickey?]

HeidiG said...

knock knock
who's there?
banana who?
knock knock
who's there?
banana who?
knock knock
who's there?
orange who?
orange you glad I didn't say banana?

Sorry...couldn't resist, and thought you would appreciate it! :)

Love you in all the orange - what a fun color! Great color on you, too. That Turkish top is so fab. And I love the orange/aqua combo - so very mid-century, which I know is your favorite era. :)

Summerilla said...

Love all the orange, you look great in this color. And can I say a 20% or 25% Mickey card would be AMAZING right now!!! I'm wishing for one too.

Hexicon said...

You look great! I became an orange convert after some of the JCAs encouraged me to buy the orange Candace jacket on sale last summer, and now I have quite a few orange items.

Kathy said...

The children must love to see you come in each day looking so bright and cheery!

Slastena said...

Heidi- lol!
Dina- I looove orange, so, obviously, I loved all your orange outfits. It's such a happy sunny color for me. Very cute!

dinagideon said...

Tastymoog: Ooh, I love the combo of aqua and olive. I wore the trastevere print yesterday, so I think I took some inspiration from your outfit. The combo is perfect!

Stylestance: I love that I can wear orange because it is often the color that is "left over" in the sales rack. Almost all of these pieces I paid very little for. The only time I had a hard time finding orange was when I was pregnant with Rex...that was when very dark, fall colors were in style. Sadness! I saw ONE orange maternity shirt and I JUMPED on it. I instantly felt better about maternity fashion. Thank goodness that when I was preggers with CW orange was back in fashion.

Julia: Yay for citrus-color lovers! :)

Drewablank: Thank you! I love looking like sherbet. It is so yummy and perfect for summer.

Those clamdiggers are Mr. Dina's FAVORITE pants. He loves critters (J. Crew, do you hear us?)...

luvallthingsjcrew: That is my favorite, too...but I love my hair in the last one. ;)

AppGal: I have the fortune of owning two or three very nice "ethnic" blouses. I have an Indian one that I wore way back in February (when I believe Mslay was my only follower). :)

If Mickey reads my blog, I would be DELIGHTED to receive a 25% off card. Thank you in advance, Mickey. ;)

HeidiG.: If I could manage to look like a woman from the 60s on a daily basis, but with our modern fabrics, I would be thrilled. Maybe that should be my goal for the next year...

You know I will always love your humor...keep bringing it, sister!

Summerilla: If you received a 20 or 25% off, you would so buy that jakarta dress, huh? It is like the perfect counterpoint to your GORG navy ikat long halter dress. I know I enable...

Hexicon: I have that Candace jacket, too! Do you have any ideas on how to wear it? I would love to hear some options. It is a great layering piece, I totally love mine, too!

Kathy: The kids were so sweet. I love kindergarten. Even the boys appreciated my outfits. Only some of the girls in sixth-grade even notice, and it usually was when I wore heels.

Of course now I am exclusively dressing for my two kids and I KNOW they don't I am now dressing for me and you all. ;)

Slastena: YOU LOOK AMAZING in orange. I hope you have some orange maternity tops. :)