Sunday, July 9, 2017

Boden: Extra 10% Off Clearance Ends Tonight! And Many Reviews!

Hi, all!  I announced the extra 10% off sale earlier this week at my blog's Facebook page, and included a few photos, but figured I should probably publish a post with a whole bunch of reviews before the sale ends.  🙂

Anyhow, tonight this extra percentage off ends, and to enjoy it, you'll have to use the code NS19.  I've used it a few times, mainly for items I've needed a price drop on before biting. I am definitely interested in what you all have purchased, so leave a comment with your favorites from the sale!

Okay, onto the reviews!
Lola Skirt, size 8 petite.  I wanted this print so bad that I was willing to try as many items with it on it.  I initially purchased this skirt, but after trying it on, I thought the waist was too wee, so I contemplated sending it back.  After trying it on again a few weeks later, I realized though it was snugger than my usual skirts, it was wearable and cuter than I initially felt.  So this was the winner of the conversational beach print wars.  The length is FAB in the petite.  I wanted it to end at my knee, and the other length would have been too long for what I was looking for (the regular, in fact, would have ended three inches below my knee, which is not what I wanted at all).

Regular is all that is available in this print, and while it will be a whole lot of print to wear that long on your body, I know a lot of you could make it work, so don't let "Miss Tall wearing a petite length" scare you away.  I really love fuller length skirts ending right at or just below my knee.

Short Sleeve Breton, size 8.  The breton that Boden made is the one in the top photo (it is also below in the photo where I wear the floral shorts).  This one I size up from my usual 6 because I find the Breton style long and more fitted than other tops they make.  To be fair, Boden is the one company I most often wear an 8-10 in, whereas J. Crew I tend to wear smaller sizes (except in pants, drat my pear shape).  This fits well, and I just love the multi-colors.  I have so many bottoms that work with this particular top that I have already worn and washed it a ton.  Definitely worth the price paid (it isn't in the clearance).

It is a thinner fabric than the thicker Breton they often make, but for summer in Virginia, that suits me just fine.

Vienne Mid-Heel, size 40.5.  I rarely wear heels anymore, mainly because the higher heels I had in the past don't work with my current work environment (the standing all day makes that nearly impossible, and I get cranky wearing them, I don't know how I wore them in the past to work).  But for special occasions, I will wear them (but I will bring flat sandals to change into if needed, and I did with these, lol).  That said, for heels, they are comfortable enough.  The heel height is 2.5", so not super high, and the balance is decent, so I didn't feel like I would topple.  The size was great in the 40.5.  I wear between a 40-41 (a 9.5 in J. Crew), and this felt snug without being too tight.  The color is so pretty, as well.  (BTW, the Vienne's are in the top photo.)

Blackberry Dress, size 8 regular.  I ordered this one size up from the Blackberry dress I have from a prior season.  Though the six still fits, I wanted a bit more room in the hips and the eight gave me that.  This dress is almost identical to the ones of the past, so see the prior review for more info on it.  I do have to say this sunglasses print is so special.  Sadly this one is out of stock, but you can watch for popbacks.  

Marion Jersey Tunic, size 8.  This print reminds me so much of Boden from five to ten years ago, it is nice to see a return to brighter colors and unique, abstract patterns.  I also enjoy the return of a tunic that is not just meant for the beach or pool.  I wore this one to school one day and with leggings and the sandals were perfectly appropriate for my job.  I chose the 8 as I didn't want anything clinging to closely to my bottom, but I think I could have done the 6 and been fine.  It is made from the super stretchy rayon/spandex mix, so the 8 is a touch loose, especially in my bust area.  But it does look fine and really feels like super soft pajamas.  

Everyday Sandals, size 40.  This is a Johnnie b. item and were a hit at school (I've worn them a few times).  The price is very good for what you receive, and are very comfortable.  The 40 was almost too short, but all my toes fit right up to the footbed's edge, so just made it.  The 41 would have been way too wide, since the size 40 feel a bit loose.  (I really wish Boden would make narrow width shoes.)  These are the rose gold color.  

Celeste Silk Dress, size 8.  Oh how I desired this dress after seeing it debut with the Boden Icons a few months ago.  I initially was wary of purchasing since Boden didn't publish garment measurements (WHY? WHY?), and my bottom means I am often a 10 instead of an 8 in dresses.  And with this being silk, I knew the stretch would be minimal at best.

So I held off.  And by some luck, I ended up seeing it at a lower price point (10%, so not a ton, but now you can get an extra 10% off that price) in a size 8, so with thought that I would return it, I went ahead and gave it a go.

Well, it fits in the size 8.  It isn't even so fitted that I have wiggle around, and though it looks like the dress fits well, I do feel like a nice high dose of slinky spanx may make for a more confident me in it.  I do believe the 10, while looser through the hips, will lose the silhouette that makes it so special and pretty, so I will let it shine in the smaller size.

Short Sleeve Breton, size 8.  See above for more info on the Breton.

Eleana Woven Sandal, size 40.  These sandals weren't even on my radar until I found the want for a pair of navy sandals.  I have two pairs, and they are both heeled, and old.  So it's time.  But there are very few navy sandals out there.  I think the reason they weren't on my radar, or anyone else's for that matter, is because I am thinking they didn't use the sandals in any catalog shot.  They used them by themselves, but not with outfits on models.

They are very comfortable, and the 40 is nice and snug on my narrow foot, but again, like with the Everyday Sandal above, I would prefer a longer length of the 41.  That said, my toes are cozy and not falling off, so it works.

I think the reason the sandals weren't used was because of the line it creates, it does look a bit clunky, and though I have longer legs, they do get cut a bit because of the thicker ankle strap.  For my height, it's fine, but if you don't have longer legs, you may want to consider wearing them with pants or a maxi skirt/dress.  (Or not, it's only if you care about that sort of thing!)

CW wears the Summer Hotchpotch Dress, size 9-10.

Caterina Embroidered Slingback, size 41.  These shoes are precious.  And they actually match a few things in my wardrobe.  Though they have a pretty low rating, it is sort of surprising how sold out they are.  Evidently enough people made them work.  I did go up to a 41 after reading the reviews, but sizing up to a 42 would have made them way too wide and long.  I think they must be too narrow for some, but with my feet, that is what I need, so I was thrilled.  The slingback means they are not especially secure, but they did stay on the back of my foot well enough.  I spent the entire day in Richmond museums, so I would say they were foot friendly enough for that!

CW wears the Summer Applique Dress, size 9-10.

Phoebe Jersey Dress, size 6 regular.  I loved my navy bird version so much that I went ahead and went a bit shorter with the green.  They end up looking like two different dresses!  But the review I did for the navy holds true for the green, so go ahead and read that for more info.  :-)

Ruth Jersey Dress, size 8 regular.  I initially purchased this a size 6 long, and it was too long, and too fitted.  It looked very va-va-va-voom, but I will rely on dresses like the Celeste for that, not dresses like this that I want to wear to school.  This one fits so much better.  The only slight quibble I have is with the lining on the front.  It can get caught "up" so it ends up sticking out of the neckline and I have to pull the lining all the way down to get it to hide away again.  The back is not lined, fwiw.

The fabric is very stretchy and comfortable, and super soft.

Iris Ottoman Dress, size 8 long.  This looks so professional on me.  I really do rely on prints to carry me through my workday so the items I own that are more subdued or solid-colored are a bit jarring to see.  But I do need things that are more mature so these options are a good choice.  I am not a suit girl, so this will do.  The pockets are not as prominent as they appear on the Boden model, so if that's a concern for you, I will take that fear away.  I have hips, ladies, and they sit just fine, and don't make me any hippier than usual.  LOL.  

Martha Top, size 8.  I purchased this in a six, but found the hips to be too tight and the length too long, so I went ahead and grabbed the eight to feel more comfortable.  It is much better in this size.  My original review is here.

Okay, that's it for now.  I hope you have been enjoying summer so far.  I have, and really wish summer could last all year.  (I should just move to Florida, lol.)