Friday, December 31, 2010

Paisley Gust Sweater Jacket. How Appropriate.

Take a VERY windy Monday, add an outfit, and you have this post.

I had been waiting for the right day to wear the Paisley Gust Sweater Jacket (that I basically got for free--check this post out for more on that), but I just hadn't gotten around to it. Then my brother offers to come over and go with me and the kids to sushi and the mall, so I decided that was a great reason to get out this gorgeous orange conconction by Moth (Anthropologie).

Winds that day? Nearing gusts of 50 MPH. This sweater jacket, combined with the Molded and Melded Tee, a pair of glazed pecan cords, a cute pair of Kerrington leather ballet flats, and a super-warm Stadium cloth Winnie coat (not shown, btw)? Totally took on the ferocious front. :)

From the side.  I figure you all must know how much I adore this sweater jacket, but just in case you don't, I have provided photographic proof.  :)

Sweater Jacket is a size small.  This is a stretchy cotton blend with just the right sort of drape that can be worn multiple ways (see below photos for more on that).  The molded and melded tee (which seems to be the #1 choice of Anthro devotees this year) is a size extra-small.  The cords are a size 30 short, and the Kerrington Ballet Flats in orange (popback score for less than 40 smackers) are a size 9.5.

Paisley Gust sweater jacket opened.  You can see the moto styling best here.  I believe this came in white, as well, but I have not seen it in that color.

Full-length front.  Wish I had added a statement necklace, but I wanted to get out and about and wasn't super concerned with accessories that day.

Sweater Jacket closed.

Up later today...a three part saga on my Christmas Eve outfit.  It actually was less dramatic than I made it out to be (tears definitely included), but since it seemed big at the time, this debacle is worthy of three separate posts.  (That night, btw, is the closest to bat-sh*t crazy as I get.  LOL.)