Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A BonBon and Some Pink Plaid...

Hey, everyone!  How are you all doing?  I am fab.  :)  Had a bit of a time last week between all the festivities, recovering, and that special "lady time," but all I needed was an overabundance of wine and some really understanding (REALLY understanding) family members and some sleep and I feel just a bit better this week.  Plus the presents...somehow I lucked out this year and received some truly unique and exactly right gifts this year.  That definitely helped with my mood.  LOL.

(Christmas post is later on...right now I want to get some review posts out of the way!)

First up is a delightful little coat called the Double Cloth BonBon Coat by J. Crew.  I own so many coats, it is true, but I believe that the weather here in Northern Virginia actually calls for many different types of coats as we see it all from around early November to late April.  I actually have a coat now for all sorts of occasions, rainy and cold, rainy and warm, snowy and cold, snowy and REALLY cold, just plain cold, mild, cold, windy and cold, must be dressy coat even though it is cold, etc., etc.  LOL.

Seriously, though.  I sold a few coats recently (including a pretty velvet Boden one and the Shipley coat from a few years back) to make room for this Bon Bon.  I had been eyeing the Bon Bon in torch orange as it so reminded me of the orange coat that Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany's, but at its original price of $325, I definitely said, "No way, Jose."

Then came the amazing coat sale that J. Crew does every year.  They usually take 30% off and are done with it.  But...here's the awesomeness...if you have a J. Crew card, you could then use a specialized code given to you, along with your card and get an additional 30% off.  So, guess what?  I said "bonjour" to the bon bon.

And here it is...
Yes, the orange shoes and slightly worn cords are definitely not the look I would go for with this coat, but I kind of was only wearing the coat as a try-on (I have worn it out in public, though, and the color is very popular...there is definitely something uplifting about wearing an orange coat in the middle of winter that brings out the happy--same thing goes for my yellow coats--yes, I said coats--yellow coats are the BEST--haven't sold any of those and probably won't).

Fit and function: I took a size 6.  I say size to your largest part of your body, which for me is my hips.  If you are busty, go with your top size.  This is a shorter coat, and maybe a tall would have made this a smidge longer on me, but I don't want the waist to be anywhere but where it is, so the regular will work for me now.  I like it buttoned up all the way, adds to its retro look, but the collar can be played around with to create different looks.  This is a double cloth, and there are no thinsulate options, so I would say this is a coat for mild, or slightly cold weather. 

Here it is opened all the way.  Also retro-looking.  The opened look is crying out for some statement jewelry, though.  :)

From the side.  The collar isn't quite Bella pretty, but it does the job of being just different enough.  This color is "torch orange," btw, not "spicy russett," which was a similar color from the early fall.

Above is the polyvore that I created when I purchased the coat.  I love how close this coat is to the Breakfast at Tiffany's one.  If I had one wish, it would be that the collar was a bit more fitted, a la the one in the movie.

This is a pink plaid gingham boy shirt that is available in stores only right now (maybe it will be part of the next on-line roll out?).  I was drawn to it when I went in last week to get some Christmas gifts...the pink color is very vibrant and very much a nice change from their "neutral" pinks they have had these past few years.  It is is hard to tell from this pic, but the white color is more of a creamy color and plays nicely with the very pretty pink (color code is ppi--probably Paris Pink, but I like pretty pink more).  This is a size 6 and it retails for $72, but with the 30% off everything sale they were having the day I went to the store, I ended up getting it for $50.  I wear a size 4 in perfect shirts, if that helps any of you out with sizing.  This fabric is uber-soft, almost flannel-like, although this isn't a flannel shirt.  (I want to add I have no makeup here, and if I were to wear this in public in the winter, I would for sure add some lip gloss, lol.)

Hand on hip.  :)  The item number is 35187.  I like that it is kind of a retro look, too.  I hope J. Crew continues with its retro twist.  Sometimes you just want a classic, you know?

Talk with you all soon.  :)