Monday, December 13, 2010

Mommy Style Monday #15--What's Your Go To?

Oh, you all! I cannot get over the nice things that were said about my Holiday party outfit...I did have a great time and even better I felt great in the outfit (for all its glitz, it was SUPER comfortable). Thank you so much for commenting. As you know, I am preparing to have my ASD closed tomorrow morning, so between getting things ready (including my nerves) and going to New York City this weekend (my hubby figured it was better to go before, not after, yes, I think he is right), I have not really been around. But, hello, bed rest for a few days this week. Thank goodness we have Wi-Fi here at the house! :)

It has been a little while since my last Mommy Style Monday, and after seeing the gorgeous-ness of one of my very favorite Mommies out there, Slastena, I was inspired! She wore an outfit that just sparkled, but looked so insanely comfortable, I decided that very day to wear the same basic outfit. (They are the last set of photos in this post if you are impatient want a sneak peek.)

Then it occurred to me as I was dressing that morning that I do this whole "sparkles/skinny pants/flat shoes/easy hair/cardigan/sweatshirt" look a lot, especially in the winter. Something about falling temps makes my brain veer towards bling. Don't even ask me why.

I have a "Go To." And I guarantee that if you are mom, you probably have your own version of a "Go To." Some of you might pair a plaid shirt with jeans and boots, while others of you may go for the pencil skirt, button-down, and low heels look. My sister-in-law, who is awesome, leans towards frilly tees, cardigans, and khaki pants with cute, sporty tennis shoes.

So what's the point of this post? By discovering my own "Go To," I want you all to spend some time on figuring out your "Go To," and if you are a fellow blogger, I challenge you to present your "Go To" outfits to the fashion blogging world. If you don't have a blog, kindly mention your "Go To" in the comments. I would love to see what you all personally do! Thank you!!!

And the exhibit of dinagideon's "Go To" outfits begins with this very recent look:

Worn to take the kids out, Rex to preschool and CW to a kid's class that is run by the same people that run Rex's preschool.  This is the Haya Sequin sweatshirt, and I am wearing an extra-small.  I love my other sequined sweatshirt (see pic #3) so much, and wear it so much, that I can actually justify buying this one, especially at the price I bought it for (you know, stacked promos kind of thing that come along every blue moon or so at  The pants are the black skinny pants with the zipper in the back (cannot remember the name for the life of me, but they are cut slimmer than the minnies).  I am wearing these in a size 6.  The shoes are a cute pair of animal print, bow-ed flats by Boden from last winter that I bought in a size 40.

The love I feel for the comfort and awesomeness of this sweatshirt is pretty high.  The sequins are the type that lay flat and are adhered to the shirt very tightly, so I have no worries about them getting snagged by something during my day with the toddlers, but is still glitzy and special enough that I feel I can fully be "dinagideon."  LOL.  The top runs xxs-xl.  I say size down if you want a closer fit, or don't need the length, stay tts if you want a slouchier, longer feel.

Don't blink.  It isn't the same outfit, but it sure looks similar.  And you have seen this outfit before.  For all my anti-materialistic critics out there (not sure why you are reading my blog, but whatevs), I definitely have gotten good use out of these particular pieces.  I can even assure people who are scared of washing this top that it will all be just fine (handwash cycle, inside out, no tumble dry, on the line to dry)...that is how often I have worn it...I actually have washed this darn top MULTIPLE times.  :)  The top is the slouchy sequined sweatshirt from last year, the one I had waited months for.  It was worth it.  The pants are the black resin wash ankle toothpick jeans in a size 31.  The kicks are a pretty cool pair of silver-laced Nike Airs.  These shoes are bling-y and perfect for running after the tots.

Above is the polyvore of that outfit...

And now for the Slastena-inspired look.  The cardigan is the watercolor leopard cardigan in a size small.  The top is the same as Slastena's, the silk and sequin scoopneck tee in a size small.  The pants are matchstick cords in a grey color from last year in a size 30 Short, and the boots are the Rivington Kitten Heels in a size 10.

I was headed out with my brother and the kids that day, and it was uber-cold, so I had to put on my stadium cloth Lucinda, which replaced the Shipley I just sold.  It kept me warm, but only the parts it covered.  The rest of me, head, feet, hands were frozen.

The Lucinda open.  If you can get your hands on a Lucinda from ebay, I say do it.  They can be bought for a pretty good price, I think I paid 70?

thinsulate) weather back!

Here is a view of the top with the cardigan.  I highly recommend that if you buy this top to layer looks like a bit too much by itself, which I think sounds weird, layer to make it look less crazy.  That said, this almond color is so pretty in real life and if you can get a top with well-secured sequins (this was my second one--had to return the first because the sequins were all just *this* close to coming off), you should be able to easily make this top work with so many pieces in your closet.

You all have a great night!!!  I look forward to chatting with you all again soon!!!  :)little