Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Eve, the Culmination.

Part Three.  Read the saga's commencement and mid-point to learn more.  :)

By the time I got to my childhood home, I was tired from the sheer energy of trying to find an errant church envelope, swiftly going through all the skirts in my closet to find an appropriate replacement to my seam-split golden bubbles pencil skirt, seething over how late we were going to be for church, wrestling with Rex in the lobby of the same church, and from crying like a little girl to my step-mom when I just. couldn't. take. it. anymore.

So what do I do as soon as I get home?  I take off my Boucle de Souffle jacket, grab a small huge glass of wine, and sit.  That is when my step-mom looks at my outfit and declares that she loves the sequin tee with the tweed skirt and gold shoes.  A part of me was wondering if she was just pandering to my mood, but when she offered to take a picture for my blog (oh, my family is good...), I acquiesced and let her.  She even posed me.  :)  I wish I had her taking pictures of me every day because...
I saw this photo in my camera's preview window and I said, "oh, it is pretty."  I was actually grateful that the darn golden bubbles had ripped because I really liked the combo of the blushed tweed pencil skirt, drapey sequin tee, and the golden Coach heels.  So, yay, for idiot seaming, and yay, for accidental combos that work out beautifully!

And like the teenager that I obviously was emulating that night, this photo was all I needed to feel better.  How freaking narcissistic (well, okay, I do have a blog where I show off my clothing on a regular basis, I get  What I mean is that I was being especially vain on Christmas Eve.  Good job, female hormones.

So I had mentioned that I am keeping the golden bubbles pencil skirt instead of returning it to J. is why:
I figured I would just use the very nice J. Crew gift card my bro bought me to buy a whole new one.

I kid.  I was very happy to have it, terrible seam issue aside.  :)

Nah.  In the continuing proof that I am Jerry Seinfeld (you remember that episode where he threw a dollar out the window and something like two seconds later her gets a dollar somehow?), I received a SEWING MACHINE from my parents for Christmas.  No wonder my stepmom was all nonplussed by my special situation.  So guess what my very first project will be when I get my bobbin all threaded (ooh!)?

I felt so good by the end of the evening, I was willing to be a bit goofy and take Rapunzel's hair piece and put in my hair and pretend to be Rapunzel's long lost sister (true fact...I once had hair down to my bottom--I kid you not).

By the next evening, that would be Christmas, I chose to be a bit more casual and wear my gorgeous goldenrod Brocade top with a pair of khakis and wait for it...SHEARLING slippers.  Yes, I did.  By the way, this brocade top in a size 2 is perfectly seamed, no issues with it.  At all.  :)

So you think the gift card and sewing machine were the best gifts ever?  Nope.  Not even close (although they were amazingly great).  Turns out the tears were still flowing on Christmas morning.  I open the very last gift under our tree (Christmas Eve is opening gifts with my dad, stepmom, and Uncle Peter whereas Christmas morning is for the four of us pictured above) and see a specially made print by the incredibly talented Dave Perillo of our family, including our HOUSE.  Turns out that Mr. Dina had been working on this with the artist since August when he met him at the Baltimore Comic Con. 

I saw it and immediately burst into tears.  I was blown away by it.  Made the debacle I had gone through from 5-7 pm on Christmas Eve pretty darn inconsequential.

So that's it. 

And with that I bid 2010 adieu. 

And with glee I eagerly anticipate all the joy 2011 will bring.

Happy New Year, you all!