Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Boden: High Summer 2013 Picks...Dresses Edition!

Good Wednesday!  I am creaking back to life after an amazing Rush concert last night, but very slowly.  I rock harder now that I am older than I ever did in my twenties, but I can't honestly say that is a very good idea now.  Oh, well.  It's hard to stop oneself in the moment, I suppose.

Onto the pretty from high summer.  Like the fall 2012 collection, I am in love with a lot.  I liked winter, spring, and summer, of course, but they didn't blow me away like fall 2012 did (with the single exception of the Lace Dress which you will see next week--I am saving to wear it first for Mother's Day).  High Summer has lived up to what Boden did last fall, making exquisite items in amazing prints, colors, and fabrics.  And of course they have continued their high quality garment construction, which is evidenced by some of the details I see on the below dresses (I will point them out when I see them).

Okay, so take a gander, and if you would like a peek at their item page, you can click through to them through the item name (not the photos, though).

Portofino Dress.  Big time cuddles for this pretty frock.  I like this graphic floral vine print, but it also comes in a oval type print in two other colorways.

I am unlikely to buy for me since its measurements look like it won't work for my pear shape, but if the reviews come through and suggest I can even try, I am definitely going to give it a go.  (I have a fabric that reminds me of the grey/yellow at the top, so even if this dress won't work for me, I can at least make a dress from a fabric just as pretty.)

I think the combo of cotton/linen and special detailing at the waist make this one a winner.  Hopefully this one works for some of you lovely ladies out there!

Fifties Halterneck DressIf you love retro looks, then this one is right up your alley.  The fun print is evocative of another era, as is the cute halter closing at the neck.  It also boasts a cotton sateen fabric, so it will stretch and move with your frame rather than constrict it.  (In other words, exactly right for a vintage lover in the heat of summer.)

St Lucia Dress.  A lot like the halterneck dress above, but in a very stretchy cotton jersey.  If you have a need for something beautiful, slightly sexy, and capable of moving with you, no matter what, this dress is the perfect one for you.

Avril got to try this floral number on at her Boden party, btw.  

Harbour Island Dress.  This one is already in my basket, since I saw it on Avril already.  :)  I normally don't want to do viscose unless it is on deep sale but since this beauty is backed in a stretchy cotton/modal knit fabric, I know that I can chance it at a little higher price.  (I am also going to size down to a 6 L based on measurements.)

I have no idea if this one will sell out, but since I feel like I would wear this right away (as long as it fit), I will go for it.

I also want to point out the delicate insert at the neckline, those are dressmaker details that are hard to sew in and show that Boden is continuing its commitment to quality.

Alfresco Dress.  I love that the American summer staple of seersucker (men and women around here wear it from April to September without fail) is being done so perfectly preppy by a British retailer better known for its fun prints.  Whatever.  With many American retailers choosing to be more edgy and editorial, prep fans just need to move on and find a retailer that gets it.  I think this dress proves that Boden at least gets it with one garment.  It also comes in pink and grey.

Oh, and it has pockets, just in case you can't see them. ;)

Fun Summer Maxi.  This dress is the fun skirt taken to new lengths and in heat friendly drapey jersey.  I love this pewter version, but wonder if I can wait for the price to go down a titch since even with a coupon, it seems a bit expensive.  That said, I definitely live in my jersey maxi dresses during the summer, so the cost per wear is lower than my other maxi dresses (love this one, but it's only been worn once). 

The aqua version's ribbon applique bugs me, it looks to crafty, but the grey and red version's less obvious stitching details are darling.

Drapey Colourblock Dress.  This is made from the same material as the fun maxi dress above, but in a shorter length and with an empire waistline.  I am not a fan of colorblocking, but it is done in a figure flattering way here, so those of us with some bits to camouflage can do so with these specially placed fabric lines. 

I would recommend that if you are a pear shape and are interested in this one to order down two sizes since the jersey is very stretchy and the skirt is very full.  Pear shapes can get swallowed up by jersey tops that are too large, and since the waist and hip measurement don't matter as much in this dress, go with your bust size.  (I would buy a 4 long if I was buying, for instance.)  Also remember that jersey since it stretches means that the "garment measurements" on Boden will mean nothing.  It says that the bust of a size 4 is 26 inches.  My daughter's bust measurement is nearly that, so I really do want to emphasize sizing down rather than using measurements for this one (or any jersey garment).

Summer Amelie Dress.  This one is in my bag because as much as I would like to believe I could craft a dress like this on my own, I have no ability to either a) knit and/or b) sew any sort of knit material.  So until then, I will let Boden and other companies do the hard work for me.

Anyhow, how lovely is this color, along with the pretty shape and neat line detailing throughout (hello to lines that make the bust bigger and the bottom half smaller!)?

This is made from a cotton and linen blend so just the right mix of materials for humid days ahead.

Brompton Dress.  Please tell me that one of you all will buy this and show it off at your blog or someone on the internet so I can see you in it?  As I have mentioned before, there is no way my lovely lady hips are going anywhere near this dress, so I have to live vicariously through others.  ;)

I adore this version, am a fan of the olive colorblocked version, but really don't care for the multi wow floral (surprise--even for me, Miss "pattern love"--it's just too much going on).

Summer Shift.  Avril tried this one on, too, lucky gal.  :)

I have enough summer shifts to last at least ten summers, but if you are in need of a great basic staple for everything from church to graduation ceremonies to weddings, this would be thes workhorse of anyone's wardrobe.  The cotton sateen is pretty as it is practical with a slight sheen for looks and a bit of stretch for comfort.

The navy on the bottom is for those of you who would prefer to accessorize an outfit up and the navy floral on top is for those of you who would prefer the print take center stage. 

Alegra Dress. This one is pretty darn expensive, but it is all silk and the lacy yoke and sleeves make it extra special (and are also pretty difficult to sew well).  This dress (and many of the other scattered throughout) are probably vestiges of the now defunct Boden Limited Edition line (sad face).  Although it doesn't have its own line any longer, I am glad to see the folks at Boden continuing to push out products that are a bit unique, a bit more subdued, and made from wonderful materials.

FWIW, if you like this one, it is selling fast, especially in this color.

Clara Dress and its dead ringer the Pretty Cotton Dress.  The Clara dress was always high on my "possibly buy on sale" list, but now that it is selling out, I guess we can say it's not going to be there anymore, but I am glad to see that I can have a cheaper, just as lovely option (and if I am being honest here, made from a more toddler friendly fabric) with the pretty cotton dress.

I have to wait to see reviews, though, since the measurements put me squarely between two sizes (of course they do!).

Newquay Dress and its longer, more easy going cousin, the Stripy Maxi. If you spend any amount of time here at My Superfluities or over at What Lou Wore 365, you will see we have a thing for the Newquay dress.  Now if you like the look of the Newquay but maybe don't love the shape, this stripy maxi dress could be the right frock for you.  It also comes in two other shades, including a heathered grey version which is just the right amount of casual dressy for almost any summer event.

Alrighty, all done here. Thanks for sticking it out!

Below you will find the current coupon for Boden.  :)

Also, before I leave I wanted to let you all know that as of Monday there are new items in the "trim" this week.  As in the past weeks, all items in the trim are 20% off and you can stack the coupon on my site (it's the same one as above) to get almost 32% off the items.  This week I can personally recommend the sparkle cotton top and wideleg jeans as I own, have worn, and reviewed (top here and jeans here) these items.  :)

You all have a great Wednesday.  Do you have anything to say about these dresses above?  Anything you want me to add to the Picks post for the rest of high summer?