Monday, May 6, 2013

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: New. Old. Big. Small. It's All Here.

You all ready for an insane BWRR?  There are whopping amount of reviews here today.  Thanks to Avril of School Gate Style and her massive try-on of all things new from Boden at her shopping party, we have here the biggest BWRR ever.

Admittedly, part of that is because I didn't get my own blogging butt in gear soon enough (last one was three weeks ago--eep!), but even if I had actually published all my review roundups on time, this would still be the *most reviews in one post* just because of Avril's one try-on session.  :)

Anyhow, as you all know by now, Boden's "High Summer" line dropped on us last Thursday (blogged about it here).  I have had a really good look around and I fear my "picks" post is going to be as long as this BWRR since there seems to be quite a lot of pretty out there for us who love Boden.  I should have the picks post done by this Wednesday.

Okay, better get this roundup started!

Regular Boden:
Sparkle Cotton Top (info on pants below in the Johnnie b. section).  Size 6.  I was tempted to try the 4, but I thought even if the 6 was too big, it could be big in a kind of cool slouchy way.  As it turns out, it fits great, except at the waist where it is a touch big.  So definitely only size down if you really are on the smaller cusp of your typical Boden top size.

Close-up. The linen and cotton blend is so soft and the stripe detail on the ivory version is very subtle.  The sequins are clear and only are placed on every third grey stripe or so, again very meek.  (This is no over the top J. Crew sequined number from 2010.)

The necklace, btw, was a present from Marietta, my blog friend from NYC.  We were up there recently and were able to see her twice, and at the first meeting, she presented me this amazing necklace that is a dead ringer for a J. Crew one from one of the last rollouts.  :)  THANK YOU, Marietta, I love it!

Back View. Sloping shoulders, which I don't necessarily love, but definitely gives the top a very casual vibe, which I do love.

Detail. Close up of the stripes, sequins, and fabric.  More white than ivory, for sure.

Sparkle Cotton Top
Sparkle Cotton Top. Not selling super well, but very highly rated by those who have bought it.  I agree with the reviewers.  

Notch  Neck Shift
Notch Neck Shift.  Worn to church a few weeks ago...very comfortable and felt elegant. 

Adelaide Dress
Adelaide Dress.  I wore it out to a Winesday outing and then to a church tour.  It was more than dressy and/or casual for both.  :)

You can also see the navy version of this dress on the lovely Lou, who wore it out to her hubby's birthday dinner.  She also is wearing the Colourblock Points with this outfit.   

Lightweight V-neck
Lightweight V-Neck.  Lou shows us all how to make the lusciously colored (pear drop) tee work by accepting the 2013 Pantone challenge.  I adore this shade on her!

Authentic Casual Shirt
Authentic Casual Shirt.  Lou is really grooving in the yellow this season, except this time in the yummy sounding pineapple colorway. 

Newquay Dress
Newquay Dress.  I love my Newquay as much as Lou does.  Apparently so do many other women, based on how well it is selling... 
Casual Jersey Dress
Casual Jersey Dress.  Egyptomaniac has done it again, her favorite dress from Boden (she has many from previous seasons) is back and even better.  I adore her in the ditsy floral version, looks very pretty on her!  I can see why it is her favorite!

Stripy Breton
Stripy Breton.  The day after Avril's big Boden shopping party, she took it easy and wore this darling top with a gorg neon scarf and very flattering trousers

(There are many links below, scroll, scroll, scroll.  Trust me, it's worth the effort!)
St Lucia Dress
Sarong  Skirt
Pretty  Cotton Dress
Colourblock Towelling Tunic
Harbour Island Dress
Ruffle Wrap Dress
Embellished Tee
Plait Detail Tunic
Jersey Maxi Dress
Summer Shift
Printed Cotton Skirt
Stitch Detail Top
Tropical Maxi
Bistro Crop Trousers--no photo; use link in name (Blue Dandelion Print);  
St. Lucia Dress (Pewter Poppy Field);  
Sarong Skirt (Pink Rose pattern);  
Pretty Cotton Dress (Navy);  
Colourblock Towelling Tunic (Red/White);  
Harbour Island Dress (Lavender/Grey Stepping Stones);  
Ruffle Wrap Dress (Purple);  
Embellished Tee (Olive);  
Plait Detail Tunic (Navy);
Jersey Maxi Dress (Pewter and Hibiscus Mosaic);  
Summer Shift (Blue Bouquet); 
Printed Cotton Skirt (Driftwood Wow Floral);  
Stitch Detail Top (White);  
Tropical Maxi (Iris Globetrotter).

14 different pieces!  WOW!

All of the items seen above can be found in this post.  Thank you, Avril!  All of us Boden fans are positively salivating.  :)

BTW, if you are interested in what happened at the party, check out this post.

Johnnie b.:

Jersey Harem Pants.  Size 15-16.  I saw these and immediately thought, "yum, jersey," and "aw, seagulls!" 

The pants fit well, nice and stretchy, but made from a fabric that retains it shape well.  The length is really nice, I expected it to be shorter, but when I received it was pleasantly surprised to see it hit at the top of my ankles. 

Side View.  The 15-16 fits my bedonkadonk.  Yay!

I received a compliment on my pants from an older lady at Whole Foods that night.  She was positively in LOVE with the print.  I told her I got them from Boden and she was like, "that is the SECOND time this week I have asked someone where they got their clothing from and have heard Boden!"  :) 

Detail Shot. Seagulls frolicking!

Jersey Harem Pants
Jersey Harem Pants.  The color I purchased is sold out in two sizes, and the 15-16 size is gone completely, which stinks if you can wear the 15-16 (woman's size 6-8).  If you are smaller, you can try the 13-14 (size 2-4) or if you are really teeny, you could even try the 11-12 (I would suspect it would fit the 00-0).  However, bear in mind that the length is much shorter in the 11-12 and 13-14, so if you are really tall and very thin, then these pants would not go to your ankle like they do on me.

mini Boden:

Surf Suit.  Size 5-6.  There's my darling CW showing off her new surf suit.  She has had the prior versions (in size 3-4) for a couple of years now, so I figured it was high time to get her another.  Of course I knew she would fall head over heels for the pink/red floral version, so that was the one I got her.

The first photo shows it in action (she is in a swimming class) and the second is from right after the class at Rex's tee ball game.  She had wanted to change into something else, but I convinced her it would be more fun to wear the swimsuit.  She relented and ended up running around, dancing like a fool (she's not one to watch Rex playing).

Fits pretty well, bit big, but she isn't even 5 yet.

Surf Suit
Surf Suit. The girls pink version isn't completely sold out, but the navy nearly is.  These will go FAST when the true clearance is on, so grab it sooner than later if you are a big pool/beach family.

Boys' Bathers (size 5-6) and Rash Vest (size 7-8).  Rex loves his surf suits from the past few years, but this year's version is kind of blah, so we decided to get him the bathers and rash vest together so it would be just like having the surf suit, but mixed and matched by us instead.

The sizes we chose are perfect, even if the vest is a touch too big (Rex is 6).  The vest is long enough, though, which Rex needs since he has a long torso.  He is fairly thin through the waist, though, so the bathers fit well in that area.

Rash Vest
Boys' Bathers--find link in link for rash vest and Rash Vest--photo is the link. The boys' bathers are selling very well, whereas the rash vest is still fully stocked.  We really like the sun protection of the surf suits and the rash vests, so we always buy them for our three kids, but I know there are some families that are a little less over the top about it, so I can see why the bathers would go more quickly.

baby Boden:
Twin Pack Rompers
Twin Pack Rompers.  Size 12-18 mos.  Angus wore them the same day as I wore my Notch Neck Shift.  He really wanted to pose with me, which is the only reason there is a review.  ;)  These rompers are not even close to selling out.  If the largest size sticks around for clearance, I may just bite on them again. 

Well, thank you all for reading!  :)  I am glad you made it all the way to the end.

Below you will find the current coupon for Boden, which is good for 15% off with free shipping.  (Useful, of course, for all of the temptations above.)